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  1. kainrahl

    28 Gallon JBJ NANOCUBE HQI *IM back here again :)*

    Well its been a while since i have posted anything. I have a 14 gallon aquapod that i bought k2 viper metal halide for. and i know i have enough lighting for anything in there. but the chambers are so tiny and my hands SO BIG that i cannot creat the proper refugium in the back plus the k2 sits...
  2. kainrahl

    Flasher Wrasse maybe sick?

    Well I have a beautiful flasher wrasse in my tank and he seems to be doing well for the most part but for the last couple days hes been hanging out at the water line a lot just in the same spot still swimming fine he ate this morning but didnt eat just right now. He doesnt have any noticeable...
  3. kainrahl

    New 150 K-2 Viper for my 14 Gallon :)

    How far away from the top should my new MH 150w be from the water surface stock its about 12-16 inches i think maybe less from the water surface only been on two days was hard to attach from the back so i was thinking of using a board behind the tank so it can be closer to the water surface...
  4. kainrahl

    will led light work to keep chaeto alivv

  5. kainrahl

    Treating Ich with Inverts

    So is there any good way to treat ich in a tank that has inverts? Say if your whole DT comes down with ich and there is no way to quarantine everything? Just a question I don't have ich but I have been reading about it and it seems that there really isn't a way to do it.
  6. kainrahl

    Queen Triggers

    Well I finally got the queen triggers I have always wanted. The bad part is I ordered what I thought would be 3-4 inch and I got 5-7 inch. They are huge. They are eating great and aggressive as ever. The problem is I have 2 and the tank the other one is supposed to go into the stand broke and I...
  7. kainrahl

    Lunula Trigger

    Alright I work in a LFS and I was reading the list today and there is a Lunula Trigger on there. The cost is 250-275 depending on size which means we would be selling it at 500. I have never even heard of this trigger before and have only seen one picture and I wasn't much impressed. Is this...
  8. kainrahl

    LFS Weird disease

    I recently started working at the LFS a part time once in a while thing. A lot of the fish are coming down with a disease that I am not sure what it is. We tested the water today in all the tanks and they are all within norm ranges. The fish are all faded with this weird spots on them (not ich)...
  9. kainrahl

    Expensive lunch??

    i have a 90 gal FOWLR. It has a snowflake eel, a lunare wrasse and a niger trigger in it. I am having a major algea problem and am getting sick of cleaning it everyday. I do regular water changes. There are 3 silver dollar sized hermits and a silver dollar sized snail in there that either they...
  10. kainrahl

    How long to let tank sit before ick dies out.

    Ok even after my best efforts failed and I lost my whole tank :( to ich. How long does the tank have to now sit fishless before the parasite dies off. I used nox-ich as a last ditch effort and it just seemed to speed up the death process, but i believe it was too late at that point. anyway I...
  11. kainrahl

    WTB: 36 inch M/H Setup 400 watt

    Just seeing if anyone happens to have one of these they may want to get rid of.
  12. kainrahl

    Metal Halide Over 150 Acrylic

    I am looking at getting a 400 watt m/h to put over my 150 acrylic cube. It is about 32 inches deep so i see that a 400 watt is the only way to go for sps. Will it melt the top if I keep it 5 inches off I was looking at getting one that is built in with pc lights with the legs that keep it 5...
  13. kainrahl

    90 gal stocking

    I recently got a 90 gal and want an aggressive tank. It already has a Foxface Lo in it, which doesn't have to stay just came with the tank. I am interested in Snowflake Eels and Lionfish, but want to add some color to the tank. Any suggestions would be apprciated.
  14. kainrahl

    Want to take a trip?

    6 Vouchers roundtrip available to 48 contiguous states. United airlines 2 for 300 bucks very good deal. Good for one year.
  15. kainrahl

    Warning Aquapod Owners Shocking Wow there is a lawsuit in the making, now I wish I could own Current USA, not the aquapod the company. lol ENJOY those who doubt The NEW nanocube. The old nanocube might have destroyed some fish and corals, maybe ruined a floor or two, but it...
  16. kainrahl

    New pics Enjoy of 24

    Ok here are some pics of most of the corals I have and a full tank shot. I also am waiting on a couple of zoo's to open up. I also have a highfin red banded goby. He is getting a randalli pistol shrimp on wednesday. He has only been in there 2 days and seems to be doing good. He hides under my...
  17. kainrahl

    New Zoa's

    Here they are aren't they pretty!. I hope scotts gets ahold of me his were the BOMB !!
  18. kainrahl

    Scotts Please Answer This Thread

    Hey didnt know which one to put it under as far as topic. I a long time back couple years got your very first frag job with zoanthids. My ex ruined broke or sold all of my saltwater stuff sometime back and this is my first venture into the hobby again since. Now that I am stabalized again. I...
  19. kainrahl

    Diatom Bloom!!!!

    I have BROWN ALGAE AS OF TODAY !!!! TIme to add cleanup crew right? levels seem to be all down to what they should be. How many for a 24DX?
  20. kainrahl

    Ok Cycle Question Help

    OK my setup has been up about 2 weeks or so. Can't remember the exact day of start. This ticker is probably short, it was the first reference day I could find. anyways been monitoring, and it went through the ammonia and the nitrite. and nitrates were up. Now the readings are ammonia 0 ppm...