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  1. fellow!

    OK here's the problem. I have a 125 gallon partial reef tank at my office. There is close to 200 lbs of live rock in the tank. My office staff put an anemone in the tank....Ritteri to be specific. Long story short the thing died while I was out of town. We had a dead anemone in the tank for 2...
  2. fellow

    euroreef CS 6-3?????

    I currently run this skimmer on my 125. The pump recently failed and I would like to replace it with a new, better pump. I understand that the impellar is a special design and makes the skimmer work with high efficiency. Is there a pump or an add-on that I could get to replace the old pump? -fellow-
  3. fellow

    Millepora spp. colonies

    Does anyone know anything about the schematics of a Millepora spp.? I am doing some research and I need to know how the inner canal system is unique...if it is unique? -fellow-