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  1. patandlace

    New additions

    Hammer and frogspawn I just picked up: And a clownfish to make a pair. Anyone know why the colors are so different? The one I've had for 2 years is a darker redish orange and the new one is more yellowish orange. not sure why this is.
  2. patandlace

    duncan light requirements?

    Has anyone kept duncans under PC's?
  3. patandlace

    Torch and purple shrooms for trade NH/MA

    I have 1 head of torch coral and some purple shrooms I'd like to trade locally. I'm in Concord, NH. I don't think it would be worth shipping. I'm interested in frags of pom pom xenia, frogspawn, different colored mushrooms or anything else I don't have. The purple shrooms in the blurry picture...
  4. patandlace

    SPS under T5's?

    I'm trying to decide between getting T5's or halides in the near future and was hoping to see pictures of peoples tanks with SPS corals under T5's. Thank you for your replies.
  5. patandlace

    My 92 with a new look

    After my coral beauty put a hurtin' on alot of my corals I finally got him out by dismantling the whole thing yesterday. I tried other ways to catch him but none of them were working. The first pic is pre coral beauty, and the second was taken today. A few corals were completely destroyed by the...
  6. patandlace

    75G Tank/Stand $100 NH

    75 gallon tank comes with stand and standard flourescent light strip. I bought it 1 1/2 years ago then went with a bigger tank a few months later. It's been taking up space since. The background is painted blue which can be easily changed. The trim is painted black to match the stand. Pick up...
  7. patandlace

    Catching a coral beauty

    Anyone have any tips on how to catch one of these guys. I've left my net in the tank for about a week now and tried to scoop him out durring feeding, but I haven't really come close yet. There's gotta be a better way. Any ideas would be great before he nips my corals to death.
  8. patandlace

    New Chemical Monochloramine

    I'm told they are going to start using this in our city water and we need to add a calgon catalytic carbon filter to our RO/DI unit because this chemical is harder to remove than chlorine. Has anyone else heard of this?
  9. patandlace

    Help my Spaghetti (Pics)

    I've had this Spaghetti coral for a couple months and two days ago it started drooping. All the other corals in my tank seem fine. It's under medium flow about half way up my tank under PC's. I'm going to test the water in a few minutes I'll post it when I'm done. Here's some before and after...
  10. patandlace

    Patandlace's tank

    It's amazing seeing the changes from when I started to where I'm at now. And I'm sure its just begun. Where the journey started. If only I knew then... Changed tank, substrate and discovered live rock. A few months ago. A couple days ago.
  11. patandlace

    New RO/DI Question

    I got a new Airwaterice unit today it's rated for 75 GPD but in the first hour it only put out about a gallon of water. That's about 1/3 of what it should. Is this normal at the begining, or am I doing something wrong? If anyone has any input I would appreciate it. I have it connected with a...
  12. patandlace

    New Acan and closed brain

    I picked these two guys up today.
  13. patandlace

    Coral beauty & Flame

    Has anyone tried to keep the two in the same tank? I've heard that if you add them at the same time there's a good chance they can coexist. Any one tried this?
  14. patandlace

    No more Clam Chowdah?!?!

    At this point 29 percent of fish and seafood species have collapsed -- that is, their catch has declined by 90 percent. It is a very clear trend, and it is accelerating," said the lead author of the study, Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. "If the long-term trend...
  15. patandlace

    BJ Penn VS Matt Hughes

    I'm going with my man BJ. Even though he's a Jui Jitsu Black belt he throws heavy hands around too. Penn 3rd round KO. That's my prediction. Can't wait untill Saturday! ***)
  16. patandlace

    Need ID on Two Things

    Is this hair algae? It is all over the glass and there is also some on the rocks. There are at least 3 of the hitchhiking worms. What are they? Thanks for the help!!! Lacey & Patrick
  17. patandlace

    Need ID on Two

    Need some help IDing these things. What is this stuff on the glass? Just showed up today out of no where. Also this worm is one of at least 2. He is a hitchhiker. Thanks for the help!! Lacey & Patrick
  18. patandlace

    5 Days to Hypo

    Instead of taking 48 hours to lower the salinity we took about 5 days. Our fish started showing signs of Ick right before the 4th of July so we took out all the sand and live rock and started hypo. We ordered a refractometer but due to the holiday it took about 5 days to get to us. The fish have...
  19. patandlace

    Trigger in a peaceful community

    Would either a blue throat or pink tail be ok in a 92 gal peaceful reef tank? I would like to get one but an not sure if either would be ok... Thanks, Lacey
  20. patandlace

    Looks like Blitsers

    My powder blue tang started to get raised spots on his body and forehead. Doesn't look like ick or lypmh. The spots are kind of big, a little larger than the size of a pencil eraser, and look almost like blisters. He is eating and acting totally normal. We have had him for 11 days. Drip...