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  1. maroonclownfan

    Pyramidellid Snails???

    Is it possible to have Pyramidellid Snails populating your tank without the presence of clams? I know they are known to also attach to other snails, but I have never seen this in my tank. However, at night I can probably count about a dozen small whit cone-shaped snails on my live rock. About...
  2. maroonclownfan

    butterfly fish

    Probably not, a butterfly would quickly outgrow a 29 gal. Plus most butterfly fish are difficult to keep and need pristine water conditions. I also have a 29 gal. and know that the water conditions can swing unexpectedly. I would not recommend a butterfly fish in a small tank, even 55 gal...
  3. maroonclownfan

    Any Pics of TALL setups???

    Looking for pics and ideas for a tall setup. I have a 54" tall ~225 gal aquarium I am going to attempt to setup this winter. So I am looking for ideas for looks and lighting from successful tanks of similar shape 54"Tx40"Lx24"D, or just height. Thanks.
  4. maroonclownfan

    Experience with Tall Reef Tanks??

    That's a very interesting thought on the BB tank. I will do some searches on the 600g tank and see what I come up with. Thanks for the light recommendation. I think water movement might be a bit of a challange as well?? In a tall tank.
  5. maroonclownfan

    Experience with Tall Reef Tanks??

    I agree with you.....jj I think I can get around the positioning/placing issue by using tongs. I plan on cementing all the base rock in place too. MH lights are a given...I was planning for them anyway. Any recommendations on wattage? Brand? But cleaning is going to be tough I think. Any pics...
  6. maroonclownfan

    Experience with Tall Reef Tanks??

    I just received a free acrylic tank. Dims 40"L X 24"D X 54"H.....roughly 225 gal TALL I am trying to decide if I want to set it up this way or cut it down. I have a great place for it in my family room but I have concerns about cleaning and lighting???? I plan on keep mostly just fish/inverts...
  7. maroonclownfan

    Beaslbob . . . .

    Once the calcium reached saturation it would come out of solution as a bicarbonate precipitate. I agree with Bob on the plant life and ecosystem, but maybe not on NO water changes, I do a few, that is my preference though. As for the comment on Ca reactors. I don't know why anyone would buy...
  8. maroonclownfan

    green coraline algae

    Since I upgraded my lights I have noticed the green coralline is falling off the glass near the top of the tank. The statement about liking lower light must be accurrate. Went from N.O. to PC lights and started to notice pieces loose on bottom of tank. Learn something new everyday.
  9. maroonclownfan

    Should I keep the NO lights after getting MH?

    Can't hurt IMO Might not add a lot of benefit but could be used to simulate dusk/dawn or night viewing with actinic Just a thought.
  10. maroonclownfan

    Finding Nemo

    puffer (Bloat?), yellow tang (bubbles), royal gramma (??), skunk cleaner shrimp(Jacque), three stripe damsel ?(Deb?), moorish idol (Gil), and some type of starfish (peach), and Nemo (percula clown, maybe false perc) Sorry haven't watch it in a while, I need to go back and refresh. Cheers!
  11. maroonclownfan

    I need suggestions on refugiums

    Put a couple small fans in the hood and that might get rid of your moisture problem. Otherwise it as looks really nice.
  12. maroonclownfan

    I need suggestions on refugiums

    IMO I would go Display to refugium to wet/dry to Display.... Only one pump would be needed if overflows were used in Display and Refugium. I would take out the shelf and position the refugium next and higher than the wet/dry. Let gravity do the work. Just a suggestion...
  13. maroonclownfan

    new refugium!

    20 gal. would probably be a nice size.. Choose the container carefully, some rubbermaid types have been known to burst under the weight of the water pressing on the sides. Just a warning. You can put the refugium pretty much anywhere. If above the display you will pump water to the fuge, if...
  14. maroonclownfan

    Where is the best and cheapest place to buy fish?

    You want the best and cheapest together.....well your not asking for much :D Just razzing it was said, we really aren't supposed to encourage competition on this board.
  15. maroonclownfan

    HELP, major mess up!

    I see your point, but it sounds as if the tank is in extreme disarray, I not sure that doing nothing can bring it back. Chances are this guy will come home to a big smelly box of water!!
  16. maroonclownfan

    HELP, major mess up!

    Craig... I work for an automotive supplier as a Product Engineer.
  17. maroonclownfan

    Do emerald crabs molt?

    Heres a pic for ya!
  18. maroonclownfan

    I need suggestions on refugiums

    Yes!!! and fun to watch too....thnx I get a lot of cool looking little reef critters in my refugium that would be hard to see in the display.
  19. maroonclownfan

    I need suggestions on refugiums

    Sorry I don't have a pic handy..but refugiums are used for a couple different reasons. - grow macro algea to export nutrients, lowers nitrates, phosphates, and silicates. Also for food for herbivores. - PH stability, lights on while display lights off, keeps PH swings from occuring - grow...
  20. maroonclownfan

    Maroon Clown?

    I have had a GS Maroon for 3 years in a 29 gal. he is about 3.5 in long. Mildly aggressive at times, but only near his favorite spot in the tank. Gold stripes are thought to be less agressive than their white stripe cousins, but I think it depends on the individual. Not all maroons are...