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  1. susiepan

    Firefish Battle

    Hey all, Sorry I havent been on in ages, but fighting 2 ruptured disks in my low back, and cant sit for very long at the puter :( But anyway, Flash and Pyro, my mated Firefish have been pecking the hell out of each other lately, they dont even live in the same hole anymore..They were...
  2. susiepan

    Maybe OT...What made you choose to go with Saltwater???

    I loved my daughter-in-laws, and as a kid we always had freshwater, but IMO, nothing compares to Salt, especially with a reef..Gods little piece of Heaven, here on Earth... ~Susie ;)
  3. susiepan

    OT Birthday

    Just wanted to say Happy birtday to you :D Susie ;)
  4. susiepan


    I read in one of your posts that you work at a company that makes internal components...Would these be for PC boards?? Just curious, My Husband is Sales Mngr and Test Mngr for a company that makes fast turn circuit boards, without and of the components attached..Just bare boards...I use to work...
  5. susiepan

    Pls read

    To all who read or replied to Cmpowells colorful softies question, pls read my last entry in regard to my stupidity, Just trying to say sorry guys, I really feel horrible.. ~Susie
  6. susiepan

    New Corals Great $$$

    Hey Guys, just wanted to let you know I got some really nice corals today from, and I have purchased corals from them before, and still have them healthy and happy.. But they are having a special on the Flower Pot for 12.99 and the pc I got, is at least 3" in circumfrence, and...
  7. susiepan

    Dumb Question

    This will probably sound dumb, but here goes.. I use a turkey baster to "clean off" debris on my rock about once a week or so, my question is...Now that I am using Marc Weiss DNA and Black Powder for excelled coraline growth, will the cleaning off of the rock affect this process...I know my...
  8. susiepan

    Length of Ich????

    OK, My tank got ich, which I am so PISSED at, because I am SO anal about the tank, but got it anyway, turns out I was notusing the QT tank long enough... My ?? is, since it is vertually next to impossible to treat outside of my main tank,(I have already talked with anthem, Beth, and Terry about...
  9. susiepan

    Critter ID PLS ???

    I just was looking at my tank, after the lights have been off, and I found this "wormlike" at best 1/8 " white/gray worm?? trying to swim the current from one of my powerheads..I first I thought it was a pc of fish poop, cause thats the exact size and shape of the thing, but then it started...
  10. susiepan

    Hppy B-Day Finger

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope its great Finger Leather ~Susie :D
  11. susiepan

    Copepods Online??

    Someone had mentioned that there were a few placed to order Copepods online, Does anyone remember what those place are..I'd like to order some for my tank.. Thanks ~Susie :rolleyes:
  12. susiepan

    HAPPY B-DAY !!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to all you Wonderful People My Grandsons B-day is today.....He's two :D ~Susie ;)
  13. susiepan

    Had it with Hermits!!!!

    I have had it with these suckers!!!!! I just noticed that they are eating ( at a rapid pace I might add) my star polyps....NOT Amused <img src="graemlins//yell.gif" border="0" alt="[yell]" /> I feed the dang things shrimp and krill, along with my emeralds, and Anenome crab....They also killed...
  14. susiepan

    HAPPY B_DAY!!!!!!!!

    Hey All.. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to You....Happy Birthday to all of you.... Happy Birthday to you........TA DAAAA ~Susie :D
  15. susiepan

    Beth, Your the BEST!!

    Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for straightening out the IP problem... You too..NM Reef.. Thank you very much for your help.. ~Susie :D
  16. susiepan


    Does anyone know if this product is Reef Safe?? I have read the pamplet from front to back and it says that it is ok for use in tanks with inverts, but doesnt mention LR/LS and corals... Anyone?? Thanks ~Susie <img src="graemlins//confused.gif" border="0" alt="[confused]" />
  17. susiepan

    {{{{{Happy B_DAY ALL}}}}} HUGS

    Just wanted to wish all a VERY happy b-day... ;) {{{{{{{{{{hugs for all}}}}}}}}}}}} ~Susie :D
  18. susiepan


    OK Guys, I would like your input on this one....I Emailed Sammy about it, but I know his fish is sick and he is worried about it, so he probably didnt have time to get to me, but anyway.. There is a Tatoo Shop on Dewey Ave in Rochester NY, called Xtreame Graphics...The Owner of the shop's name...
  19. susiepan

    Poll..on Anenome/corals

    1. How many of you feed you Anenomes by hand.?(or what ever method)I dont mean Filter Foods.. 2. What do you feed them? 3. How often do you feed them? 4. And last but not least....Do any of you have Elegence Corals that eat like Anenomes? I am just curious...Always trying to look for better...
  20. susiepan

    To Thaw or NOT

    How many people thaw their frozen stuff, or just dump it in?? Just curious... ~Susie