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  1. saltwaterkid

    Hey Michiganders....Detroit Frag Fest is coming

    It's been awhile since i've posted on this board. I've since left and became a regular on Anyways, we are having our annual Michigan Frag Fest/Trade October 12th which is a Saturday. We will be meeting at a fellow reefers house for a BBQ where we will meet fellow reefers. We...
  2. saltwaterkid

    What size pump?

    My 180g is on order and I was wondering what the general rule of thumb is when buying return pumps for tanks. What size pump should i use for the tank? What brands do people like? I currently am using a Quiet One on my 75g tank and I love it. Is there such thing as getting too big a return...
  3. saltwaterkid

    Wet/Dry Sumps?

    I am in need of a new sump for my new 180g tank that i'm getting. It's an AGA 180g with 2 built in overflows. Do reefers frown upon wet/dry sumps nowadays since it uses bioballs? I'm really not the DIY type of person and would hate to transform a basic 50g breeder into a sump somehow. Any...
  4. saltwaterkid

    DIY stand for a 180g tank

    Anybody have a site that gives diagrams or plans on building a nice stand for a 180g tank? The dimensions of the tank are 72x24x24.
  5. saltwaterkid

    Best sand to use for reef tank

    I am setting up a new 180g tank and I'm planning on setting it up the correct way this time. I didn't do enough research on my 75g and used crushed coral for substrate. I haven't really had problems with nitrates yet but people keep telling me I will. I just wanted to know what brand of sand...
  6. saltwaterkid

    Place to buy 180-200g tank?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my tank already to a 180-200g. I don't even know where to start to buy a new tank. Anybody know of online sites that sells tanks? I just want to do some online investigating first. Thanks
  7. saltwaterkid

    How long does it take for protein skimmer.....

    How long does it take for a brand new skimmer to start skimming nasty stuff. My tank has been without a skimmer for about a month. I just bought a new one and hooked it up 24 hours ago. It's finally bubbling up and into the collection cup but it doesn't seem to be cleaning anything. Their...
  8. saltwaterkid

    Anybody with an ETSS Evolution 500 skimmer

    If you have this skimmer, can you email me? I just have a couple questions about it. Thanks
  9. saltwaterkid

    Lighting question

    I have a 55g tank that I just finished building a complete stand and hood for. The tank isn't set up. I am now trying to decide what lighting to put in the hood of the tank. Its going to be a fish only tank so lighting obviously does'nt need to be intense. I have 6 110w VHO bulbs on my 75g...
  10. saltwaterkid

    Torch and Hammer coral

    Can a torch coral touch a hammer coral without hurting itself? I know they are from the same family. Just curious.
  11. saltwaterkid

    Feather duster massacre

    Ok, this morning I was looking in my tank and noticed my feather duster was featherless. I didn't have time to do any investigations because I had to go to work. I just came home and noticed he was no longer in his tube. I had no idea where he went. I looked around the tank and noticed on...
  12. saltwaterkid

    Protein skimmer recommendations

    My birthday is coming up,(July 4th), and my parents keep asking me what I want for my birthday. All I really want is enough money so I can move out of my parents basement. :) I was thinking of probably getting a new protein skimmer since mine is complete junk. I have a used Berlin XL...
  13. saltwaterkid

    How do you know when a maze brain is dead?

    In my small shipment of corals and fish the other day I received a maze brain coral. I can't tell if its healthy or not and I want to tell the mail-order people if its dead before my guarantee is up. What should I look for? It's skeletal structure seems to be protruding from it but it still...
  14. saltwaterkid

    Power outtage!!!!

    Ok, I almost had a heart attack today when I came home from work. We had some nasty thunderstorms here in Michigan and I guess it knocked out our power. Our neighborhood always loses electricity and I always tell myself to go out and look for an inexpensive generator. I obviously never do...
  15. saltwaterkid

    tug of war with emerald crab

    Ever try playing tug of war with an emerald crab? Well, today I placed a piece of Formula 1 on the end of a toothpick because i wanted to try and feed my new Scott's Fairy Wrasse I received today. He wasn't taking food that I dropped into the tank. I carefully dislodged the small piece of...
  16. saltwaterkid

    hundreds of feather dusters

    I took the old flashlight just now and was looking in my sump. Don't ask me why, I just was. :) My sump has 3 sections. The water first comes in the first section and goes through a filter pad. Then the water goes into the next section where my protein skimmer is, and then the water travels...
  17. saltwaterkid

    Eggcrate question

    My Scott's Fairy Wrasse should arrive in 12 hours and I've been told and seen messages saying they highly recommend covering the tank. Everybody also says use eggcrate. After finally finding out what eggcrate is I am left with a couple questions. Will clear eggcrate affect the lighting that...
  18. saltwaterkid

    DIY fish food

    Anybody actually make their own food for their fish? I've seen recipes that take all sorts of odd things and you blend them together. Then I guess you take some vitamins and gelatin and freeze it. Anybody have a recipe that is not only healthy for the fish but they eat it like candy?
  19. saltwaterkid

    Scott's Fairy Wrasse

    Can somebody give me some info on this fish. I was looking to possibly get one and the site its on says it is reef safe. Do I need to be careful with a guy like that. Does he have any special feeding habits I should be aware of? I have a 75g reef tank with only a Yellow Tang, Coral Beauty...
  20. saltwaterkid

    Feeding starfish

    Do you need to feed starfish? I have a blue and a maroon linckia and it seems like the blue might be getting skinnier. Or do they just look skinner in the dark? Can I hand feed them a piece of shrimp or something?