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  1. casper1875

    Skimmer Cup Fell Into Sump Help!!!!

    I went to clean my skimmer and when I took the cup off it fell into the sump. The water is green. I shut the return pump off. Cleaned the skimmer cup and when I started it bubbles every where. How do I clean this up? I don't want all the goop going into the tank.
  2. casper1875

    Tank Level Floor Is Not Help

    I have a thread on here for my 180. I have a problem and I need to know if my tank will be alright. I have it setup in the basement. I made sure it was level, front to back, in the corners and side to side. I used 2 levels also, a 36 inch and the small one in the picture below. When I put water...
  3. casper1875

    My 180 Slow Progress Report

    So here's the story. I started with a 75 and my son bought me a Powder Brown tang. I got a great deal on a 180, but it needed some work. That was in April of 2008. Tank was dirty and needed a good cleaning. Stand needed a complete makeover. Very weak construction and mold. Had a friend build a...
  4. casper1875

    System Test Failed Leaks

    Spent my weekend installing plumbing (my husband helped!). Gave everything time to dry. Started adding water and 3 out of the 5 bulkheads are leaking. I read that they needed to be hand tight and I thought they were tight, but I have drips. It won't be hard to fix the one on the sump, but the 2...
  5. casper1875

    Setting Up My 180 Plumbing Question

    I have all the plumbing dry fitted. Tomorrow I want to glue it all together. I used the plumbers tape on all the threaded parts. I read the cans and it says to put the purple stuff on then the clear. Does anyone have any helpful tips? Any place that is better to start at? I don't want to mess it up.
  6. casper1875

    Refugiun And Sump

    This is my sump with the protien skimmer. The skimmer has a 14 or 15 inch footprint and takes up a lot of room. The top view of the sump. Do I have to use the black box that is under the glass with the foam or can I remove it and use those filter bags? This is the TidePool II. I want to use it...
  7. casper1875

    Michael Vick An Eagle???????

    Are you kidding me! Please tell me it's not true.
  8. casper1875

    Saltwater & Spouses Don't Mix

    I guess this is for the ladies on the forum. My husband really doesn't like my tank, and now that I'm getting closer to setting up the 180 he's even more unhappy. I needed help hanging up my lights and moving other things and he gets upset. I still need to buy more equipment and set up the ro/di...
  9. casper1875

    Setting Up Plumbing

    I'm not sure how I loaded the pictures so please excuse the order. I have a 180 gallon All Glass reef ready tank. Oceanic Model 3 Reef Ready Sump Mag 18 pump Outer Orbit HQI/T5HO lighting system NW-200 protien skimmer TidePool for the fuge My sump and protien skimmer do not fit under the tank...
  10. casper1875

    Tank Level?

    I'm testing my tank to see if it has any leaks. After 1 year and 3 months I'm almost ready to set it up. I bought it used and wanted to see if it leaks before we start the plumbing. First question: I know it needs to be level, but I only seem to be able to get it between the two center thick...
  11. casper1875

    Sump Question

    I have a 75 gallon system that's been up and running for almost 2 years. My son had bought me a powder brown tang and I knew I would need a larger tank to keep him in. I found a bargin on a 180 gallon tank, I've been working on getting it set up for over a year. I now have: 180 Tank with stand...
  12. casper1875

    What Height Should Lights Be Above Tank

    Now that the lights are working how high should they be above the tank? Outer Orbit HQI/T5HO for a 180 gallon tank.
  13. casper1875

    Outer Orbit Light ????

    I bought an OuterOrbit 1079 with 3-250 watt lights. My question is does all the halides have to be in for them to work? Do they take some time to power up? The local pet store has a huge tent sale every year. I picked this up for $175.00. The 3 ballast were still sealed new in the box. The...
  14. casper1875

    Forgot To Plug Skimmer In

    I forgot to plug my skimmer in yesterday after cleaning my tank. Will it hurt anything if I plug it in now? I have to go to work in 15 min. Does anyone know?
  15. casper1875

    Help Setting This Up

    I have no idea if this will work or not. Here's the pictures of my stand with the sump and TidePool II for a fuge. It's really tight in there. I have a 180 gallon tank with two overflows in the rear corners. How do I hook all of this together? I have an MSX200 skimmer in 50 gallon sump and a Mag...
  16. casper1875

    Should You Cover Your Sump

    My sump came with a glass cover. The instructions say to cover the sump, but after I put the protein skimmer in, the cover will not work. I don't remember seeing any sumps covered in pictures. I know it will help cut down on evaporation. I could get glass cut to fit around the skimmer. Any...
  17. casper1875

    Help Any MSX200 Owners

    My MSX200 skimmer came in today. Now I don't have a clue how to put it together. I have the directions. Do you have to use any of the purple plumbing stuff on it? My Remora C was easy. This is not. It came with a clear tube and a milky looking tube. I see where a tube needs to be connected to...
  18. casper1875

    Setting Up 180 Gallon

    I need some input. How do I level my stand before I put my tank on? I'm setting this up in my basement and it's going to be setting on concrete. The floor is not level. What do I need to do? I'm going out for about an hour. I'll check back in then. Thanks in advance.
  19. casper1875

    Green Chromis Babies

    I'm so excited. I was checking my tank last night to see if my clown fish eggs had hatched and found all these little fry swimming everywhere. It was not my clown fish the eggs are still there. It has to be my green chromis. I have five of them. Does anyone know if the chromis are hard to...
  20. casper1875

    Looking For Skimmer Help

    I know this is a loaded question. That's why I can't make up my mind. I have a 180 gallon tank with two corner overflows, Oceanic Reef Ready Model 3 Sump (50 or 55 gallon, can't remember). I'm going to use a Tidepool II for a refugium (if I can make it fit). I have a Supreme Mag-Drive 18 pump...