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    Why the Mantis Shrimp is so deadly

  2. bgbdwlf2500

    Volitan Lion Behavior

    New to the "aggressive" side of the hobby. Just set up a 55. Tank now has a Niger Trigger and a Volitan Lion. Im just wondering what is typical behavior for a lion. Are they a typically "lazy" fish that stays in one spot or do they constantly move? The one i just put in my tank moved quite a bit...
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    Reef Dip Featherdusters?

    same as title. Can/should you dip them before putting them in the tank?
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    getting married tomorrow (july 5th)

    title says it all, i think at this point everyone is ready for it to be over
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    got some clowns i want to let go as im thinking about going aggressive. they are healthy and eat very well. they have gotten along just fine even though there are 7 percs 1 black and white and a sebae. also a few are showing signs of what i think is HLLE but is not bad. would like 25.00 each...
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    thinking of going aggressive and coral

    ive got a community tank right now but am thinking about going aggressive. which fish are considered aggressive? i want as many fish as possible as movement is what i like. suggestions? tank is 120 with a little live rock, rock im waiting to be live. sump has bioballs and protein skimmer. thanks...
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    im a member of a few other forums (mainly dealing with vehicles) and they allow a signature to show up under your post. when you post on the forums when youre new the most frequent response is, add your vehicle and modifications to your sig. so we know what is going on... thought this may be...
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    to the ICH pros

    this has me curious. Im pretty sure i can see hypo being the best way to kill ich - no issues there. heres my problem though. when you are getting new fish do you hypo them in the QT from day 1? I ask because i feel like you dont, that you just put a new fish in the qt while the params are...
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    hydrometers vs refractometer

    as suggested on here i got one of the 45.00 refractometers because general consensus is the hydrometers are not accurate. here are the comparisons between the refract and the hydros. Refractometer reading is 1.025 Instant ocean hydro reading 1.026 Coralife Deep 6 hydro...
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    Minimum QT time?

    same as title
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    killing aiptasia

    well i tried the boiling water method last night. it worked like a charm. i tried it on 2 of them, the first one survived because i didnt hit it good or use enough water. the second one i was able to shoot the water right down its "throat" for about 2 seconds and it just withered on away. all i...
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    general consensus?

    i see a lot of people say run carbon when say a coral dies. Do most of you not run carbon? I was running carbon until the last water change (monday). i thought i would stop and see how the tank did because i am dosing Marine C to help with HLLE. i dont see any ill effects knock on wood.... so...
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    sail fin and Hippo

    ive got a 120 gallon that has a sailfin in it. ive had the sailfin for awhile now. i finally got a hippo tang that is in the QT right now. is there going to be a problem between the 2? the sailfin got extremely aggressive when i added a foxface when they were in a 55g....i had to take it out and...
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    can i split them

    these are the mushrooms i bought the other day..they seem very happy, how do i split them to separate them? the 2 expand a lot when the light comes on and it seems they would be happier apart.... should i split them? what you cant see in the pic is that the one on the left is pushed up against...
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    what to feed?

    ive got a sailfin and one spot foxface that both have HLLE. it seems to be getting better since i started dosing calcium but its still there....the sailfins top fin is almost totally back from being totally gone but there are still pits on both of their faces and the foxfaces tail fin is very...
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    anybody use lux meters

    saw one today on a website..supposed to be used to place corals for different light requirements. it tells you how much light is in any spot in the aquarium...
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    seen some methods of Joes Juice which ive never heard of, kalkwasser which i dont use, lime juice and boiling water. i have one attached VERY close to my BTA...what can i use and not hurt the BTA? i only see 3 total Aiptasia so far...
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    hammers or anything "wavy" for sale?

    anybody have any hammer they will sell and ship? i like coral with what look like tentacles. inexpensive is the key my LFS has some nice stuff but wants 79 for a very small frag.
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    green mushroom coral

    got one today - anything special i need to know about it? also exactly what type is it? LPS SPS? im new at the coral thing take it easy on me
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    another HLLE question

    Im just going to ask, what causes HLLE? please dont ask my tank parameters as i dont feel there is anything wrong there. out of all the fish in the tank only 2 have it and have had it... its a sailfin and 2 spot foxface. the sailfin has spots above both eyes and the top and bottom fins were...