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  1. joncat24

    recomended RO/DI filter

    Bfs 161 from Buckeye field Supply is about the best unit for the money on the market...IMO
  2. joncat24

    New Light Help

    If it were me, I would get the large heatsink for the NC24, 12 royal blues and 12 cool white crees....24 thermal pads , and two of the dimmable meanwell drivers, and you would be set. You would be able to keep any type of coral, and have the ability to control the lighting color to your liking...
  3. joncat24

    skimmer for a 60 gallon reef tank

    Alot of folks have been using the Bubble Magus skimmers on smaller tanks with great results. I have never used one, but have seen them and they seem to be of very good quality. I have a 65 gallon I am getting ready to set back up and I am going to get the NAC6 for it. For $155, I don't think you...
  4. joncat24

    Can I have the Powerbrite on my 3g????

    I would say you need two. I seen a 8 Gal biocube with four of them...looked really good.
  5. joncat24

    Evaporative Airflow for cooling?

    As long as the plug has enough current it will work. I am running 3 computer fans off of one wall wart with no problems.
  6. joncat24

    SWC replacement pump??

    The sicce psk 2500 is a very good upgrade. You have to modify the body and input a bit to put it on , but it is well worth the effort. Marine Solutions still sells the upgrade kit, I believe.
  7. joncat24

    acrylic cement. where is it?

    google weld on 4 or weld on 16 Tap plastics sells it. Also you can get it from flea bay
  8. joncat24

    Does anyone dip their corals?

    Or you can go to walmart and get about 20x the amount for a tenth of the price. I buy iodine at walmart and dip every coral I get for about 5 -10 minutes in the solution. Just mix it up so that is about the color of iced tea and you will be amazed at the crap that comes out of some corals.
  9. joncat24

    Looking for Acrylic Sheets

    unless you can find a sheet locally, I have used estreetplastics and freckleface in the past and they are both reasonable and have smaller sheets which will ship ups or fedex.
  10. joncat24

    125gallon reef sumps setups

    Looks good. I am doing something similar with a 125 right now. I am using the beananimal overlfow system and will have one skimmer sump, and a seperate fuge, sump. The only difference in mine is ths sumps are attached with bulkheads, with only one retuen pump. I will try and post some pics...
  11. joncat24

    siliconing baffles in sump

    Originally Posted by Posiden While I am no expert in acrylic, how did you get the acrylic glued in place? Every thing I have seen in the way of acrylic fab, uses the pins and needle method. How did you manage to get the baffle in nice and tight? It just seems to me, there is a big difference...
  12. joncat24

    t5HO lighting for 150 gallon reef

    Originally Posted by humuhumu1 What t5 lighting fixture would you recommend for a 150 gallon tank that is 28" high? For this tank I want to have softies, lps, and some of the easier sps coral species. The sps will be at the very top of the tank by the way. I was thinking about the current usa...
  13. joncat24

    The Rebuild of my 180 Begins!! And Continues!!

    Nice pics....looks good The pic you have listed as some type of zoa's looks like blastomussa merletti to me....???
  14. joncat24

    Octo recirc Skimmer ADVISE!!

    Originally Posted by ifirefight This morning, it was overflowing again. I even checked the line feeding the skimmer,everything looks fine. This is really starting to be a pain. I'm about ready to buy a new skimmer. I was thinking of writing the company,but I believe SWC was bought out. Does...
  15. joncat24

    Rainy day 120 pics.

    Originally Posted by Great Pictures thx!!
  16. joncat24

    floor support's?

    You will be fine putting it where you have it marked. It is along a load bearing wall. No worries, mate.
  17. joncat24

    The Rebuild of my 180 Begins!! And Continues!!

    Originally Posted by Rigdon87 I see the bulk head now Algae turf scrubber. and i tell you what, I woke up like five times a couple nights ago to my skimmer makin this horrible grinding noise so i kinda tinkered with it,but come to find out the next morning one of the zip ties holdin the mesh to...
  18. joncat24

    Rainy day 120 pics.

    here are a couple more blastomussa frogspawn red people eaters purple granulosa frag neon green Bali torch
  19. joncat24

    Rainy day 120 pics.

    Originally Posted by johnr2604 I think they are talking about the one that looks like miagi tort. IDK...she said pic 12...the one in pic twelve is a green slimer....unless she is referring to another one?? This is a green slimer
  20. joncat24

    Rainy day 120 pics.

    Originally Posted by cherylann I know it's an acropora, but I have never been able to identify it. Its purple in color with tinges of green and blue and grows reasonable fast any help you could provided would be really appreciated. Very nice tank you should be proud. Thanks for the...