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  1. fishwanabe

    pool salt?

    can it be used? Thinking NO but had to ask...
  2. fishwanabe

    been away for bout a yr, boy have things changed!! Got a Q?

    Just picked up a used tank but forget how toj measure it's gallon size... is it L x W X H?? it measures 48in long, by 18 deep by 21 tall. soooo how many gallons is that? I'm not doing something right with my calculations. thanks!!! so excited about setting this thing up!!!
  3. fishwanabe

    old reptile tank

    hello, does anyone know if it is a bad thing to use a tank for saltwater that had been used for a snake? thanks Marla
  4. fishwanabe

    To Tang or Not To TANG?

    hello, I have a 55g with about 50lbs. of LS and 75lbs. of LR a hand full of red and blue legged hermits, a green emerald crab, brittle star, one sand siffing star, one horseshoe crab, 2 clowns, one diamondback gobie, fire gobie and a cleaner wrasse. I would like to get a small tang to clean up...
  5. fishwanabe

    Fish Jokes?

    anybody got one?
  6. fishwanabe

    fungus or maybe smething else,need ID

    can someone tell me what this is. It seems to be spreading.
  7. fishwanabe

    Help something growing on rock

    Hi all, Ive been set up since Nov. maybe 75lb lr,(from an established tank) 60bl ls 2 clowns 1 diamondback goby 1 cleaner wrasse and a fire goby. My last water change I move a rock and found this yellowish/clear looking fungus. Thought Id keep an eye, everyone seems to be ok so thought no big...
  8. fishwanabe

    CC star tried to eat Xeina, help

    Hello, my cc star tried to eat my pulsating xeina, its still alive and looks bad anything I can do other than wait? ps spelling the worst sorry
  9. fishwanabe

    will cc star kill and eat cleaner shrimp?

    Hello, long story short I have a 55g and I found a cleaner shrimp dead and under my choc. chip star. Now my question is would the star be able to kill the shrimp or did he just happen upon a meal? more to the question, this is the second shrimp that I have found dead in the last week. What is...
  10. fishwanabe

    working in LFS?

    Hello, was just wondering if anyone worked in a LFS for fish and if so how does it work for you? There is a new pet shop that has opened here in my area and I'm hoping to work a few hrs a week for fish and supplies. If anyone already does this please tell me your deal. Thanks
  11. fishwanabe

    need a few questions answered?

    Hello all, well after a year and a half of waiting and alot of craziness I finally got a 55g up and running. now, I have flame angle brittle star sand star choc chip star green cromie(sp) a few snail and hermits 3 cleaner shrimp 3 emerald crabs about 15 red mushroom heads about 50lbs lr and...
  12. fishwanabe

    what should I do next?

    Hello, I have a 10g set up since three weeks ago, dont really know if it went through a cycle or not, there is about 20lbs. live sand RO water and of course the salt I added to the water. just a regular filter and light that came with the tank(10g). I get no readings on my test, 0,0, 1.023 temp...
  13. fishwanabe

    how many gals. is this?

    Hello, I know there is a way to tell but I forget how, its 48inL by 12 1/2-13w by 20 1/2-21 deep? thanks!!
  14. fishwanabe

    shelve life for chemicals?

    Is the one? some of the chemicals that I own have no expriation date on them. Just a general ideal if anyone has one, Im not even up and running a tank yet (and now it looks like it could be some time before I am) but could not pass up on the deal at the time for them due to an closing of a...
  15. fishwanabe

    solar tubes

    Hi, I had a dream that I installed solar tubes in my roof over the tank, anyone think it would work?
  16. fishwanabe

    which type of live rock is best?

    Hello, anyone have a favorite type of live rock and why? I hope to buy soon. Thanks Marla
  17. fishwanabe

    Glue and rocks?

    Hello, I am going to have a dead spot on the one end of my 90g that will be up against the wall and not veiwable. I was thinking that I would glue my rocks base/live all up and down this side with what ever will hold. I hope to make a cliff effect. I have one tube of "aquastik" which says it...
  18. fishwanabe

    Feeding Q?

    Hello, Hope all are safe and having a good weekend, the guy down the road from me has been in the hobby for years and he told me that one of the most important things about the hobby is feeding your fish properly. That the good eating habits of all fish in your tank will depend on how and what...
  19. fishwanabe

    Pros and Cons of nudibranch?

    Hello all, Just think the blue velvet nudi's are cool, not even set up yet so just asking for input.
  20. fishwanabe


    Hello all,please tell me what is the ideal temp for a 90g I hope to finally set up in July, I hope to have reef with some softies and maybe a clam or two if I can get the lighting(MH) plus fishies... I have an 16ft large sliding glass doors about 10 ft away from tank that I plan to put window...