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  1. spline9

    Tiny office tank.

    To prevent further thread hijacking. I started a new thread. The above link is the original thread for those interested. Originally posted by Clown52 What do you do about the weekends? You don't have any fish in the .5 do you? Its only...
  2. spline9

    Repair scratches or build from scratch?

    So I just got a badly scratched tank (used). I was thinking of doing one of 2 things... 1. See if a glass company can remove the scratches. (depending on price) 2. Rebuild a new tank using the frame and bottom glass from the scratched one. What would you suggest? How much would you think it...
  3. spline9

    Help me fix my scratched up glass.

    I just got a used tank, turns out its got some scratches on it. I think it was from the previous owners trying to clean it up some. What would be the best method/product for getting scratches out of glass?
  4. spline9

    BakPak questions

    I may upgrade my skimmer to a CPR BakPak (original model, and used). Would it be worth it for me to change from a RedSea Prizm to a BakPak? My Prizm doenst seem to pull much from the tank and when it does, its all watery. Also, does anybody know what has been changed between the BakPak and...
  5. spline9

    Tiny starfish ID.

    Ok, I try not to post an ID thread without a pic but its 3am and I think my camera might be acting up, dont want to stay up later trying to fiddle with it at the moment... :sleepy: I found a tiny starfish today on some LR. Definately a hitchhiker. It would probably fit on the top of a #2 pencil...
  6. spline9

    Random questions...

    Ok, there are a couple things I've been hearing and just want clarification on... [hr] 1. A scoop of LS from another established tank (including LFS) is good to add to your tank because it adds bio-diversity. 2. When buying new fish/invert/coral, never add the water that they came in into...
  7. spline9

    Needing a cheap digicam for those ID posts?

    For those who are looking for a cheap digicam (or those who have the habit of accidentally dropping things in the tank)... A waterproof digicam for only $29.98. Probably not the best cam but it will probably do the job for quick pics. I dont...
  8. spline9

    Refractometer recommendations.

    I'm in the market to get a refractometer. I'm looking for recommendations on what brands/models to buy/avoid and why if possible. Thanks!
  9. spline9

    Sad Mithrax Crab.

    My emerald mithrax is acting strange. Normally these guys are quite spunky. Sticking up their claws in defence n stuff, scurrying away when big things come by... Well, this one dude isnt being like himself. He doenst respond to anything near him. I prodded him with my cleaning-sponge-stick-thing...
  10. spline9

    New pod ID.

    I got a zoo polyp that had detached from its colony from a LFS. They gave it to me for free which is cool. Thing is, it came (inadvertantly) with a pod. I dont have any of these critters in my tank, not sure if I want them. I noticed that the LFS had a bunch of them in their coral tanks. Can...
  11. spline9

    What is this pod-like critter?

    Anybody have any idea on what kinda pod this is (or if it is a pod at all)? Whats it do? Whats it eat? What are its natural predators? Is it good/bad? Posting 3 pics. First one has some kinda worm in it. ID on that would be cool, too. They appear black in the tank. The pods (or whatever they...
  12. spline9

    Bioload question.

    Ok, so I've been reading about bioload in regards to how many fish are in the tank. I havent seen anybody mention cleanup crews or corals in the bioload issue. My question is; Do the cleanup crew and corals not count when figuring bioload? If so, then how do they fit in the inches of fish per...
  13. spline9

    Hitchhiker ID

    Some sort of filter-feeder party goin on. The girlfriend just picked up a Sun Coral today and found these guys mingling amongst them. They are very active. They have a fan-like feeder appendage that pops up, fans out, then swipes down at the water. What do these hipsters call themselves?
  14. spline9

    Who is this little guy?

    When doing a close inspection of the pod-like critters scurrying on the glass, this little guy caught my attention. He's super fast. Real tiny. From what I could see, he was just a reddish speck on the glass. This image has been GREATLY enlarged. Luckily, my camera handles macro photos very...
  15. spline9

    What is this worm?

    Theres this little hitchhiker worm that came on the rock with my mushrooms. Been wondering what it was. Does anybody have a name and description for this pic?
  16. spline9

    Now this is interesting...

    New tubeworms found in Monterey Bay, California...
  17. spline9

    My first mushrooms.

    There no real reason for this post other than to document my first coral/squishything.... Ok, while picking up some supplies from the LFS, I peeked into the coral tanks (as usual). I found that they had some cool lookin mushrooms but they were on hold. Peeking around some more, I noticed that...
  18. spline9

    Is this coralline algae?

    This stuff just started to sprout up on the glass in various areas. I discovered it while cleaning the glass. I just cleaned around it just incase its coralline. Should I keep it? If I scrape it off, might it grow in other areas (providing it doesnt get sucked up in the filters)?
  19. spline9

    Put yourself together man!

    Uh, found my S.S.Starfish on the glass one day with this clear membrane under it. I was thinking it was its stomach. Is this correct? If so, does this mean its not getting enough to eat?
  20. spline9

    Mystery Polyp ID

    Some little guy that came on my LR. Was wondering what it was, what it needs, and how I can get it to reproduce.