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  1. saltwaterdave

    More Help For The Beginner!!!

    Hi All, I see alot of post in this forum that start with" Hey I just got a tank and I want a Saltwater set-up what do I need" kind of question.Then the normal first post or 2 recomend a book or 2 or to do some research(excellent choices!) Then the usual poster responce is I am reading and doing...
  2. saltwaterdave

    Since you have made such a fuss over her making so many post,why don't you give her a free $75.00 U Build It to show your gratitude:D I for one think she deserves it:)
  3. saltwaterdave


    Beth I got from We have had complaints from members that the frags they received from other members were not as described . The members were under the impression that would be responsible. cannot possibly be responsible for any transaction that takes...
  4. saltwaterdave

    Really Curious,i Find It....weird! does'nt want hobbiest trading frags with each other.The reason is some reefers have complained to because they feel they got ripped off and it was faults. How in the world would any of you consider a private trade between 2 reefers,'s fault if you felt you got...
  5. saltwaterdave

    Thanks Hurricane

    Just got my power back.I don't even know what to say.I think I may be finished.110 gal reef gone for the most part.I just don't know what to say.
  6. saltwaterdave

    NM reef

    could you shoot me an e-mail please: Thank you:D
  7. saltwaterdave

    Why was my thread deleted?

    Just wondering:rolleyes:
  8. saltwaterdave

    Bang..what LOA lights help

    What modifications did you make to the loa lights wally world sells?Did you take it apart and modify it? TIA, David
  9. saltwaterdave

    I got some weld-on #4 and 16....NOW WHAT???

    I am gonna try and build my own sump,soooooo I went out and got some weld-on 4 and 16,cut a couple of pieces of acrylic and tried to "glue" a couple of test pieces together,I just squirted some of the 16 on one end and tried to stick the other piece to it:rolleyes: ........needless to say this...
  10. saltwaterdave

    What to clean a used tank with?

    I brought a used tank and it has some sort of residue on the back of the glass giving it a somewhat of a hazy appearance.The previous owner does'nt know what it is and you can not see it when the tank has water in it,but I have the tank outside right now and would like to clean it throughly...
  11. saltwaterdave

    Wtb 1000 Gph Overflow Box & Amag12

    Title says it all,I need a 1000 gph overflow box,and I might be intrested in a mag 12 pump if the price is right,reply here or send e-mail to Thanks, David
  12. saltwaterdave

    Sump on a QT?

    I am turning my 45 gallon fowlr into a QT tank(I am upgrading to a 110) I have a sump and a homemade wet'dry on the 45 can I continue to use that?I am going to remove all the substrate,and use a couple of powerheads for circulation. Thanks, David I also have a small fuge can I keep that going...
  13. saltwaterdave

    The end of mail order livestock ???

    I know that links to other sites are not "usually" allowed,but I feel this is important for all to read. There is a link for you to send in your comments about the proposal.The proposal is that airlines have to account for all livestock shipped and file reports on any dead animal. This would...
  14. saltwaterdave

    Bang Guy

    Did you get my e-mail? David
  15. saltwaterdave

    Wtb Ls

    If you can help me out with a little bit of ls,maybe just 3 or 4 pounds,I would appreciate it,Mainly just need to seed a tank. David
  16. saltwaterdave

    I found some Southdown!!!

    I found some southdown today at the Fredricksburg local HD offered to transfer 5 bags at a cost of 300 bucks for shipping plus 3.89 a!!!!! Anyway it took me about 5 hour round trip to go get it.Just wanted to let you all know!:D
  17. saltwaterdave


    want to meet me somewhere?
  18. saltwaterdave


    I was wondering if anyone had some they would be willing to give away or for a small fee. I will pay shipping can e-mail me or just post a responce here....Thank You .... :)
  19. saltwaterdave

    need help on buying a used aquarium...please

    I have the chance to pick up a used 170 gallon tank with the stand and hood and 1 emperor 400 2 poerheads(he is'nt sure of what) a ugf and a heater and some gravel(it was used as a freshwater)..of course the hood is standard flo...and a few other goodies for $400...i was thinking the tank and...
  20. saltwaterdave

    shrimp vs Lionfish

    Last night when I cut the lights out my cbs went over to where my lion sleeps and started a fight with him.....i mean he was trying to pinch him with his claws...I could'nt help but start laughing..the lion came up and kind of pointed himself down towards the shrimp...then the shrimp ran...