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    Do clown fish have teeth?

    I nearly thaught you were serious boomer5 until I went back and re-read your post. Double take...
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    Depends on what you plan to keep, though many would say to turn the water as much as you can afford.
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    Breeding Fish

    Yes, hoping one day all marine fish can be reared in captivity.
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    Distilled water myth

    i beleive that distilled water is better than mains water and even beter is ro/di filtered water. The cost may be more to began with 300-500 bucks though over time it will pay for it's self if you are prepared to buy distilled water for every water change. By the way excellent research on the...
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    Will A Protien Skimmer Lower Nitrates?

    Skimmers are a must for a successful system. good keeping...
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    Fumanchu Lionfish

    I would say that the lion may not eat the fish given that it was added later. Though most likely he will given his nature. I have added lions with damsels after cycling expecting them to be eaten only to find that they are left alone. I've also had the exact opposite happen, every fish is...
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    calcium reactor

    I use Aqua Medic Calcium reactors. It is a German company and is kind of hard to get a hold of though they have won more world awards and are the world's leading aquarium filter manufacturer. I would purchase the intire system, very easy to set up and run. Though I am not a super supporter of...
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    Feather Dusters

    light current, crevise for foot to attach.
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    Calcium test question

    I think that you probably due have a high calcium level, due to your lightly stocked aquarium and regular water changes using quality water. 560 is a little suspitious tough, and is due to a faulty test kit(more than likely). I only use La Motte professional test kits, so I don't know of your...
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    OT. I Won, I Won!

    It's nice to hear of your luck, I'd do the same sell and invest in long term enjoyment. Aquariums!!!
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    how much lighting?

    I kept a 10 gal reef when I was 13 too. Use power Compacts, they will supply plenty of light to keep your choices. You could use vho's too, I've seen many small successful reefs kept with them. I recommend pc's for you. Maybe you'll grow up to be a biologist like me, your very well on your...
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    P H Question

    Aquaman 8.2 is great and will iincourage a healthy aquarium. Over time however most aquariums will eventually lower in ph due to lack of bicarbonates found in contained systems. Unlike the ocean which has unlimited bicarbonates keeping a stable ph. I add sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in...
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    Sand-sifting star question

    I would suggest placing on the sand. I've kept sand sifters in systems and have never seen one on glass. Though when I place them in the sand they burry and stay on the sand. I can't imagine that there is enough nurishment on the glass compared to the sand. Or maybe he's trying to be a fish...
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    Calcium needed for Coralline Growth?

    Use of course with kalkwasser and necessary additives.
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    Calcium needed for Coralline Growth?

    I also use coral-vital by Marc Weiss Products to enhane coraline algae in the reef aquarium. This product also incourages the organic cycle. Dramatic results. Good keeping
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    Firefish Battle

    They are probably fighting over the bolt hole. Each fish needs it's own bolt hole. That is the only reason I have ever concluded for fire fish disputes. biting of fins is not a sign of mating it's a sign of territory. Just add anothe bolt hole, they will quit the territory dispute. Good keeping.
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    Crushed Coral

    It is my personal rule of thumb that cc is for fish only systems and sand is for reef systems. Both serve there purpose in each system, though cc in a reef is far to much maintanece in ditritious removal verses sand. Though I have never put cc in a reef. <b>Favorite Method:<b> Basically, I...
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    Dog-Faced Putter?

    I agree it is a very easy fish to keep. I believe it should be kept in a fish only tank. your tank should be made of glass, because they scrach acrylic all day long. You can buff the scraches out, though if you have a choice I would go with glass with this fish. You are also commiting your...
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    OT: Just how did you become Marine Aquarist? :)

    I started keeping my first aquarium when I was 10 years old after my science class took us to the Oregon coast on a field trip. I was instantly in love with the science. I went to college as a marine biologist and my hobby turned into passion from there, I have done nothing else since then...