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  1. keeshcarm

    Clown eggs on the anemone's rock instead of the tile

    My clowns have been breeding for months. Finally have everything set up for raising babies, gazillion rotifers ready, and the time to spend caring for them. The happy couple keep moving the tile away and laying on the live rock. I thought ok I will just move rock and most...
  2. keeshcarm

    Preventing contamination of other tanks with ******?

    I'm hoping the experts can answer these questions. I have not been able to find this info elsewhere. How can you be sure not to spread ****** to other tanks? Can it attach itself to your skin while seeking a host? Can they attach to an object placed in a tank? And if so, which I believe I read...
  3. keeshcarm

    Puffers immune to ich?

    My LFS told me my puffer and my leopard wrasse are not likely to get ich. Is this true?
  4. keeshcarm

    Microscopic pics of Ich

    I can't get the entire parasite in the camera view but here are parts of what I believe are ich. I have had this tang in Hypo since July 14. I have a new calibrated refractometer and his tank is at 1.008. Why won't these creeps fall off? I am going to lose this purple tang! Today he is showing...
  5. keeshcarm

    QT cycle problems

    I have 4- 20gal QT's that I am having a terrible time maintaining cycle in hypo. I only have 1 tang in each (less than 3 in). I have lost one tang already because of Nitrite, and my Angel. I have to do big water change on them daily to keep nitrite down. I do the water change after I feed...
  6. keeshcarm

    Corals Bleaching

    Some of my corals have started bleaching after I used a jug of KickIck. That is the only change I have done other than changing to halides. There are no fish in the tank, all are still in Hypo. I did acclimate the corals to the halides, had to move a couple also. Of course water temps have...
  7. keeshcarm

    Safe to dump pods in QT?

    I have purchased numerous packs of pods from SWF to keep my Mandarin fed just in case while he was in the DT... Now he is in QT and refuses to eat anything I offer. I can purchase him pods but with all the liquid they come in is it safe to dump all that green water in the QT? He is in the 20g...
  8. keeshcarm

    Is there a picture sticky for plant ID?

    Is there a place on this board where there are pictures of plants and algae for identification? That would be great for many of us rookies.
  9. keeshcarm

    Is this Lymphocystis?

    She is in hypo with 4 others for mild ick..Now her spots are growing. None fell off in hypo or dips.
  10. keeshcarm

    Can I divide the bag?

    I purchased a large container of phosphate, silicate,heavy metals ect..remover. I thought it would be divided into several bags but it came all in one big bag. Instructions say not to open bag and divide. Why not, if it is mixed well? What is the risk? My tanks are 72, 55, & 35 gal.....not 200...
  11. keeshcarm

    Scientific name for Glass Goblet

    I have aquired a beautiful Glass Goblet I need to look up proper care info on. Can anyone tell me the scientific name for these beautiful corals? My coral book does not list common names. thanks
  12. keeshcarm

    Where can I put my Mandarin?

    New here..Wow, wonderful site for info! I spend hours on here just reading and learning. I have removed all the fish from my DT to put them in hypo. I'm going to let it sit for a couple months. It is full of corals ect.. I just can't get a mild ick problem to go away for good. I had the tank...