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  1. sebaehope

    Red slime help

    Thanks bball. My amo,trites are 0, and my trate is <5, and ph is 8.2 The powerhead is directly above the affected area and blowing down on it. I am about at my wits end fighting this, and I was trying to stay away from adding anything to kill it, but the idea looks better every day. LOL Thanks...
  2. sebaehope

    Red slime help

    I currently have a 30gl with 2 fish, 2 anemones, and 2 corals. I just cant kick the red slime problem. Phosphates are 0, added another powerhead,and skimming 24/7. Only bad thing is, I currently have a skilter. I was thinking of going with the prizm, or getting a cpr aquafuge. Which would be...
  3. sebaehope

    A perosnal apology to kappadoku and any others I have offended.

    Even though I dont post much, I gotta say this. If you leave, you will be doing those of us that respect you, a great injustice. I eventually plan on going aggresive,and I highly value your opinions. As for blaming you for the other things, I know I dont. There has been a lot of changes here...
  4. sebaehope

    Eclipse Aquarium

    Just wanted ro get a couple of opinions on an idea. I was thinking of using an Eclipse for quarantine? Is this possible? Pros and cons? TIA
  5. sebaehope

    Coral Banded baby

    I just purchased a torch coral yesterday, and when I got home it had a hitchiker with it. A 1/4 long coralbanded shrimp. Even that small, his colors are bright. Any ideas for keeping him alive? Feeding? He is on top the torch now, so i guess he feels safe. I have also heard that sometimes they...
  6. sebaehope

    Flame Angels

    I have read that Flame Angels, are hit or miss in reef setups. I have read a lot of stories of them nipping green open brains. Anyone have any stories of them nipping any other corals? TIA
  7. sebaehope

    Flame Angels

    I have read that Flame Angels, are hit or miss in reef setups. I have read a lot of stories of them nipping green open brains. Anyone have any stories of them nipping any other corals? TIA
  8. sebaehope

    Midas or Canary blenny?

    LOL. I do have one of those too. I was just looking for a little more movement in the tank.
  9. sebaehope

    Midas or Canary blenny?

    Let me me rephrase that, I am looking for any information on these two. Thanks.
  10. sebaehope

    Midas or Canary blenny?

    Just looking for some first hand info. Pros and cons of both please. TIA.
  11. sebaehope

    Shrimp gobie ?

    Hi, I was at the store on this site, and they have a shrimp gobie listed. Is this shrimp gobie the same as a yellow watchman gobie(cryptocentrus cinctus) as I have heard them referred to as that? The bad thing is there is no latin name under that gobie, so thats what confused me. Tyhanks.
  12. sebaehope

    iv bag, or drip bag

    Hey, this is gonna sound funny but I thought the same thing when my gf was in to. On the day of her discharge, I asked the nurse if I could have her old iv bag. I then had to explain why I wanted it, and she says wait 1 minute. She leaves the room and then comes back with a small iv bag ,and the...
  13. sebaehope

    cpr aquafuge

    Just looking for opinions about this make. Anyone that haves one,let me know what you think of it. Thanks.
  14. sebaehope

    Is 250w too much?

    I was wondering if a 250w MH is too much on a 30g long? I found a DIY setup for around a 100$. Figured I would get every1s opinion b4 I jump into it. Thanks.
  15. sebaehope

    Green bubble and red slime. Help!!!

    Any other advice? Please.
  16. sebaehope

    Green bubble and red slime. Help!!!

    Also I run a 96w Pc Smartlamp, and the sandbed is less than a month old, so no sifters yet.
  17. sebaehope

    Green bubble and red slime. Help!!!

    I know this thread has probably been run already, but everytime I try to search, I get a connection timed out or Internal server error, but thats another story. I have a 30gl tank with roughly 30# lr and 4"ls bed. 1 sebae clown, 2 anemones, 5 astrea snails, 1 turbo, 2 camel back shrimp, and an...
  18. sebaehope


    Thanks Grouper,I have a 30 gl, with a Condi and a Sebae anemone. The Condi has claimed a spot on the LR at one end, and the Sebae on the floor at the other end. The Sebae is on the the glass, I got him b4 I went with a LS substrate,thanks to my ignorant lfs, so I just spread the sand around...
  19. sebaehope


    I was looking at a yellow headed jawfish, and figured I would ask some people about them. I know they build a burrow in the sand, do they actually stir up the substrate thru the day, or do they just stay in the burrow once its built?Its only tankmates for now would be a sebae clown,2...
  20. sebaehope


    Thanks all. I currently have a 30 gl with like 30lbs lr and a 4" ls bed. The only bio load on it is 1 sebae clown and two anemones, also 6 snails,2 camel shrimp, and an emerald crab. I currently run it on average of an hour at night before lights out. Does this sound good to you all? Should I...