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  1. sebaehope

    Red slime help

    I currently have a 30gl with 2 fish, 2 anemones, and 2 corals. I just cant kick the red slime problem. Phosphates are 0, added another powerhead,and skimming 24/7. Only bad thing is, I currently have a skilter. I was thinking of going with the prizm, or getting a cpr aquafuge. Which would be...
  2. sebaehope

    Eclipse Aquarium

    Just wanted ro get a couple of opinions on an idea. I was thinking of using an Eclipse for quarantine? Is this possible? Pros and cons? TIA
  3. sebaehope

    Coral Banded baby

    I just purchased a torch coral yesterday, and when I got home it had a hitchiker with it. A 1/4 long coralbanded shrimp. Even that small, his colors are bright. Any ideas for keeping him alive? Feeding? He is on top the torch now, so i guess he feels safe. I have also heard that sometimes they...
  4. sebaehope

    Flame Angels

    I have read that Flame Angels, are hit or miss in reef setups. I have read a lot of stories of them nipping green open brains. Anyone have any stories of them nipping any other corals? TIA
  5. sebaehope

    Flame Angels

    I have read that Flame Angels, are hit or miss in reef setups. I have read a lot of stories of them nipping green open brains. Anyone have any stories of them nipping any other corals? TIA
  6. sebaehope

    Midas or Canary blenny?

    Just looking for some first hand info. Pros and cons of both please. TIA.
  7. sebaehope

    Shrimp gobie ?

    Hi, I was at the store on this site, and they have a shrimp gobie listed. Is this shrimp gobie the same as a yellow watchman gobie(cryptocentrus cinctus) as I have heard them referred to as that? The bad thing is there is no latin name under that gobie, so thats what confused me. Tyhanks.
  8. sebaehope

    cpr aquafuge

    Just looking for opinions about this make. Anyone that haves one,let me know what you think of it. Thanks.
  9. sebaehope

    Is 250w too much?

    I was wondering if a 250w MH is too much on a 30g long? I found a DIY setup for around a 100$. Figured I would get every1s opinion b4 I jump into it. Thanks.
  10. sebaehope

    Green bubble and red slime. Help!!!

    I know this thread has probably been run already, but everytime I try to search, I get a connection timed out or Internal server error, but thats another story. I have a 30gl tank with roughly 30# lr and 4"ls bed. 1 sebae clown, 2 anemones, 5 astrea snails, 1 turbo, 2 camel back shrimp, and an...
  11. sebaehope


    I was looking at a yellow headed jawfish, and figured I would ask some people about them. I know they build a burrow in the sand, do they actually stir up the substrate thru the day, or do they just stay in the burrow once its built?Its only tankmates for now would be a sebae clown,2...
  12. sebaehope


    I am currently running a skilter 250 filter, but when I turn on the skimmer, It saturates my tank with bubbles. Is there anyway to cut down on the bubbles? Thanks.
  13. sebaehope

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    I looked in my tank tonight, and found my mandarin in my powerhead? All tank specs was great, and today he was busy eating. Just wondering if it ever happened to anyone else. Thanks
  14. sebaehope

    Sandbed Maturation?

    I went and added a 4" sandbed today. I used the NO Bio-Active Aragonite. I was wondering if I should add any sand sifters, or let the bed go as it is for a while? Also I have a couple of 1/2" bristle worms that must have been smuggled in on the live rock. Will they migrate to the sand bed, or...
  15. sebaehope

    Natures Ocean Aragonite?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever used Natures Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite? I figured I would get some feedback on it before I go that route.
  16. sebaehope

    Reef safe sand sifters?

    Whats every1's opinion on the best reef safe sand sifters?
  17. sebaehope

    Fish per gallon rule?

    I have read and heard many different versions,anywhere from 1" per 2gl up to 1" per 5gl. I wust just wondering what every1 bases theres on.
  18. sebaehope


    I have a lot of seaweed that has grown from my lr, my ? is should i leave it? I know its natural, but I think it make the aquarium look a little dumpy at times. Thanks.
  19. sebaehope


    I have been looking at a firefish at my lfs, anybody have any opinions on them? Hardy? Compatability? Special feeding needs? Thanks all
  20. sebaehope

    Lighting ?

    I know a lot of you simulate dusk/dawn and midday with your lighting. Quick ? for ya, I run a 36 csl pc smartlamp, and i have an extra 24" hood, could i retrofit an pc britelight into it and run the smartlamp for an hour then turn the britelight then at night turn the britelight off and leave...