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    Chris, Here you go Rosaria looking w/blue tips
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    Saturday Morning Sunshine

    Good Saturday Morning! Here is a little something that I always love to wake up to (even when it is cloudy and rainy like this morning here on the east coast)! I hope you enjoy them as well!
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    Late night pictures

    Just a few shots
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    Fish Compatability?

    Is anyone out there keeping a Powder Blue Tang and Desjardini Sailfin Tang in the same tank succesfully? Thanks!
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    Some SPS shots

    Here are a few shots from my 120g SPS tanks from last night. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!:)
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    Congrats to Brooklyn Johnny (I think?)

    I am about 95% sure that congratulations are in order for Brooklyn Johnny. I am fairly certain that he has won Tank of the Month on another board under a different user name. Based on pictures I have seen here on of his system it appears that his tanks have won the award. The...
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    3+ Six Packs of macro shots

    Here are a some macro shots of my 120 sps tank. Happy reefing!!!:) Full tank shot
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    Phosban reactor hose size?

    Can someone please tell me th size hose that goes on the standard Phosban Reactor 150s? I meant to grab the top flange when I left the house this morning but forgot. I am stopping at the Aquarium store on the way home from work so if you could let me know what I need I would appreciate it...
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    More 120g updates

    Here is an update of my 120g. I keep adding corals - here are a few shots. Full tank shot
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    I'm over due!

    I has been a pretty good while since I posted any pictures! My 120 is finally starting to come to life so I figure I would post a few shots! I am glad to finally have stuff to take pictures of again!:) Trumpet coral Mark
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    Whats your favorite brand MH bulb?

    Ushio - Good color and growth!
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    Some new additions

    Today we had our local aquarium club's (Chesapeake Marine Aquarium Society) spring open house. We had Eric Borneman & Mike Paletta were our guest speakers and a lot of different hobbist selling or trading corals and a few professional vendors. Here are a few things that I picked up today...
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    Show me your Anemones (and Clowns)

    I thought it would cool to start a Anemone & Clown Thread. Please post some pictures of your Anemones & Clowns. Thanks! Long Tentacle Anemone (m. doreensis) with my Gold Stripe Maroon Clown
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    It's Wet!

    Well I finally have my new 120g up and running after a long building process Here are a few pictures
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    New SPS coral

    My system has been in transition because I have moved every thing around for my new 120gal that I am setting up so I haven't taken many pictures lately. Tonight I got this Tri color Acro from one of the guys in my local aquarium club. He is breaking down his 325 because he is moving to Fla. I...
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    AGA Overflow assembly question?

    I am putting in the Megaflow overflow kit for my new 120 AGA reef ready tank. The directions for this thing are vague and extremely confusing!!! It sounds like they are telling me not to glue the drain pipe or return pipe into the bulkheads at all. This sounds like a leak waiting to happen. Does...
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    2 tank move

    I am in the process of moving 2 tanks around in preparation for my new 120 gallon tank which I hope to have set up by Sunday. I started moving my best frags and colonies out of my 55 gal SPS tank into my frag tank for temporary holding until the 120 is ready (in a month or two). Next I am...
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    A few shots

    Well it's been about 10 minutes since I posted a picture so I am overdue. Here are a few shots over the last couple days. Let me know what you think! My Percula Clowns tucked onto their Rose Bubble Tip Anemone for the night.
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    New Rose BTA & an update

    I bought a new Rose BTA yesterday. I seems very healty and has already begun eating silversides. This mornin when I turned on the lights my smaller Perculla Clown was sleeping in it Here are a few shots. Also, my Long Tentcle Anemone in the other continues to improve. The Gold Stripe Maroon...
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    My other tank

    Sometimes I get so caught up in my SPS tank I almost forget about my LPS and soft tank. Here are some shots from the last couple of nights.