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  1. goofieones

    What do you have in your sump (live)

    I'm trying to figure out what I should put in my sump to clean up the sand and rock, as far as detrius. I'm thinking of putting a cuke down there to do some cleaning maybe a serpent star. They don't have to live down there pernmently just enough to clean it a bit. What do you have that...
  2. goofieones

    How long do you leave your lights on??

    Just wondering how long you leave the lights on. Mine are on a timer set at 12 hours. Is that over doing it? I have a BTA.
  3. goofieones

    Building a Sump/Refuge... where do you get materials?

    I wanna build my own sump/fuge....... and have gotten some great ideas from this site. My tank has been up for years with a wet/dry filter.... but it only has one hole on the side to pump water out... I suppose I could cut a hole in the other side of the glass to make it work. But I figure it...
  4. goofieones

    Majestic Angel for Sale... Western Suburbs of Chicago

    Anyone interested in buying my Majestic Angel.... any resonable offer accepted. I live in Aurora, IL. I will not ship this fish. I've had him 4 years since a baby. He eats ANY thing you feed him. He's been in a fish only tank, so I don't know if he will pick on corals, but with any angel...
  5. goofieones

    Local Fish stores around Chicago western suburbs.

    Hi All, I'm looking for some good local fish stores in the western suburbs of chicago. Thanks.
  6. goofieones

    Angler with a Leaf Fish??

    Does anyone know if you can keep both an Angler and a Leaf fish in the same tank? Obviously they would have to be the same size. But considering both don't really move........... I don't see that much of a problem. But I don't know if these two types of fish would fight. Thanks
  7. goofieones

    Will Flagfin Angel eat my shrimps, crabs..ect??

    I know they aren't reef "safe" as far as them eating corals and such. I don't have any corals, but am wondering if my shrimp, snails, crabs and starfish will become dinner. Anyone have any experience?
  8. goofieones

    Will a Rainbow urchin eat Coraline Algae?

    I have had my tank for years, and I like all the Coraline algae that has grown, so I don't want it eaten. Will a Rainbow urchin eat the Coraline off the rock? I know some urchins do, and if so which urchin will leave my Coraline algae alone.
  9. goofieones

    Volitan Lionfish for sale - IL.

    If anyone is interested in a large Volitan Lionfish check out my ad in the classifieds for more information. Sorry cannot ship this guy, he is too big. e-mail:
  10. goofieones

    Large 8-10" Volitan Lionfish For Sale-IL.

    I have 1 large Volitan Lionfish forsale $40 or best offer. He is about 8-10" long, eats very well and will eat almost anything. I am wanting to get some smaller fish, but he will consider them dinner. He has never had any health problems, and gets along fine with other tank mates. He does...
  11. goofieones

    I've finally found the BEST invert!!!

    I love my inverts, and after trying different ones, I think I have found the things I love the most. Beleive it or not, it's my Green Brittle star, and my serpent star. I mean these guys are hardy, and very cool to watch!! Everytime I feed the tank they come out and eat, and when they pick up...
  12. goofieones

    He's alive..... I can't beleive he is alive!!

    Some may remember a post a while back asking about Flame hawk fish, well I said mine was real nice, until one day I saw him picking at my poor yellow watchman goby. The goby had come out of his hiding space and was roaming the tank, and the hawk was just beating him up real bad, the goby's fin...
  13. goofieones

    The big change saturday, wish me luck!!

    Well I have been talking about it for months and finally I am doing it. Tomorrow I will change out my crushed shells for livesand. I bought the Nature's Ocean from this site and some new decorations for the tank. So it will be like starting over. Any last minute advice or comments? I plan...
  14. goofieones

    How long did it take your skimmer to produce foam?

    After about 3 different skimmers, we finally got an AquaC ev90 hooked up and working. It's been 5 days and still no foam. The manual said it would take about a week to break in. Anyways just wondering how long other people's skimmers took to start producing foam. Thanks
  15. goofieones

    Can you ever get copper out of dead coral decorations?

    I was planning on bidding on some used dead coral decorations, and since I don't know if people are that honest, can you ever get copper out of it? I have inverts and wouldn't want to introduce anything that had copper in it. Is there a way to get the copper out? I don't know for sure if...
  16. goofieones

    Is there a 3" deep mechanical filter??

    I am running a 72bow, with a Oceanic 75 plus wet/dry system, UV, and AquaC protein skimmer, and the water is clear but it seems like I can always see little particles in the water. I have a built in overflow with pre filter and it doesn't seem to suck the water in enough to rid of all the...
  17. goofieones

    Arrow Crabs are mean!!

    Yesterday went to a new lfs, they had some great inverts, my boyfriend really loved this huge arrow crab, it is like 5". I asked the lfs guy about them and he said that it should be fine in my 72bow front with my other cleaner shrimp. I also got some sally's and 2 huge emerald crabs. Well I...
  18. goofieones

    At what stages of Ick will cleaner shrimp clean?

    Sorry didn't know where to post this question. I have one cleaner shrimp, and I never see him cleaning my fish. As I can see none of my fish have ick now, but should they get it will my shrimp start to eat the ick? Or maybe will he just stick to the regular fish food he finds? Just wondering.
  19. goofieones

    Should I add Caulerpa algae to tank for fish to eat?

    I found some place that sells Caulerpa algae and was wondering if it was a good idea to buy some and put it in my tank for my Regal Tang and maybe the Angel fish to eat. Has anyone done this?
  20. goofieones

    AquaC EV90 Skimmer?

    Well, I couldn't get my Berlin Turbo working right, it kept on leaking water....which wasn't a good thing. I have read that the Berlin are supposed to be good, but I didn't want to try another one. I was thinking about either a AquaC EV90, a CPR-SR4. I have a 72gal. Anyone have experiences...