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  1. gliderjohn

    Duct tape in the water column. Yes or No.

    The retaining ring in my canister filter that holds the impeller in place routinely comes lose every few days and causes a lot of noise and some bad vibrations. I have to dismantle the filter to tighten the retaining ring each time to get things going again. I can't afford to replace the filter...
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    Do Seahorses get narcolepsy?

    I'm so sorry for your loss, Sue.
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    What's Everyone Driving These Days??

    97 jeep wrangler (mine) 2004 Ford Taurus (wifey's) Both paid off!
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    So very sorry for both of you, Jenny. Our hearts are with you.
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    The one thing you would give it all up for.

    I give them all up to be able to retire someplace in the far reaches of AZ. off the grid, in a small solar, wind powered home with my nearest neighbors more than a mile away. but even then, I'd devise a way to have a least one tank....
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    The one thing you would give it all up for.

    Originally Posted by Cranberry If I could take my Dog's cancer away..... (from our hearts!)
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    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Not to mention there are a few of us here that would not take kindly to any mean or hateful words spoken to Jen. Many of us knew and talked with Tobin while he was fighting Cancer. Jen has become the little sister to the forum......There is a reason she never...
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    I Can't Read...

    I love to read. Mostly history, adventure and, occasionally, novels.
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    Originally Posted by AquaKnight I don't think so, I definitely use 'wifey' from time to time... ditto.
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    Gliderjohns Whale Trip

  11. gliderjohn

    Gliderjohns Whale Trip

    And this is what I came home to...... And what's worse, we spent yesterday working on fixing the frag tank, and doing water changes and cleaning up the QT tank. Just as I was finishing up with the QT, she put her hand in it and got zapped again!!! This time she had rubber soled shoes on, so it...
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    Check One Off the Bucket List (part 1)

    Originally Posted by kikithemermaid That looks amazing! I'm a marine bio major and am so jealous. You would have loved it. We had two whale naturalists onboard. In the evenings they would give slide presentations that were very informative. In the tenders, they would explain behaviors we were...
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    Check One Off the Bucket List (part 1)

    Originally Posted by DragonZim Would you mind letting us know the cost of a trip like that? Sure. Happy to share. One week Whale trip with Aquatic Adventures 7 day expeditions - $2,695/person port and sanctuary charge - $150/person cruising and fuel surcharge -$200/person suggested gratuity...
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    Check One Off the Bucket List (part 1)

    Originally Posted by Eric B 125 i spent two weeks at the dominican at the riu palace, and there was a ship wreck just like that right off the shore. i got blasted drinking brugal and rented a kayak to go check it out and when i got close i realized how much farther from shore it really was...
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    Check One Off the Bucket List (part 1)

    This one was a singer, we stayed with him for about a half hour as he would come up to take a breath and go down to about 40 ft. to sing. It would resonate right through you. A baby checking me out... More surface activity... Look closely at this pic.... These are two roudy males fighting...
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    Check One Off the Bucket List (part 1)

    Hi gang, After 7 years of dreaming and 1 year of planning, I just got back from a week of snorkeling with humpback whales on the Silver Banks 80 miles off the coast of the Dominican Republic (hence my avatar!) I thought you might like to see some pics (I hope so, anyway.....) This was home for...
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    Middle Age Crisis?

    Now that the kids have grown, it's the things I want to do instead of the things I want to own. Working on my bucket list!
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    They're Here

    Originally Posted by TeresaQ I know the plastic plants dont really look good, but there are some nice coral replicas that can be used as hitches and they come in nice bright colors. I like them more then plastic plants. T Surprisingly, the tacky plastic plant trick seemed to work. Yesterday...
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    They're Here

    I'll be doing a waterchange tomorrow. I'll try to get a FT shot then. Gotta spruce up the tank...