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    Are you kidding..Have you read some of the threads recently...Pray for my sick cat, etc..You of all people....
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    T-5 CoralVue Retro, or the Coralife T-5 fixture
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    Out with the chlorine..

    We are looking into getting a pool in our back yard, and was talking to the local pool contractors. He was asking about the fish tanks, and their filtration..When I told him they were saltwater he mentioned that the new thing in pools was out with the chlorine, in with the salt..Anyone heard of...
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    Need a Laugh ?

    So a new small pet store opened up here in town and I went to check it out at lunch..As I was checking out the salt setup the guy comes over and we chat it up..I tell him I have just started a 125 after having a 55 for many years, and he says he has a 55 now..I tell him I have three fish and am...
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    LFS got some Coral(long nose)File Fish, but said they were kind of hard to care for...Anyone have any experience
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    Are you around?
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    It is 1700 here and I am heading down to Nawlins for the weekend with the wife and in-laws (few hour drive)..Hope everyone else has a good one, I know I will..
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    New Pics

    My newest acquisition..Alveopora...Canon PowerShot
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    "We now have spent $400 billion and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted." Did anyone else here about this quote..
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    U.S. reports sixth helicopter downing in Iraq

    Reports of the January 31 incident, in which no one was killed, come a day after seven crew members and passengers aboard a U.S. Marine helicopter were killed when it crashed near Baghdad, possibly after being hit by ground fire I am hoping to see all the names of the same people who were...
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    You thought the Penguins were exciting

    Not spam
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    Baby Names

    Our four year olds name is Madeline..For the newest, we are stuck between these two Annabella and Isabella..
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    Sand Substrate

    So I made the switch to sand over the weekend, and was just wondering how you keep it so clean..Any special livestock that works exceptionally well?
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    Southern Arkansas

    Is there anyone in the Southern Arkansas area ?
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    I have what appears to be little cinnamon rolls in a few places along my glass, and all over some pieces of LR..Anyone seen anything like this..Very small...
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    Candy Cane

    How easy is it to frag a candy cane corall..Would you just cut it like you were pruining a tree?
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    Anyone else having a problem with photobucket..All my photos are x even on other sites
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    ID Please

    Not sure what they are, got both frags for $25
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    Moon White or Lunar Blue

    Which ones should i get? Knowing that its just for looks
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    So starting my new job, testing water reservoirs at the major plants in the area..Anyway, have access to all sorts of water testing equipment..Question is, What are the main things that I need to tests for ?