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  1. cowfish


    i havent been on here in 3 years thats crazy i dont no
  2. cowfish

    need help quickly

    i have and icecap vho lighing and i turned one of the bulbs to were it went off and the other bulb was still on and then i heard a zzzzzumppa kinda nose and the lights went out and now wont go back on does any one know how to fix that? carp i allways screw things up
  3. cowfish

    haha new pic

    heres some pic of my tank got the digital to work better for me
  4. cowfish


    got a digital camra and i have figured out most of it just dont know how to make the images clearer the camra is a mustek mdc 3500 multi-function digital camra heres what the images look like now
  5. cowfish


    just got a 330 watt vho retro kit. what kind of corals am i able do get with this amout of lighting? thank you for your help.
  6. cowfish

    what kind of corals

    what kinda coral could i get with vho 220 watts attanic and super attanic white
  7. cowfish


    got new lighting i went from a 50/50 power compacts and a attanic floresant to a icecap vho 330 retro kit and i built a canopy for it looks nice im geting a digital camra fri so il post before and after pics of it then
  8. cowfish

    arrg what it up with that

    i was looking in my tank with a flash light and guess what i see another pistol shrimp or manits. i think it a pistol cause it had a blue claw and it was a claw like on a regular shrimp . that the second pistol in my tank plus the mantis i had but that was a long time ago. should i keep him or...
  9. cowfish


    oh yeah does any one know how would be a good way to catch him,the first one i had swam out when i feed my fish and i just swiped him up
  10. cowfish

    arrg mantis shrimp

    i have a nother mantis shrimp in my tank smaller thatn the last one and im lucky i saw him befor he kill any of my fish but now i have to try and catch him hes at a rock at the bottom of my tank. i should have known he was there i have a bunch of tunnels in that rock and the rock seemed to get...
  11. cowfish

    pumps for sumps

    what would be the best type and size forwater return for a 10 gallon sump something not to powerful
  12. cowfish


    my my ph is at 7.4 and my phosphates are athow do i fix it thanks
  13. cowfish

    tank pics!!!!!!!

    finally i have tank pics yay!!!
  14. cowfish

    wierd worm in tank

    i dont know what this is in goes back in to its hole when you shine the light on i t sorry its a crappy pic
  15. cowfish


    they dont get that big i think about an inch or two in diamiter but the multiply extremly fast
  16. cowfish


    just seeing if i could past pics this is my cow fish sorry its in black and white his orange with blue spots
  17. cowfish


    how do you get icon and pics under your name and how do you attach a pictuer in a thread thanks for your help
  18. cowfish

    he killed my cowfish so i killed him

    ok last tuesday i found my firefish dead got mad thought my cbs didnt he realy big. this mornign i wake up and my cowfish is dead:eek:. got really pissed he was the reson i got into this hobby i was about to take the cbs to the lfs but i feed the fish before i was going to go and i droped the...
  19. cowfish

    triggers and frog fish

    oh this was a fun day a the beach i was looking in the sargassum and i caught 3 sargasum frogfish i got exited and went to the second gut and scooped up some seaweed in a net and i couldnt belive it i caught a trigger fish then another there in my sump right now till i get my local tank back...
  20. cowfish


    ok havent been here in a whole dont like this new thing but im just cheacking this out to see if my stuff is at the bottom or not you can delet this