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  1. fishmanmn


    ok i was just wondering does ne 1 have a 75 gallon tank? because i am haveing trouble deciding what to put in it, i like angels so can i put 1. bi-color 1.navarcus 1.trigger 1. or 2. tangs
  2. fishmanmn


    ok, i am haveing problems choosing my fish for a 75 gallon, i like angels, triggers, eels, puffers, tangs, so maybe if u could would u put alist of the fish that i can have togetherin my tank thanxs, please dont just read this andnot put a responce thanxs.
  3. fishmanmn


    forget that last 1 below. what i was trying to sat was 1. bi-color angel 1. emp. angel 1. dog face puffer 1. eel(chain link) 1. picaso trigger in the discribtion tank below. maybe not the eel
  4. fishmanmn


    its me again, the reason i put ur sn in the subject is because no 1 else replies to my other messages. any way woul this be ok, 1. bi-color angel 1. Emporor angel
  5. fishmanmn

    will i be ok

    will i be ok if i put :1 bi color angel 1 dog facepuffer 1 picasso trigger 1 blue ring angel in the tank describtion b low
  6. fishmanmn

    thanxs anthem

    ok i told u what my situation was from the start and now for some reason i think that u have got this messed up a little. i lived in the uk all my life and no i moved to the usa i had money that was saved up for a while and i play sports so the money from the games i have attended. So thats the...
  7. fishmanmn

    bad news

    you might have read one of my topics beforeasking about the tank list for a 150. i have theworst news possible, i am 15 play alotof sports and for some reason LOVE SWF and i used to work for a fish shop in richfield MN but because i have only been in the us for 6 months and on my dads visa i...
  8. fishmanmn

    new tank

    hi, i havejust got the tank setup, 150g and after the info that you guys gave me i thing that i have decided the fish i am going o put in it. o.k. 1.naso tang 1.hawian dragon eel face puffer throat trigger 1.emperor angel 1.french angel ok thats it i think, i know the angels might...
  9. fishmanmn

    fish list

    I have a 150gallon tank and i am thinking of putting 5 pacific blue tangs, 1 snowflake eel, 1 or 2 picaso triggers, 2 dog face puffers but i dont want to end up with a couple left so can you tell me if the list if ok.(if not which ones are wrong) thanxs <img src="graemlins//confused.gif"...
  10. fishmanmn

    what filter should i get?

    i am 15yrs old, work in a fish shop but b 4 you start to think that i am a loner and have no friends i do play pro soccer, but back to the subject i have just got a 150 gallon tank and i was wondering what type of filter and skimmer i would need. it would be nice if you could list the items i...