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  1. serpentine5

    New house, new tank idea. Need advise.

    Ok, I just bought a house. I am looking at moving in next weekend. I have about a week from now to get it cleaned up and ready to move in. Last week I was at a customers house, and he had an in- the-wall fresh water tank set-up that inspired me. Another customer of mine a few days later...
  2. serpentine5

    New additions

    Howdy Folks! ok, my shippment from SWF just came in yesterday and all is good. I got: A duster cluster A Curlique Anemone 2 Ricordia Corals 1 Pistal Shrimp 2 Aqua Percula Clowns an Atlantic Carpet Anemone and an Umbrella Mushroom. The Dusters I scattered all over my tank, and burried some in the...
  3. serpentine5

    what why when how pods

    Ok, what are "pods"? What are they good for? How do I get them in my tank? I guess this has been asked before, but I did do a search for "what are pods" and generated 71 pages of matches............. after about the first five pages I gave up and figured on finding out through this method. Thanks
  4. serpentine5

    Before & After

    I moved my tank, and added 100 pounds of Yardright sand under the existing LS that was there. Forgive me of my cheap Digi camera. This is the before pic.
  5. serpentine5

    Bilge pump for a PH or sump pump?

    Has anyone ever used a boat bilge pump in place of a power head or sump pump? Wally-World has a 500GPH bilge pump for $9.99. Which to me is a lot of GPH for the dollar. The only thing is I gotts get a sepparate power sorce for it, and connect them together. What do ya think?
  6. serpentine5

    another cycle period?

    Ok, I just tore down my 55, placed all my livestock and three pieces of LR in a 10g. I pumped water from the 55 into the 10, and have one of my filters on the 10 as well. I placed all my LR in a large tote and pumped the remainder of the water into the tote. I removes all the sand and placed it...
  7. serpentine5

    Att: Chattanooga reefers

    If any Chattanooga reefers are on theis BB, I would like to make some local contacts for frag trading and what not. Either reply to this post or email me at Look forward to hearing from you.
  8. serpentine5

    Does anyone have?

    Does anyone have a hermit with anemone on it? What do you think of them? How big do they get? Do they bother corals in your tank? SWF is selling them and it kinda looks like something I might like to have in my tank. Tanks for any responces. here is the link to the hermit with anemone...
  9. serpentine5

    Ideal setting for a reef tank?

    What is the ideal specific gravity, temp., and light times for a reef tank? I have had my temp set at 80, which goes up to about 83 with the lights on. I run the actinic lights on my PC for 12 hours and the 10k's for 10 hours. The actinics one hour before and after the 10k's come on. I try to...
  10. serpentine5

    Refugium: What IS....? How To....?

    Ok, I am reading posts that mention refugiums in place of sumps and wet dry filters. Please explain to me without using too many abreviations what a refugium is used for, what it consists of, and how one might go about building one. If there are any benefits to a refugium over using a standard...
  11. serpentine5

    Shrimp killing my Featherduster??????

    I am pulling out my hair! I just bought a nice big featherduster from my local store. I aclimated it, and placed the sand covered part in a crevice and the opening part protruding out of the live rock. No sooner than I took my hand out of the tank, my shrimp, pepermint and skunk, attacted it. I...
  12. serpentine5

    Green Carpet Anemone

    A buddy of mine has a very large green carpet Anemone. He is wanting to trim it down and give me the cuttings. How do we cut an Anemone. And how do we get those cuttings to take in a different tank?
  13. serpentine5

    Alot of ???? Very wet behind the ears.

    ok, I am extremely new to all of this, and your lingo is like reading Greek. I am running a 55 gallon 50 pounds of LR @60 pounds of sand with about 5 pounds of LS that was removed from an establisted dealers reef tank 1 PH (powerhead) 300 gph 1 Emperer 300 power filter 1 Whisper 60 power filter...
  14. serpentine5

    Cycled, need live rock, cant afford

    I have my 55 gallon tank cycled, I have sand with actuall live sand from another tank. It is time I started adding live rock, but I cannot afford to put the recemended mininum 30 pounds of live rock in at this time. I also do not have the propper lighting for live rock. So, what I am needing is...