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  1. tankstolove

    The Best filter in the world

    I finally broke down a bought a aqua medic reef 1000 filter system and got it tonight. this thing is awesome. Yeah, yeah it cost 1,300 bones but now that I have it I'm glad I got it. I've used aqua medics products for years, though never there complete systems. It's very well built and...
  2. tankstolove

    tanks size

    I am new to this forum about a month, and I've noticed there is a lot of small aquariums out there <table border> <tr> <td bgcolor="#99ffff"><font color=#000000> <Blockquote> The larger your tank, the more stable it becomes, in every aspect. I know that finances may have something to do with...
  3. tankstolove

    Sorry, please don't kick me out!!!

    I did not realize, I was not aloud to sell things, as well. I joined as a life time hobbiest, and honestly never intended to sell anything here. I would never offer this deal, to a customer. I consider saltwaterfish members friends, please don't kick me out. I have years of learning, and I...
  4. tankstolove

    300 gal custom aquarium system for sale, with once in a life time offer!!!

    Don't miss out on this!!! I need to sell a custom ordered 300 gal aquarium. A customer bought it, and past away before paying for it. I will sell it for my cost, with free shipping, it is brand new and will be available from the manufacturer (Tenecor) in 4 weeks. Please save me, and get a sweet...