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  1. danrw84

    reef vital DNA

    hey all. to whoever wants it, 8oz Unopened (sealed) reef vital dna 11.00 shipped email me see ya dano
  2. danrw84

    I've missed it so much, I am coming back!

    Hello to everyone on the board I have been checking in every now and then. Let me just say, that i miss my tank! So, I am going to start another one. Just finally recovering from the bills i had to pay. Im thinking about doing a little nano tank. something real small for the time being. to all...
  3. danrw84

    tiny powerhead 70gph max, adjustable. $6 shipped!

    this is a tiny powerhead for putting in the back or side of ur tank for hidden added flow its by zoomed, its adjustable, 30-70gph max. its about 1 inch by .5inch by 1inch. black its really cool email me if you want it
  4. danrw84

    I just got back from hawaii and MY god, i have to start another TANK!!

    just wanted you all to know i was thinkin about this board when i was snorkeling in maui. i saw some HUGE triggers, cool white tip sharks, and some awsome boxfish, puffers, oh it was great I have to start anothe tank! i was swimming in one a few days ago! lol i took some video at the Maui ocean...
  5. danrw84

    Loc-Line ROBO arm with 2 ends and a head

    for you're return pump. has about 7 links making about 8 inches. with a flat head spout, and an adapter on the back to splice off 2 this thing costs like 10 bucks or more, lol ill ship it for 2.50 EMAIL me if you want it
  6. danrw84

    Aquarium Silicone $3.00 shipped- NEW!

    new . sealed 100% aquarium silicone shipped for 3 bucks to stop leaks or make custom baffles. for use on fresh and saltwater made gy "ALL GLASS AQUARIUM"
  7. danrw84

    kent marine Superbuffer-dkH NEW. $4.50 shipped

    kent marine Superbuffer-dkH its new, full and $4.50 shipped! email me if you want it
  8. danrw84

    book - Setting up a Saltwater aquarium, great!! hardcover

    this hardcover book is great for newbies. i will ship it for 5 bucks its in mint condition! (PLEASE EMAIL ME rather than replying)
  9. danrw84

    salinity meter. 4.00 shipped!!

    its in mint condition. still have it. its a marine systems one 12 dollar retail or something ill ship it for 4 bucks!
  10. danrw84

    Reef Vital Dna - $10.00 Shipped

    small bottle reef vital DNA unopnened 10 dollars shipped large bottle, full, 16 shipped. email thanks dan
  11. danrw84

    slim pickin's - whats left of my tank

    hey guys well ive got about 20 lbs of live sand or less. aquaclear 150/200 and 2 55 watt PC balasts. will sell the light ballasts (comes with mounting brackets) for 60 dollars. thats 30 each, shipped. dano
  12. danrw84

    Trivia question!!! do you know it?

    lets see who knows the answer to this. no guessing!! "which dissolved gas in seawater is found in the highest percentage, N2, o2, or CO2" good luck!
  13. danrw84

    New Items Added To My Sell List! Get Them While They Last! Prices Included!

    i still have a HAGEN 802 for sale $20.00 shipped HAGEN 302 1 month old powerhead, $10.50 shipped!!!! 2 55w PC's 110 shipped REEF VITAL DNA...UN OPENEND. $9.00 shipped! (small bottle. big bottle 15 shipped) still got qall THE TEST kits but the ALK test (SAL one, still have the RED SEA ONE and...
  14. danrw84

    2 55 watt PC's with bulbs $60 each or $110 for both! email me!

    email me AIM: danrw84 need to sell these. I'm sure we can work something out! they are less than 2 months old with a 10000K 50/50 bulb and one full florecent . the ballasts can be controlled serperatley, they each have their own plug. it is a STRAIGHT pin arrangement. Hurry and...
  15. danrw84

    attn ryebread

    er.. didnt know how else to get a hold of you wanted to let you know i got the check today and will send out ur stuff tommorow. Expect it early next week, or the end of this week. make sure u email me when you get you're stuff thanks. dan
  16. danrw84


    you know what it is!! email or AIM danrw84 thanks!! both are UNUSED.
  17. danrw84

    new Kent Marine Aquadose - 19.95 shipped!

    its new. payed 44 for it. never got to use it. will ship it for under 20! email aim: danrw84
  18. danrw84

    like new PRIZM SKIMMER $48.00 shipped!

    my prizm skimmer. looks great and works even better. used for about 3 months will ship it for 48.00!! email aim: danrw84
  19. danrw84

    Any test kit that you're tank will need! for sale

    selling these! they are un used or used once or twice! here they are in this pic willing to sell each for 8-10 dollars shipped. if you buy a bunch, will lower. the big kit, marine aquarium systems with the viles (pH, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia) has more tests than it comes with. have bought many...
  20. danrw84

    CPR CS90 oVERFLOW with MAXIJET 1200

    selling my overflow and the pump togehter. check it out or make an offer! aim: danrw84