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  1. scott270

    purple stuff on sand

    I am getting some purple stuff on the sand bed. What is it?
  2. scott270

    Blue stripe clown

    Saw a mated pair of blue stripe clowns at the lfs the other day. Very big and 100 each. Just thought I would share about these 2 cool guys.
  3. scott270

    condi anemone

    I just got one of these and I am seeing small purple pieces in the tank. Is it normal for them to break off the tips? It seems to be ok and my clown seems happy with it.
  4. scott270

    Help with rock

    Just wondering what would be good for the brown stuff on my rock. I got a powerhead to help blow it off, but it's not helping too much. I am able to blow it off but it just settles back on the rock. Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. scott270

    powerhead for 29gallon

    Any powerhead suggestions for a 29 gallon eclipse tank. It is FOWLR
  6. scott270

    firefish ich

    Is there anything that I can do for the firefish? I think he has ich. White spots on the tail. It is a fowlr tank. The clown and royal gramma have died in the past few days. Tank is about 6 months old. I just don't know what happened.
  7. scott270

    cool fish

    I went to the lfs today and they had a hybrid mated pair of clowns. gs maroon and Ocellaris. One of them was about 5-6 inches. Very big clown
  8. scott270

    29 gallon anymore

    could I get anymore fish 29 gallon fo royal gramma damsel firefish percula clown 10 right claw hermits what about some more invert to help clean the tank what about a shrimp
  9. scott270

    one more fish maybe

    29 gallon FO 2 false clowns blue damsel royal gramma Am I able to add anymore fish? If so, what would you recommend?
  10. scott270

    Ph help

    My ph is at 8.0 what can i do to get it up? Is this dangerous? this is a FO tank
  11. scott270

    125 gallon help

    I am wanting to set up a 125 in my apartment. I had a 75 and it was fine on the 2nd floor in my old apartment and I was wondering if a 125 would be too much weight on the 2nd floor.
  12. scott270

    new clownfish question

    I just got a mated pair of false perculas and they don't seem to take to my flake food. I am using prime reef flake the I got at the lfs and I also got the fish from the same place. Is this normal? They just swim up to the food and turn away or spit it out. Any suggestions on what to do...
  13. scott270

    best anenome for percula

    What is the best anemome for a percula clown. It will be a 75 gallon with 4 - 65 Watt bulbs - (2) daylight and (2) 03 true actinic
  14. scott270

    what is this

    I saw a clam that had red hair coming out of it. It also looked like it was sparking like it was electric. Very cool looking.
  15. scott270

    opinion on this light

    I will be getting a 75 gallon and I was wondering if this would be a pretty good light. FOWLR to start and then some corals. 2nd light
  16. scott270


    what is good to use for a base rock to start building up rock? How is the rock they sell here? I want to order the 45-50lbs rock from here.
  17. scott270

    orlando area lfs

    Hi, I live in sanford florida and all we have here is *****. I am looking for a good lfs in the orlando florida area. Please help me find a good place for supplies and fish.
  18. scott270

    looking for a 75 or bigger in florida

    I am looking for a 75 or bigger with a stand and light in florida. Please email me or post here
  19. scott270

    new tank cycle

    What do I need to do before I start adding fish. How do I cycle and know it is ready for fish?
  20. scott270


    Well just went to ***** and what do you know they had a coral beauty in with a flame angel. He told me they would be fine in my 29 gallon tank together.