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  1. peppy

    Silver Bubbles

    Got big (1/2in across) and little silver bubbles showing up around the tank on the rock? At first I thought that was where all my baby snails were coming from? I have about 10 or so around the tank and took one off and cut it open and it is just full of water? Anyone got any ideas to what...
  2. peppy


    Anyone have any take on sea cucumbers? I have a little more detritus around the sand then I would like and thought about throwing a sand sifting star in there and was reading a little about cucumbers. Everythink I read says they are real hard to keep and if they die there is a good possibility...
  3. peppy

    Shrimp Attack

    Wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem? I put two XL feather dusters in the other day along with a couple of conch. I looked in on my tank a couple of hours later and my peppermint shrimp were feasting on one of my feather dusters and one of my conch? The feather duster seems to...
  4. peppy


    Added 7 corals a couple of days ago. Feeding 3 squirts liquid life Bioplankton concentrate every other day. What does everybody feed their corals? kH / Alkalinity questions? pH 8.2, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10, kH always around 200 / 214? I read it is supposed to be between 160 - 180?
  5. peppy

    Dead Goby?

    Well my matched pair of sleeper gold head goby's were not a matched pair for very long? They swam around the tank as happy as can be for two days, never outside of an inch of each other. Built a burrow...then yesterday I noticed one always stayed in the new home, I was thinking baby goby's...
  6. peppy

    Coral Suggestions

    Tank is looking good. Basic #'s are right on = pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Salinity don't have a test kit for all the rest yet. Finally got the six damsels out and added a small sail fin tang, matched pair of sleeper yellow gobys and purple serpent star on 11th. Going to wait a week or two...
  7. peppy

    Getting fish out of tank

    Anybody have any ideas? I have 1 yellow damsel, 3 yellow tail damsel, 1 two stripe damsel and 1 four stripe damsel that I used to help cycle my tank. I know, I know I did not need to use the damsels my LFS put them in there, but that was before I started to do all the research. How can I get...
  8. peppy

    Hermits Eaten?

    Anyone ever heard of Skarlet Cleaner Shrimp eating their scarlet reef hermits? I find my Shrimps chowing on my hermits, don't actually see the kill but see them with the hermits in their mouth. Look behind the rocks in the back of the reef and see scarlet hermit legs everywhere? What do you...
  9. peppy

    Water clearity?

    Tank is up and running fine cycled in about 12 days. Clean up crew working hard and most of all LR is looking nice, took another 4 days. Lots of debris drifting around LS and water is still not very clear? How long does it take for water to start clear up or am I supposed to do something to...
  10. peppy


    Tank cycled, clean up crew and mowed through most of algae. My tank has a blue back-drop and there are hundreds of these little clear bugs?? Is this something to worry about? Is there a fish / invert that eats these little things?
  11. peppy

    Protein Skimmer

    Help... 100g Uniquarium with built in w/d on the back, came with Venturi Protein skimmer. Just finished cylcle and added clean up crew. I take it I'm supposed plug in the skimmer at this point? It has a little hose coming out of the pump and I'm not too sure where it goes? I don't see...
  12. peppy

    Algae advise

    100g, 100# LR, 80# LS, 8 damsels. On my 10th day of cycle. Ammonia .25< or-, Nitraite .25, Nitrate between 5-10, temp 78 degrees. All of a sudden big outbreak of what appears to be Diatom bloom very visable around bottom of tank and top of LS. Also, spotty all over glass. LR is covered with...
  13. peppy

    Order of Intoduction

    100g tank, 100g LR Tonga, 80lbs LS, tank currently cycling. When the cycle is over I plan on having Fish, Iverts and Corals. I was going to start with Inverts. The kit I'm thinking about includes 12 Scarlet Hermit Crabs, 20 Turbo (or Astrea) Snails, 30 Mexican Red-Leg (or 60 Blue-Leg)...
  14. peppy

    New Reef Cycle

    60x18x20 100g uniquarium w / built in W/D, 2 custom JBJ retrofit lighting. 130 watts x 2 = 2 10K daylights, 2 7100K blue. Rio2100 pump = 650g @hr. Ventri protein skimmer (not on yet). Set up on 3/16. 100lb's LR cured Tonga. 80 lbs Aragonite bio-active LS, mixed the water in tank. 3/18...
  15. peppy

    Clean up

    I have a 20g saltwater tank been up and running for about 6 mo. I have Picaso Trigger, Niger Trigger and Grouper. Can anykind of cleanup crew live with those 3 preditors?
  16. peppy

    New Reef Tank Advise

    Did a terrible thing and bought a new tank on impulse decision. 100g uniquarium w/ built in wet dry. JBJ retro deluxe lighting x2. Also 100 lb of tonga live rock, 80 lbs aragonite live sand. Guys from shop came over and set up on the 3/16. Put in sand, mixed water in tank, added cured rock...
  17. peppy


    25 gallon tank on 5th week. All fish are itchy, 5 damsils, firefish, gruper, clown & octopus. Lots of little white parasites? Treated tank with 2+ ounces of Rally ruby reef for 5 days and parasites are still in full force? What to do?