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  1. chaoticdamsel

    Cleaner Clams

    I was browsing through's invertebrates and came across the cleaner clams. The description doesn't say too much other than that they are filter feeders and help lower nitrates. Has anyone had any experience keeping them? Would a 14 gallon nano be an acceptable home for one? More...
  2. chaoticdamsel

    Flatworm ID - Cranberry? Anyone?

    I've done my due diligence and searched the board and google and haven't found any pictures of flatworms that look like what I have. I've got three of these little guys that hang out on the glass right at the top near the waterline. Most of the flatworm pictures I found are of more elongated...
  3. chaoticdamsel

    Emerald Crab Losing Legs

    I added an emerald crab to my tank a couple days ago and since then he seems to have dropped a couple legs. The tank has been set up for about 6 weeks and he was my first invertebrate. I acclimated him over a 2 hour period prior to putting him into the tank and my water parameters are as...
  4. chaoticdamsel

    Zoanthid ID

    Can anyone tell me what kind of zoanthids these are? The pic turned out a little more pastel than reality... the centers are a darker pink/red and the skirt is more of a neon green than yellow.
  5. chaoticdamsel

    Finally! My first inhabitants

    After a cycle that seemed to go on forever, my tank finally has its first inhabitants. A frogspawn, some zoos, an emerald crab and an ocellaris clown.
  6. chaoticdamsel

    Solaris LED Systems

    Does anyone on this board own and use one of these LED lighting systems by Solaris? I just started looking into them and the technology is amazing, not to mention the engery savings and the reduced operating costs over halides and other traditional aquarium lighting. I've been told that the PAR...
  7. chaoticdamsel

    80 gallon setup for $10

    I attended a local saltwater conference today and after purchasing only $10 in raffle tickets, I walked out with a new 80 gallon tank with a stand and a sump to go along with it. Considering I know there were a couple people there who spent around $500 for raffle tickets to try and win this...
  8. chaoticdamsel

    Monkey Sneezing

    I saw this little video on a rerun of the Late Show with David Letterman last night and I just died laughing. I don't even know why I think it's so funny, but I laugh every time I watch it...
  9. chaoticdamsel

    Anyone going to Next Wave 2009?

    Are any of you in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area going to Next Wave 2009? For those of you not aware, Next Wave is a HUGE one day conference for saltwater enthusiasts... big name speakers, raffles, local vendors with frags and much more. I even noticed that contributed a gift...
  10. chaoticdamsel

    Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse

    I had one of these little guys back when I had my 175 gallon and I loved him. Now I'm doing my research for stocking my 14 gallon nano and I thought of him again because I remembered that they stayed small. However, even though they only get 3" maximum, I keep seeing that they need 30-55...
  11. chaoticdamsel

    Returning to the Hobby

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My husband and I started out with a 37 gallon back in 1998, worked our way up to a 55 gallon, then up to a 120 gallon and finally to a 175 gallon. Here's what our 175 gallon aquarium looked like when it was in it's prime...
  12. chaoticdamsel

    Kimberly's 14 Gallon Biocube

    My wonderful husband, knowing I always wanted to try my hand at keeping a nano tank, surprised me with a 14 gallon BioCube tank for Christmas. All I've got in it right now is sand, liverock and, of course, water, but I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. Here's a few pictures. It doesn't...