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  1. monalisa

    New powerheads...hope is this will help

    As I've posted in a previous thread, I'm at the tail end of cleaning up a nasty algae, majano anenomes, red flat worms...where the HECK did all of that come from??? Anyway...majanos are pretty much under control...I saw 2 in the tank that will bite the dust tomorrow after work...
  2. monalisa

    Lawnmower blenny

    I'm at the end process of getting a hair algae outbreak under control in my 46gal bowfront reef tank. The outbreak began in my tank when I "upgraded my lighting from 14,000k halides to my T5 HO set up. Slow process getting rid of that stuff!! I noticed that has lawnmower blennies for...
  3. monalisa

    Battling flat worms...YIKES!!

    Here's what I've done so far... I've siphoned out a whole bunch of the little buggers by fashioning a suction device consisting of clear tubing that is slipped into a plastic straw to make the siphoning end a little more rigid for vacuuming. At the end of the tubing going into the tub, I...
  4. monalisa

    Cleaning CPR bakpak?

    I've got a CPR bakpak skimmer in my reef tank...been there for a few weeks, and I was wondering how often to take it off to clean it? I'm doing a water change and cleaning today, and I'm thinking that my skimmer looks like it could use a cleaning, but I don't want to compromise the function by...
  5. monalisa

    Will wonders never cease...

    Ok, here's the story. I lost my seahorses about a year or so ago, but I've kept the tank know, just in case. Well, I finally decided that the room that tank is in will be better served as a bedroom for my grandson. So, I've been very slowly moving salvageable rocks and critters to...
  6. monalisa

    My new blackcap basslet

    I've been looking around for a thread that I posted on regarding a shipment that my daughter and I received from on Tuesday, and I can't find it anywhere. The jist of it was that that the shipment...with 3 fish included...arrived with the water very cold (this is Wisconsin in February)...
  7. monalisa

    New (replenished) clean up crew

    I'm not really new to this hobby, but I have to say that's it's been a while since I've had to replenish my clean up crew. Just ordered today, and I'm really, REALLY excited about receiving them (ordered them from this site) !! I'm sure my tank will be very happy as well. Lisa
  8. monalisa

    Attaching frags with Super Glue Gel?

    How do I go about doing that? I've never done it...I have some Super Glue Gel on hand...and I have about 5 new frags on the way to put into my 46gal. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Lisa
  9. monalisa

    Best way to thin out xenia?

    That's the question. Will boiling water do the same for these buggers the same as they do for pest anenomes? I'm going to give it a go. Any other suggestions? Thank you! Lisa
  10. monalisa

    Mojano vs boiling water...Lisa wins!!

    Hi all Yep, I'm still here and still active in the hobby. I just spent the last 2 days eradicating a nasty little colony (or 2) of mojano anenomes. I'm here to say that the boiling water technique works GREAT!! I'm so happy to get rid of those little, what to do about the volunteer...
  11. monalisa

    I'm back...

    I think that I'm ready to get back into the saddle again. I've had a very emotionally draining last couple of months. My beloved 8 year old sheltie, Leo, who'd been battling cancer for 6 months, made his way to the rainbow bridge on March 18. I didn't know that I could hurt that bad for that...
  12. monalisa

    last resort...

    Ugh, this has been a crappy month or so. The 2 little horses from didn't make it, one got stuck in some live rock and couldn't get out, and other one...IDK, just gone. This morning I found Inca dead. I don't know what happened there either, she was out and about yesterday when I got home...
  13. monalisa

    My 2 new kudas are here!!

    They're acclimating yet, and will be for another 45 minutes or so. I'm also acclimating an adorable pair of rusty clown gobies for my reef (wow, largest clown gobies I've ever seen...which is WHY they're going in the reef, at least for now!!). It's really hard to know exactly what color my new...
  14. monalisa

    xenia fragging

    Hi all, I have some rogue xenias that are growing around a small colony of trumpet corals, and I really want to get rid of them rather than relocate the trumpets. My question is, would it be safe to frag the xenias directly in my dt? They're growing on a rock that is much too large and too...
  15. monalisa

    Goodbye, my sweet Apache

    Apache passed tonight...I can hardly stand it. Lisa
  16. monalisa

    kuda mating...

    Though I was completely prepared for and expecting baby horses this weekend, I'm not really sure that will be the case. I just spent the morning observing Apache and Navajo under the blue lights dancing and doing other things Both were just as silver as I'd ever seen either of them...
  17. monalisa

    OK...ready now...hopefully!!

    Ryk arrived last evening at about 10:00 p.m. and we immediately started making plans for today. First thing this morning we headed up to Beth's classroom to check out her tank and give Rykna a chance to visit with Flash, the firefish that Beth adopted from Ryk. Then to breakfast...we were...
  18. monalisa

    OMG!! We have babies!!

    I went in to feed my horses tonight...all ate fine, well except for Maya...still waiting on her. She's at least hitched to a soft hitch at the moment, right by the feeding dish. Anyway!! After they were done eating, I went in to turn the equipment on and watch what was going on. Left for a few...
  19. monalisa

    Kuda seahorses...captive bred and eating frozen

    The best pictures of my kuda seahorses. Feel free to use any one of them if they'll do. The smaller pair was purchased here at, the bigger pair I purchased locally. Lisa
  20. monalisa

    Apache has a bloated pouch!!

    But I'm pretty sure it's not babies. He's having trouble swimming and keeping his bouyancy. Isn't there a way to evacuate his pouch without hurting him? Please let me know...I'll be watching!! Lisa