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  1. jla9508

    Anyone from SC?

    I live in South Carolina and was wondering if anyone else on the board lives in SC. I can't find any good LFS around here and wanted to see where you go to buy fish and corals.
  2. jla9508

    Mushroom Questions

    I now have 2 umbrella and 3 ricordia mushrooms. These are the first corals I have ever had. I am adding Kent Coral-Vite and feeding Kent ChromaPlex. Also one mushroom came in and was not attached to a rock, will it attach it self to a rock in the tank? What oter low light corals could I keep?
  3. jla9508 order arrived

    Yesterday I received my order from It included 5 trochus snails, 3 peppermint shrimp, 2 feather dusters, 1 flame scallop, 1 yellow gorgonian, 3 Ricordia, 2 Umbrella mushrooms. Everything looks great and the mushrooms opened up right away. My question is what is the growth rate of the...
  4. jla9508

    Would I be overstocked if........

    I have a 55gal tank with 50lbs of LR. I currently have 1 dragon goby, 1 eibli angel fish, 1 gold striped maroon clownfish. I was thinking of adding a royal gramma and a six line wrasse. Would this be ok? I don't want to be over stocked.
  5. jla9508

    Questions on small reef tank

    I currently have a 55 gal. FO/LR tank that has been runnung for about 2 1/2 years. I have read that it is harder to keep a smaller tank because the levels can change very easily. I am thinking of building a small 10g reef tank. How hard would it be to keep a small 10g reef tank?
  6. jla9508

    Suggestions wanted........

    Ok, a description of my tank is below and I would like to add more to it. I want more color. If this were your tank what would you do?
  7. jla9508

    Hair Algae taking over!

    Hair Algae is growing on all my live rock and starting in my sand bed. My levels are pH:8.0, Ammo:0, Nitrite:0, Nitrate:0. I've started removing some of it by hand but it is taking forever. What can I do to get rid of it? I never had hair algae until I started using Coral Vite. Could this be...
  8. jla9508

    Live Rock, Fish, Inverts For Sale!!

    I am thinking of changing to freshwater because I'm going to college and can't afford my saltwater tank. I am in the Spartanburg, South Carolina area and would like to sell 50lbs if Live Rock, 75lbs Sand, 2 Clownfish, 1 Snowflake Moray, and all inverts listed below. If you can pick it up make me...
  9. jla9508

    Attack of the killer eel!

    I bought a small Snowflake Moray about a month ago and it was getting along fine with my sixline and my two clowns. I went to the beach for a couple weeks and when I came home my sixline was gone. Later I found a small chunk of him in the sand. I guess the eel ate him. Now I want another fish...
  10. jla9508

    Will they be ok if....

    I am wanting to order a u-build it package with some crabs, a shrimp, and maybe some other inverts, no fish. I do not get off work until 4:30 and can get to my house by 5:00. I can have someone take them in my house but they do not know how to acclimate them. Will they be ok until I get home?
  11. jla9508

    House fire cause half my tank to die and...

    Well I was at the beach and there was a grease fire in my kitchen. The fire department turned the air conditioner off because it was blowing the smoke into every room in the house. When I got home the tank temp. was around 95. I found the remains of my three porcelain crabs and all of my snails...
  12. jla9508

    I need a sand sifter fish

    Ok what would be a good sand sifting fish that would get along with a six line wrasse and two percula clowns? I thought about a yellow watchman goby but I heard they will get picked on by the wrasse. Yhe wrasse did peck at the two clowns when I put them in but they get along fine now.
  13. jla9508

    What can I keep with 130watts in a 55gal?

    I would like to get some mushrooms and some polyps. Could I keep these with this lighting? What else could I keep? I though about ordering some umbrella mushrooms with a U-Build It package.
  14. jla9508

    Six line fighting clowns

    I just bought a pair of Ocellaris Clowns and when I put them in the tank my six line was trying to fight them. Is this normal? Will they quit? Is there anything I should do?
  15. jla9508

    I want to add live sand and have a ?

    I currently have 75 lbs of play sand in my tank and wanted to seed it with live sand. How much sand should I get to seed it? Do I just pour it on top or should I mix it in a little? Will adding a few pounds cause a mini cycle?
  16. jla9508

    Would I be over stocked with.....

    Would I be over stocked if I had the following fish in the setup listed in my signature? 1 Six Line Wrasse 5 Green Chromis 2 Ocellaris Clownfish 1 Diamond Goby 1 Scooter Blenny
  17. jla9508

    What to feed a six line wrasse?

    I bought a six line monday and it has been swimming around the tank eating the copods off the glass. I have tried to feed it Omega One Flake, freeze dried brine, and Kent Platnuim Herbivore. It's not interested in any of these. What should I feed it?
  18. jla9508

    Help me decide......

    I have a 55 gal, 50 lbs of lr, 3 inch sand bed, 1 six line wrasse, 5 turbo's, and 5 blue hermits. I am planning on ordering a U-Build package off this site with 2 cleaner shrimp, 1 small CB shrimp, 1 feather duster, and 5 shaving brush. I want to hear some suggestions on fish. I would like some...
  19. jla9508

    What kind of clown is this?

    Ok, I thought the clownfish that look like the perculas but are black with white stripes and a yellow tail were Clarkii Clownfish, but the picture on this site of the Clarkii are orange with white stripes. What are they?
  20. jla9508

    Help! Nitrites and Nitrates will not come down

    I added 45 lbs of live rock a couple weeks ago. It was cured but was mail order lr so I knew it needed to be cured again. I did not have a way to cure it so I just placed it in my tank that only had one 3 lb piece of lr and some snails. The ammonia has already shot up and come back down to zero...