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  1. fishman77

    id please??

    what in the heck is this ?
  2. fishman77

    upgrading to larger tank.....everything must go!!!!

    i have a 55 gal tank and am going to be upgrading to a 90 gal. livestock(must go first): 1 clownfish 1 purlpe phsudochromis 1 sailfin blenny 1 sixline wrasse coral: 1 flourescent green brain coral 1 colt coral about 5 inches high 1 small colony consisting of about 15 red mushrooms yellow polyps...
  3. fishman77

    i.d. please

    from one of my rocks with one of my corals on it there is a really really long white string that was going out and then looked like a bunch of spaghetti worms connected to one my crabs got a hold of it?????????
  4. fishman77

    could i put 2 riccordias 2gether?

    i was just wondering.i have 2 riccordias in my tank.could i put them next to eachother even thow there diff colors.will they sting eachother?
  5. fishman77

    im so happy but then again im not

    well me and my friend are at my house and lately my clowns have been hanging around my GSP and right now they finally just dived in.the only thing is the female is hosting a little aggresivly and i hope she doesnt hurt it.well i tell you guys what happens from here
  6. fishman77

    short tentacles?

    well i have a torch that i bought from my LFS store but it doesnt have the tentacle exstension that i see others opens up as much as it was open at the lfs.tonight i noticed it has 2 mouths and is splitting after about a month in my this a torch or what?do they sometimes have...
  7. fishman77

    clam wont let go????

    ok i was in my tank cleaning the glass and one of the tubes for my skimmer when the clam i bought(it was called like a nitrate reducer or something)grabbed a hold of my cleaner wont let go or open.what should i do?
  8. fishman77

    could i add fish to my 55 gallon?

    i have 2 perc clowns,1 sixline wrasse,a purple psudochromis,and a sailfin or Lawn mower blenny. could i add any other fish to my 55 gal?i would like a school of chromis or whatever you guys think.:)
  9. fishman77

    260 watt pc light.

    im selling a 260 watts pc light fixture made by has 2x65 watt 10kdaylights and 2x65 watt atinics.the fixture is only 2 months old and in great bid on it wins.oh yea its 48 inches long and comes with and cooling fan biult in along with moonlights built in.
  10. fishman77

    ro water alk?

    on ro/di water should alk be 0?
  11. fishman77

    44o watt VHO light for my 55

    ok i was wondering:thinking: could i keep any type of sps coral under 440 watts of vho lighting in my 55?if so which ones?also im pretty sure i can keep a clam but what do you think?
  12. fishman77

    black spots on clown.i know what there from but could you explain.?

    ok my clown has been hanging around my GSP like he is going to host them.he goes in them sometimes and whenever im not looking shes near them.she has developed 3 black thinking this is from the GSP stinging her?is this what happens when a clown is trying to get used to the sting of a...
  13. fishman77

    carpet anemone in reef?

    hi i have a 55 gal reef and was wondering when i upgrade to my mh lighting(plus im going to wait until march if i can get one)could i get a carpet anemone>?
  14. fishman77

    fans ?where and how?

    im looking into getting 2 250 watt MH's with no pcs or vhos just the MH(14k)where do i buy fans for it if its going to be hanging(pendants)???
  15. fishman77

    id please.?

    i was looking on a rock and saw a white anemone looking has clear tentacles,a white body,i can see a first i thought i had a baby anemone but then i touched it with a turkey baster and it closed real almost looks like it goes in the rock but im not sure?????
  16. fishman77

    GSP and clown

    my female clown has been wandering very close to my GSP(percula clown)it actually puts his head,tail,and once ive even seen his body in it.hes hanging around it alot now but wanders sometimes away from you think hes building up his (i dont know,immune system)for the sting?do you think he...
  17. fishman77

    lighting with MH

    Name Description Quantity Price Order 4' DLX 2MH & 2 FLUORESCENT 110-WATT VHO 2 - Metal Halide bulbs (See Option to Upgrade your Metal Halide and ballast to a higher Kelvin (Whiter & Bluer) and/or higher wattage (Brighter). For tank height 18" to 36" use MH 175W / 24" to 36" use MH 250W /...
  18. fishman77

    yellow greenish sand?

    about 2 days ago i started to get this yellowish green film in certain area on the you know why?
  19. fishman77

    which corals?

    what corals can you hold under 260 watts of pc light in a 55 gallon?dont name all but some of the most popular of LPS that i can all LPS need to be fed?oh the light equals 5 watts per gallon
  20. fishman77

    another seahorse researcher

    well i was maybe thinking of setting up a seahorse not certain at all.ive found little research so far.if im going to get them i would want them captive bred and eating frozen food.i know what diseases to look for.i would also keep probly a pipefish with them.if i were to do this is my...