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  1. timsedwards

    Thought I would say hi!

    Hi Guys, Thought I would just pop a line and say a big hi-de-ho to the guys who made saltwaterfishkeeping a real pleasure :) Hope all is well - to fill you in I had to sell my setup about 6 months ago as being a student i just couldnt afford to keep it going! Anyway the good news is for those...
  2. timsedwards

    Mandarin Owners!

    Hi Guys, I bought a Mandarin yesterday (Psychadelic version), he seems to be thoroughly enjoying my tank, and is in excellent shape (see photo). Hes been hunting and nipping at all the rocks, which I take to be a good sign. I also saw him excreting (i know, lucky me eh) so he must be eating...
  3. timsedwards

    Introducing my new Mandarin!

    Hi Guys! Here is my new Mandarin I bought! Shes a beautiful specimin. Hopefully she will like the taste of yummy flatworms, failing that she is a wonderful addition to any aquarium. They need an established tank of 1 year plus with plenty of pods. Hopefully I have plenty of pods which will keep...
  4. timsedwards

    Anyone with successful reef without a fuge/sump?

    Hi Guys, Just wondered, does anyone have a good/successful reef tank without the aid of a sump/fuge of any kind? If so can they post pics? Thanks! Tim.
  5. timsedwards

    fish that eat flatworms

    Hi Guys, Just wondered, those fish that do eat flatworms, how come the toxic stuff released into the tank when they naturally die, doesnt affect the fish? Surely its the same toxin...or are certain species like madarin and wrasse immune? Thanks! Tim.
  6. timsedwards

    What clean up crew should I have?

    Hi Guys, Might have found someone who can internationally ship some clean up crew for me from Florida to England! Currently I have 5 red legs, 1 nassirus, 5 super turbs and a cleaner shrimp (I lost some during my substrate change). I have a 70g reef, what do you guys recommend? Im currently...
  7. timsedwards

    Fed-Ex costs to the UK.....

    Hi Guys, If youve seen my other posts on blue legged hermits, you will see how expensive things are here in UK. I took a browse on the invert section of this website and the crabs/snails etc and my oh my how cheap they are! So the question is, what is the quickest/safest/cheapest way to ship...
  8. timsedwards

    Blue Legged many?

    Hi Guys, Background: everything to do with marine stuff is 10x the price over here, red legged hermits are $10 each and shrimp is $50. I have found somewhere in Bristol (about 60 miles away) that sells blue legged hermits for about $3.75 each, which is a bargain for over here in England! The...
  9. timsedwards

    Magnesium levels

    Hi Guys, My Mg is 1330 or so, and i believe i am to shoot for 1300-1500? Is this right? Is it worth dosing a tiny bit of Mg? Thanks! Tim.
  10. timsedwards

    High Calcium?

    Hi Guys, Just tested my calcium levels, they are high at about 480....i use the kalk drip method but only two shroom colonies and a small zoo colony so obviously dont require too much. Is a high Ca level as mine detrimental or does it just get wasted or whatever? Thanks! Tim.
  11. timsedwards

    LFS in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

    Hi Guys, Im coming over from merry ol' England to Fort Wayne Indiana (via a day in New York ;)) and wanted to take the opportunity to pick up some stuff which I cant get over here, can anyone recommend a good one or indeed one at all?!?! Thanks! Tim.
  12. timsedwards

    How to get rid of Cyno

    Hi Guys, I have some serious cynobacteria growing in my tank on the substrate and in the lr. How do i get rid of it? All levels are good/perfect, no phosphates, new actinic lights but old white lights, so ive turned the whites off and just bought some new ones (installing them tomorrow), but...
  13. timsedwards

    OT - The West Wing

    Hi Guys! Just thought I would share how much I love the West Wing TV programme! Its awesome! I love the pomp and cermony that you guys have for the president! Im 6 episodes into series one, i borrowed the boxset off my friend! Does anyone know where I can get West Wing wallpaper for my PC...
  14. timsedwards

    What is this Algae?

    Hi Guys, Been having this algae in my tank for the past couple of weeks, it doesnt particularly settle on the sand bed, but gest caught/attaches itself to macro algae sticking out of my LR and occasionally to the glass. Any ideas what it is and how to get rid of it? Thanks! Tim.
  15. timsedwards

    How long with Diatoms?

    Hi Guys, I completely changed my substrate 2 weeks ago or so, and expectedly, have got some diatom algae. How long should I expect this to last? Thanks! Tim.
  16. timsedwards

    ID Please?

    Hi Guys, In the middle of changing the substrate in my tank, when i turned a rock arond and saw this...anyone any ideas what it is? its bright white, probably some kind of algae i need to get rid of, but outside chance its some kind of soft coral growing? Thanks! Tim.
  17. timsedwards

    ATTN: Bang!

    Hi Bang, If you could quickly read my thread 'ATTN: Kip', I did order some arag sand from my online supplier, but he kindly rang me to tell me that it isnt really sand, the particles are 3mm! He did offer me silica though, just plain white marine silica sand which has tiny grains. Now kip...
  18. timsedwards

    Attn: Kip

    Hi Kip, My internet supplier for this aragonite phoned me and said that it wasnt really sand what he had been supplied with, more like gravel, it was 3mm big! And no-where in the UK can we get hold of any arag that is smaller. He recommended I get the normal marine white sand (Silica) and put...
  19. timsedwards

    My New Website!

    Hi Guys! Just to let you know my website is now up on the WWW! Only the first 4 or so links have been completed, should complete the rest this week! Let me know what you think! Tim.
  20. timsedwards

    How to Cure Aragonite Sand? (Bang?)

    Hi Guys, I think this is mainly Bang's theorem and specialities, but if anyone could contribute would be very grateful! I am getting 100lbs of 'dead' aragonite sand, now i know i need to do something like put it in a rubbermaid with some water, heater and powerhead for about a month and feed...