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  1. theappe

    Moving tank.

    Im gonna be moving soon and I wanted to know if anyone had some advise on how to move my tank. Thanks in advance!
  2. theappe

    6 fish/30gal

    I have a 30 gal tank. I currently have 5 fish Coral Beauty Royal Gramma O. Clown Sixline Wrasse Yellow Watchman I was planning on adding one more fish. I know some say that 5 fish is too much for 30gal. Ive been checking my levels a lot just to make sure everything is under check. Whats the...
  3. theappe

    Something interesting (coincidence maybe)

    I live in miami and the other day I go to a reef store in sw 40 ave and when I take a look at their business card its got Steve Weast's reef on there. I went to Steve's website and it was the same exact picture. I wonder if he knows about? :thinking:
  4. theappe

    10g Tank Diary

    Well Ive always wanted to do a tank diary, but didnt have a new tank to set up. So over the weekend my g/f decided to get a tank so we are gonna set up a 10g nano. So here is a startup pic. <sorry for the crappy pics. using a cell phone> :joy:
  5. theappe

    Shaving Brush Plant

    I have easy access to a lot of these plants. I was told that they are good plants to stick in a fuge due to their reduction in nutrients. Anyone can confirm this or have exp with them?
  6. theappe

    Clearing up water?

    Im starting a new 5gal tank and im running on a HOB fuge as filtration. When I added the sand the water got really murky. Its been a day or two and its still murky. Now im no newbie but I really dont have much exp. with fuge filtration. Is this normal or is there something else I can do?
  7. theappe

    SunPaq vs Reg. Lighting

    I was considering buying SunPaq bulbs because one bulb offers different lighting as you might know. My current lighting is 10,000k daylight and 420nm Actinic. I wanted to know what you people thought on this subject.
  8. theappe

    Skimmer for 150gal advice

    I want to get a skimmer for my tank as you can see in the title. Ive considered the coralife SS 220. I assume that if they are good on small thanks they should be good on bigger tanks and the best part is that it's pretty cheap too... any suggestion or other skimmers that might be better or...
  9. theappe

    Kalk reactor/Calcium reactor

    I wanna keep my calcium levels easily maintained on my 150gal. I was wonderig what would be better if at all. A kalk reactor or calcium reactor. And what are the associated equiptment that I will need along with those two.
  10. theappe

    Pump and loc-line

    I have a 150gal tank that I wanna plumb. I want to use loc-line circle flow to use to distribute flow to my tank. I wanna go with a Sequence Dart pump. 1) Is the pump overkill or good. 2) Should I use 3/4" locline or 1/2" locline with that pump?? Thanks!
  11. theappe

    For trade or $$$ (huge colt)

    I want to trade a huge colt coral that doesnt fit into my tank anymore for just about anything. I wont ship only local trade. Im in Hialeah/Miami. Let me know. I got pics if you need em. :joy:
  12. theappe

    Overflow help (j tube)

    I have an overflow that i need to build the piping for. I know there is some sort of tube the in the shape of a "j" that minimizes the noise. I was wondering if any of you can tell me how to make it or any plans of it online. Thanks!!
  13. theappe

    Mantis Shrimp Fun!

    Well as you might or might not know ever since I started my tank about a year ago Ive take out 3 mantis shrimp. Yesterday while looking at my tank I found another one. The strange thing is that Ive never heard it click before. So.... 1) Do spearers click? 2) How do they reproduce cause they keep...
  14. theappe

    150gal Checklist

    Well im not new to saltwater but I am new to larger scale tanks. I have a 150 tank only with the canopy and I was wondering if any of you recommended any particular products or setups that might be useful. Its gonna be a reef tank btw. Thanks for any help
  15. theappe

    WTB Nanocube

    Looking for a used or new nanocube. Pref. if its HQI. Let me know what you got and I'll tell you if whats up.
  16. theappe

    Coral beauty

    I was just curious as to what ppl fed their coral beauts.
  17. theappe

    Fragging a colt

    Just had a quick question. I have a humungus colt that i wanna cut. I have it understood that all I have to do is just take some scissors and cut it :) Am i missing something?
  18. theappe

    Red slime???

    I've recently had a red slime outbreak. How can I take care of it and what causes it? Ive tried manualy removing it, but it keeps coming back. Checked my levels and (amm, trates, trites) and they are at zero. Im stumped. :scared:
  19. theappe

    Wireless network help

    Im trying to set up a wireless network in my house. My router works fine. Now the problem that im having is that my laptop picks up the wireless signal but never connects. It just says "looking for address" Any help would be appreciated!
  20. theappe

    Want to trade.

    I have a new CPR style HOB fuge with lights and included skimmer. I was looking for a AquaC Remora. Or make an offer. Comes with 18w PC light. Pics upon request.