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  1. ekclark

    courtney love

    Does this latest episode mean that we could be rid of this waste of skin forever? I cannot stand this hosebeast and I don't understand why this woman is still famous. To the judge who puts her away
  2. ekclark

    adding a naso w/a yellow tang

    I have been wanting to do just that. It is a 125, I have a 155 just waiting for when I move:yes: , but I think I want to add the naso sooner than later. I was wondering if a trick from my old cichlid days would work--before I add the new tang I would change all the rock work, do a water...
  3. ekclark

    agrocrete curing

    I just made my first batch of this stuff last night and I was wondering if anyone knows any tricks for the curing process? I am thinking I will just put it in a tub in the backyard and try to change the water every few days. I hear some thing about adding vinegar, but I have no idea what this...
  4. ekclark

    neon gobies

    Do these guys get a pass from other fish because they will clean? What I am trying to ask is...will other fish make these guys a snack? My tomato ate my yellow watchman goby (and tried to feed it to my colt:nope: ) and I am worried these little guys would suffer the same fate. Thanks.
  5. ekclark

    chicago area fish trade?

    I have a pair of fish, tomato clown and diadema (aka flashback grama), and I am looking to trade them for a different fish or something. They are both healthy and have great color, they just need to be with some more aggresive fish than I want now. I have had them both for two years. The...
  6. ekclark

    homework survey

    I had to write a lame survey for a research methods class and I was wondering if you all would take a look and tell me what you think. Be picky. 1)Do you currently run a protein skimmer? A. YesB. No 2)Do you currently have a refugium connected to your system? A. YesB. No 3)Do you grow macro...
  7. ekclark

    155 bowfront stand specs?

    Has anyone built their own for one of these? If so, I would love to see the specs! Just bought one from another member and need to make my own. Thanks.
  8. ekclark

    cleaning a ps2

    My ps2 is driving me crazy. It is three years old and doesn't work very well anymore. It won't play some brand new dvds and freezes on new games. The older games I don't even try. Is this just what happens when these get a few years old or can I take it apart and clean it? Anyone know how...
  9. ekclark

    xenia fuge keepers

    I am thinking of adding some xenia into my fuge for nitrate export...I have a 13 watt pc light over one of those cpr hang on refuges--do you think it will grow under that? It is only a few inches off the surface of the water. Will 24/7 lighting mess the coral up? How has this worked for...
  10. ekclark

    Dihydro monoxide in my tank!!!!

    I am kind of freaking out here...I know that this stuff is going to end up in our tanks--even r/o can't get it all, but I am getting concerned about its long term effects. In its pure form, it will kill everything in my system. It even has been known to cause tissue damage to people in its...
  11. ekclark

    mexican red legs

    Does anyone have these? From what I have read, they seem to be dream hermits. I am bidding on some on [hr] always a crap shoot--but what are people's thoughts on these guys? I wish swf sold them. Thanks
  12. ekclark

    leather shedding question

    I have a number of leathers in my 125 and I have read that some have a tank they move theirs to when they shed their slime coat. I have never done this--twice a week seems like a bit much to be moving a coral around--but I was wondering if anyone does? Has anyone ever had another coral killed...
  13. ekclark

    odd worm becomes food...

    I just noticed my tomato clown munching on a big fat worm. The think is brown, about 5 inches long, has little leg looking things on its side--too short to be legs, and has a head (or butt) shaped like an almond. Should I let them enjoy this snack or get it out of there? It doesn't look like a...
  14. ekclark

    reverse syphon

    I have just expirenced this for the first time, twice in two days, with my new sump. The return is the same as it was on my old tank, where I never had this problem. What causes this? Am I correct in thinking that drilling a hole on my return hose a little below the water will line will...
  15. ekclark

    cork a berlin?

    I have a new berlin protein skimmer and I have a quick question: With the two return holes, can I block one up? I was going to have the return hook up to a hose and go into my fuge, but the second hole allows the water to splash down and cause a lot of noise...has anyone corked one of these...
  16. ekclark

    mag drive screws?

    I hope that subject line wasn't misleading...I am actually writing about the screws on the unit. I just opened my mag 7, nice heavy little pump, and was a bit put off by the metal screws staring back at me. I assume they are stainless steel, but does anyone know? Should I remove this part of...
  17. ekclark

    u-tube plumbling question

    I am in the middle of changing my sump and the plumbing to it and I have a question: Is there any reason I cannot plumb my u-tube directly into the pipes bringing it to the sump? The model I have has an overflow box and the u-tube goes into the out of tank portion of it a few inches above the...
  18. ekclark

    how long in a rubbermaid tub?

    I currently have five fish, inverts, and my inverts in a 35 gallon rubbermaid tub with about 15 gallons of water in it. It has a bunch of lr, a heater, and a powerhead. My new tank I am changing into has not settled and I am worried about what that does to the testing of my water params. How...
  19. ekclark

    settling question

    I am planning on my big move tomorrow from my 75 gallon display to my 125...I obviously plan on doing a lot of testing and was wondering if all the sand and other particles can throw off some of my tests if they are still suspended in the water? I am thinking that alk, ph, sg and such will be...
  20. ekclark

    Rye Goby Question

    Rye, Imagine for a second I am at your fish shop...after you have emptied my pockest of all I was trying to steal and got past my "your wife is babe" comments--which goby would you suggest for me? I have a yellow tang, coral beauty, tomato clown, chromis, purple fire fish, full load of inverts...