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  1. byrself

    OT: news story - interesting..

    some bull sharks have been spotted in a freshwater/brackish lake near the new orleans area. i didn't know sharks could live in fresh water for extended periods also according to the article. click here to read.. <a href=""...
  2. byrself

    seachem reef carbonate users..

    i'm kinda weary of seachem right now, i'm wondering if it's contributing to some red cyano i'm seeing lately. i've been using seachem carbonate, instead of the normal kent probuffer. i just got another bottle of the kent stuff today, but has anyone had experience with seachem and cyano? i'm...
  3. byrself

    first xenia frag..=) a pic story..=)

    easiest thing i've ever done.... nothing at all :D my xenia spread on it's own. i've not even had it a month. i have 5 stalks total when i started off with 3. here's the pics =) this was the before... the one that stayed behind.. here's the original frag colony in it's new's...
  4. byrself

    bleached red brain..

    my roomate's red open brain is now white and green. will the color ever return back to red, or is it on it's way out? it doesn't seem to like to eat meaty foods too well either. other than the color, and not eating, it looks ok. no spots or tears? any help appreciated. thanks.. :)
  5. byrself

    xenia after 2 weeks

    pics of my pulsing xenia colony after a little over 2 weeks in my tank, one stalk is about to be completely attached to a new rock, then i'm gonna move the frag rock. these things are growing much better than i had expected. i noticed the one stalk had already started to attach to the new rock...
  6. byrself

    aiptasia removal

    my roomate has some rocks out of his tank with aiptasia on them, how can he get rid of them off the rocks? dip them is super saltwater? will that help? thanks.
  7. byrself

    need some help with a plate coral please =)

    ok, my roomate just got a green plate coral, and it hasn't been looking great lately. his tank just seems to suck at corals. i can't even get some polyps to come out or grow in there. anyway, he just upgraded his (55 with tidepool) lighting to from 2 vhos 110w and 2 no 40w to 4 vhos for 440w...
  8. byrself

    too much current for cleaner shrimp?

    are cleaner shrimp generally scared to come out if in swift current? i've had mine a week and it stays behind the rocks in the same corner of the tank mostly, and i was wondering if maybe i have too much current or something? i do have alot for a 20g. anybody elses done this? he's pretty...
  9. byrself

    eggcrate light diffusers

    anyone know where to get this stuff? either online or a national chain, like wal-mart or lowe's? any help appreciated.
  10. byrself

    OT: favorite movie?

    not usually a big movie fan, but i have been watching "freddie got fingered" every day for the past week, and each time i still find it funny! (i ended up buying it) just curious as to what other people like to watch.. :)
  11. byrself

    hey Demosthenes

    all i did for the birthday pic was link it from my web host site with a url, just like you insert image files in the sig. give me your email and i can send you some more info.
  12. byrself

    will a green open brain eat some silversides?

    i'm just wondering, cause i was advised i could feed my brain meaty foods, and i have a whole pack of frozen silversides left over from the anemone i had for a week. anyone who knows please tell me. thanks.
  13. byrself

    interesting article on saltwater elements.

    <a href="" target="_blank">web page</a> some interesting results on calcium tests also. check out the graph on the readings of different tests.
  14. byrself

    nitrates at 10 ppm, time for h20 change?

    think this is too high? i just added more rock a couple days ago, and haven't detected any amm or nitrite spikes, but trates at 10. at what measure do you all think is too high and needs a water change?
  15. byrself

    red sea nitrate test kit question/opinion

    which test, the powder test or the liquid test is more accurate? is this a good test to use for nitrates? i'm testing now and didn't seem to get the powder one right. i got 100+ ppm for the powder test and what looks like 10 ppm for the liquid? can anyone help? thanks. <img...
  16. byrself

    got some more rock today =)

    i added about 7 more lbs. of live rock today. all they had left. i tried to get some of the older pieces too. i am also trying the sponge idea right now for moving the pods, as well as put some rock (couple pieces) in the corner. i added the bag sand that was with the live rock into the 10...
  17. byrself

    refugium question

    hi, i recently got some caulerpa from a friend of mine (thanks irishstout =) and would like to know if there's any supplements that help the macros to grow. also, do they need high wattage lamps to grow? i was thinking of putting some in the back of my filter with a small pc bulb over it...
  18. byrself

    green brain has small tentacles sticking out on one side????normal?

    my green open brain has some small clear looking tentacles that stick out on one side of it. is this normal? does it mean it's hungry or anything? i only notice it on one side, around where the thicker outer lip is. any clues??
  19. byrself

    algae id (picS WORKING!!)

    anyone know what kind of algae this is on my live rock? some sort of caulerpa? it's growing from all over my figi rock. is it good and how do i keep it growing? thanks! :)
  20. byrself

    got a green open brain today, any tips?

    i got a nice sized green open brain today. i've read they were kept with varying success. anybody got some tips on keeping them healthy? thanks in advance :)