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  1. pferboy

    banded eel

    i have a banded eel that i need to get rid of. he is getting to big for me. i am afraid that he will start to eat some of my smaller fish. he eats like a pig and is in great health. he is around 14" long.
  2. pferboy

    something on my majestic

    there is a couple of white blotches on one of the fins of my majestic. it is not ick. it is larger. it looks solid. and overnight has gotten larger. can't get a good pic. as soon as i do i will post it. he is new to my tank 2.5 weeks. eating good. i have been feeding food soked in...
  3. pferboy

    would 2 fish be ok?

    trying to get a mated pair of bangaii cards. i had 3 in my breeder tank. all males one was killed and i moved the smallest of the 2 remaining to my 10 gal reef tank. if i try to get 2 females. could i put a second in the 10 gal or would that be too many fish. it is a 10 gal w/5 gallon sump...
  4. pferboy

    banggai cardinal question?

    i have 2 banggai cards. one is always hiding in the corner. i will probably remove that one and put him in another tank. my question is, are these two both males? i have read up on the different sexes but not exactly sure. 1
  5. pferboy

    id critter

    found this guy on some new rock. i have no clue what he is. is he good? bad? anything?
  6. pferboy

    caulerpa problems

    everything but caulerpa is growing in my fuge. it keeps going sexual, after a week. lights 8watt power compact. low flow not sure exactly ? lights on 24/7 ph 8.2 am0 trates 15 trites 0 i have tried to iodine. feather caulerpa is growing 1/2in per day in my nano reef. lights on...
  7. pferboy

    bangaii cardinals

    i have been reading up on breeding banggai cardinals and was wondering if anyone knew of a place to order adult pairs on the internet.
  8. pferboy

    what brand of ro/di

    i am looking to buy a ro/di and was wondering what brand do most of you use? or what brand do you suggest? i would love to find a good one cheap, if anyone knows where to go or if anyone has a used one.
  9. pferboy

    soutdown in toledo

    has anyone found southdown in the toledo ohio or southeastern michigan area?
  10. pferboy

    a little help starting out

    i have had a fo tank for 3 yrs and i am now going to a reef. i thought i had everything prefect but my finger leather is looking poor and my acros are bleaching. please help. tank size 135 100#LR 60# aragonite i have vho lighting 4-bulbs 3 are 50/50 and 1 actinic one of the 50/50...
  11. pferboy

    hypo ick problem

    i have had problems with ick in my tank for more than a year. on dec. 2 i pulled all the fish out and put them in my qt tank and lowered the salinty. i took 7 days to lower it to 1.009 and checked the water everyother day. i even took water samples to my lfs to check everything and everthing...
  12. pferboy

    favorite thing about your tank?

    i am pretty new to this BB. i enjoy it very much. i would like to find out more about the people who are here, why do you love this hobby? so, i am posting the queston: what is your favorite thing about your tank? mine is finding new things in it that i have never seen before in my tank(a...
  13. pferboy

    just trying to put in a pic

    did it work?
  14. pferboy

    many questions about eels?

    i have already posted a couple of questions about eels and got great advice, but need some more info. will eels attack and kill most smaller fish? (clowns, gobies, small tangs, etc) do they attack corals? (colt, fox, polyps, sponge, etc) i have had a 135 gal tank running for 2 yrs. got a...
  15. pferboy

    can eels carry ich?

    well, can eels carry ich?:confused:
  16. pferboy

    keep eel from escaping

    i know eels will try to escape, so what is the best way to cover up the back of my glass tank? or is there a type of eel that is less likely to try to get out? does the size of the eel matter? let me know what works for you.
  17. pferboy

    vho bulbs

    i have two brand new 48" white aquasun vho bulbs. i received them as a gift from my mother who saw a lfs going out of business and she bought them for me. i have a 72" tank. i couldn't bring myself to tell her that they were the wrong size. if any one is interested in buying or trading...
  18. pferboy

    finally learning

    i first got a 75 gal sw tank 3 yrs ago. after a year i got a 135 gal tank. i started off just throwing fish in and lost alot. once i got my 135 i took my time with it and built it up till it was perfect. then i lost almost all my fish and since then i have had trouble keeping any fish. all...