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  1. gingerfish

    Sump Project

    Okaaay. . . I have a tall glass tank I would like to use as a refugium and I am thinking of using a plastic tub (if I can find one that fits well) as the sump area. Is there a way to have the water flow from the refugium into the pump area without drilling holes in the tank?? I drew my idea out...
  2. gingerfish

    First Upgrade

    I've been running a 29 gal Biocube for a while (2 years, maybe? I lost count) with only my handsome little Watchman Goby, 2 Clowns, live rock, and some random hitchhikers. Now I would very much like to upgrade to a bigger tank! I've been searching the classifieds, but honestly, I don't know what...
  3. gingerfish

    I'm sure you all love IDing these guys

    I have 2 new friends to ID. The larger one I have already removed from my tank (he is living in another "facility" for now), but the little guy I put back in his rock because he's just so tiny. Anyone know what these critters are? (I apologize if the photos are huge. I resized them, but they're...