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  1. sunken ship

    Bubble Bath

    One of my hermit crabs decided to go cliff jumping right into my bubble coral and he got stuck. I had to get a picture before I fished him out.
  2. sunken ship


    I just picked up a new BTA, and the next addition to my tank is going to be a pair of clowns. I am not sure what kind of clowns i am looking for, so I would love to hear what kind of clowns you guys think are the best. Please post all the pictures and info that you possible can. Thanks!
  3. sunken ship

    New orange tipped BTA

    I just picked this guy up today and he's lookin great. I just had to take a pic and share him with all you guys.
  4. sunken ship

    Sebae Anenome...

    My brother has a 75g SW tank that has very recently had a huge die off. He lost all of the fish in it (which included 2 Spiny Boxfish, 1 mandarin goby, 2 clowns, 1 powder blue tang, and he also lost his polyps). He also has a sebae anenome in his tank, but he is worried about it and wants to...
  5. sunken ship

    setting up new tank...

    I will be setting up a 35 or so gallon tank fairly soon(this summer), and I am estimating the cost of everything right now. I was wondering what kind of filtration system would be good for a tank of that size? Also, I am thinking of going with 220w PC lighting, do you think that would be...
  6. sunken ship

    Can i frag this bubble?

    I heard that there are certain kinds of bubbles that can be fragged and others that can't, is this one able to be fragged? (Sorry about the bad picture quality).
  7. sunken ship


    I'm thinking of getting an anenome sometime in the future and I would appreciate any advice that all of you reef experts can give me including pictures, habits of anenomies, feeding tips, etc. I'm not really sure what kind of anenome I want to get as of right now, so I would love to see some...
  8. sunken ship

    Help Me!!!

    one of my domino damsels has turned pretty much white, almost transparent looking? All of my parameters are at 0 ppm, ph 8.3 . If anyone can tell me what is going on it would be much appreciated. Here is a pic.
  9. sunken ship


    I have an 18g reef tank and the only water flow I have is from my penguin 170 filter. I am thinking of adding a powerhead. What would you guys suggest for a small tank like mine??? If you want to see any pictures of the set-up i have right now go check the photography forum and look for my name.
  10. sunken ship

    Power Heads...

    I have an 18g reef, and the only water flow i have running right now is from my penguin 170 filter. I am thinking of getting a power head or two. What would you guys suggest for an 18 gallon tank?
  11. sunken ship

    Cleaner shrimp

    I just put my new cleaner shrimp in my tank and he's loving it. He was in there for all of 10 seconds before my fish started lining up at the car wash...I mean fish wash. He even seems to be getting along fine with my CBS, he got right up in his face and the CBS didn't do a thing. Here's a...
  12. sunken ship

    Here are some pics of my tank

    Here is my tank
  13. sunken ship

    bubbles and clowns

    I have a bubble coral, and i am thinking of getting a couple of clowns fairly soon. Will the clowns hurt the bubble if they so choose to host in it?
  14. sunken ship

    Coke Bottle TRap

    I have a couple of Domino Damsels that i want to get out of my tank and I am going to try using the coke bottle trap I've heard you guys talking about. Should I place the bottle vertically or horizontally for best results?
  15. sunken ship

    Percula Clowns...

    I'm thinking of getting a couple of Percula clowns. First off, is it easy to pair them off? Also, are they fairly easy to take care of? _________________ 18G reef w/ 20lbs LR 2 50W half and half lights Penguin 170 filter 1 Coral Beauty 1 Cleaner Goby 2 Domino Damsels (I will be getting rid of...
  16. sunken ship

    I want to post some pics of my tank...

    i just took a few pics of my tank with my DC, but how do i post them on the message board?
  17. sunken ship


    What shrimp is better for eating parasites, scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp or the blood red fire shrimp?
  18. sunken ship

    Red Serpent Star

    I was thinking of getting a red serpent star. Are these guys easy to take care of? ________________ 18G reef w/ 20lbs LR 2 50W half and half lights Penguin 170 filter 1 Coral Beauty 1 Cleaner Goby 2 Domino Damsels 1 Coral Banded Shrimp 6 Scarlet Hermits Bubble Coral Polyp Rock
  19. sunken ship be or not to be?

    I've heard that you shouldn't use a bio-wheel with a reef tank. Is this true?
  20. sunken ship

    Coraline Algae

    What are the best ways to spread coraline algae??