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  1. peppy

    Opinions on my..........................

    Both looks are sweet! I agree on Bridging the two islands that would look totally cool!
  2. peppy

    Silver Bubbles

    I really appreciate the info! aarone, I took on out, cut it open and they are full of dirty looking water. Kind of a tough, thin, plastic like shell and definately not just a bubble. NM reef, thanks for the advice. I have one Emerald Crab and he spends most of his time picking stuff off the...
  3. peppy

    Silver Bubbles

    That is kind of what I thought. No little critters will eat that stuff? Between all my snails, hermits and shrimp my tank has stayed nice and tight, but it does not look like anything wants any part of the bubble algae?
  4. peppy

    Silver Bubbles

    Got big (1/2in across) and little silver bubbles showing up around the tank on the rock? At first I thought that was where all my baby snails were coming from? I have about 10 or so around the tank and took one off and cut it open and it is just full of water? Anyone got any ideas to what...
  5. peppy


    Anyone have any take on sea cucumbers? I have a little more detritus around the sand then I would like and thought about throwing a sand sifting star in there and was reading a little about cucumbers. Everythink I read says they are real hard to keep and if they die there is a good possibility...
  6. peppy

    Shrimp Attack

    Wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem? I put two XL feather dusters in the other day along with a couple of conch. I looked in on my tank a couple of hours later and my peppermint shrimp were feasting on one of my feather dusters and one of my conch? The feather duster seems to...
  7. peppy


    Added 7 corals a couple of days ago. Feeding 3 squirts liquid life Bioplankton concentrate every other day. What does everybody feed their corals? kH / Alkalinity questions? pH 8.2, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10, kH always around 200 / 214? I read it is supposed to be between 160 - 180?
  8. peppy

    Coral Suggestions

    MaroonClownFan, Thanks, and I love my sail fin tang! Everyone is like get this tang and that tang and the only one that really attracts me is the sail fin? I could not wait to get my tank up and running so that I could get one and your right they are way underrated for their beauty. Do you...
  9. peppy

    Dead Goby?

    Ya, that was why I grabbed the camera. That was the first I saw of him, in total, sense I put him in there 4 days ago? That star is always under the rocks or inbetween them to where you can only see the end of its legs. Not sure why he cruised out for that breif moment? My water levels are...
  10. peppy

    Dead Goby?

    Another Pic
  11. peppy

    Dead Goby?

    Well my matched pair of sleeper gold head goby's were not a matched pair for very long? They swam around the tank as happy as can be for two days, never outside of an inch of each other. Built a burrow...then yesterday I noticed one always stayed in the new home, I was thinking baby goby's...
  12. peppy

    Coral Suggestions

    I was told my lighting would work sense tank is only 20" deep? Do you think I can just change bulb's on my JBJ's? I need lighting help........Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhal;skdfjl;askdfj; My canape has a little room to add, but they would have to be singles and small at that! HELP
  13. peppy

    Coral Suggestions

    Tank is looking good. Basic #'s are right on = pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Salinity don't have a test kit for all the rest yet. Finally got the six damsels out and added a small sail fin tang, matched pair of sleeper yellow gobys and purple serpent star on 11th. Going to wait a week or two...
  14. peppy

    Get this blue velvet damsel out of my tank!

    Agree, take out the rock and get it overwith. I just took out six damsels today! Tried everything over last couple of weeks (trap, coke bottle, quick net....) and only taking out the rock did the job. One problem, I was really happy with the look of my reef before removing and now I'm not...
  15. peppy

    when is it safe to do a water change?

    Sorry to jump your post, but we are in identicle situation! I was just going to write the same exact thing! I have 100g and numbers are 0, nitrate 5. What test kit did you get that had everything else or was it all seperate? When you guys say small w / change are you talking about 10%? When...
  16. peppy

    Getting fish out of tank

    Thanks everyone! I tried the fish trap LFS let me borrow and if I wanted to get out my skunk shrimp that would have worked great!! Damsels.... not. I think I will try the Coke bottle thing, that sounds a lot like the minnow trap we used when we were little kids and I think that is going to be...
  17. peppy

    bait for mantis

    Never done it, but heard some popping noises coming from new LR and read up on it. Turned out to be my Trigger in my other tank across the room, but anyway I read a lot about mantis shrimp. Says to locate the residence of the shrimp, be patient and wait for it to go into its cavity (hole)...
  18. peppy

    Water clearity?

    Thanks guys. The Carbon is already there. The LFS that came over and threw everything together put the carbon in the built in W/D on initial set up. Should I have changed it post cycle? Tank has been up and running for 18 days. I am trying work this tank as natural as possible and don't want...
  19. peppy

    Getting fish out of tank

    That is the hard part. I have my LR all set up just how I want it. I was told about a fish trap?
  20. peppy

    Getting fish out of tank

    Anybody have any ideas? I have 1 yellow damsel, 3 yellow tail damsel, 1 two stripe damsel and 1 four stripe damsel that I used to help cycle my tank. I know, I know I did not need to use the damsels my LFS put them in there, but that was before I started to do all the research. How can I get...