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  1. byrself

    stop the confussion!!! I need advice on acheiving and maintaining calcium, alk, and

    raising alk too fast can cause stress on fish... be careful with those additives!
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    OT: news story - interesting..

    some bull sharks have been spotted in a freshwater/brackish lake near the new orleans area. i didn't know sharks could live in fresh water for extended periods also according to the article. click here to read.. <a href=""...
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    OT: God bless us all!

    <img src="graemlins//angel.gif" border="0" alt="[angel]" />
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    Distilled water myth

    i've been using bottled distilled for months now, and am so pleased i did. since the switch, i've had no nuisance algae probs, or any other water related probs. i get 3 gallon cases from walmart for about a dollar and a half. works fine for me, but i have small tanks. i was skeptical about...
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    need more info on xenia propogating

    <a href="" target="_blank">xenia prop</a> :)
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    Best solution for hair algae?

    obviously, imo, the best way to rid of hair algae is to cut off it's fuel. either overfeeding, underskimming, dirty filters, phosphates from source water, or excess nutrients from some supplements can all be causes. one or more than one. i'd say look at what you are doing with your tank, and...
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    Best Anemone for Clowns?

    anemones can be a pain around corals also. if you plan on keeping corals in your tank, you may want to stay away from them, or at least go with ones that don't tend to move around so much. also, be very sure of what kind of anemone you are buying, because stores have a tendency to mislabel...
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    OT: What's Your Favorite Quote/Saying?

    Originally posted by Demosthenes: <strong>Great quotes, but was just wondering what this means. I have an idea, but not totally sure. </strong><hr></blockquote> sounds like something out of the godfather, or the sopranos... :D
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    I'm going to try a mini reef!

    shoot, and here i've been feeling bad because i got a 20g...hehe =)
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    please id this critter

    what kind of algae are they eating??
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    First Pictures of my 55

    definitely looks great.. if you have adequate filtration and no problems of harrassment between the fish, i don't see a prob. most of his fish are smaller varieties.. jmo. :)
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    DSB negatives

    i agree with both sides to a point. i think it does matter what all you are keeping in the tank, and other factors as well. i currently don't have a dsb, but i'm planning on setting up my next tank with a dsb. or at least run a dsb in my sump, with just generous amounts in the main tank...
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    30 second video of my reef

    i think you might have some luck with (i think), you can somehow broadcast it on there. i never tried it but someone else on the board uses it. can't remember who though right off hand. anyway, i think you could email it only to people who have larger mailboxes. 7 megs is a big...
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    Flat out, isn't this just the greatest hobby?

    definitely the coolest hobby, i'm going to look at buying a tank later this evening, and i can't sleep cause i'm too excited! :D it's a 65g,... WOOHOO! :)
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    Which Have You Had Better Experiences with??

    i agree with fshhub, mechanical and chemical filters can come in handy at times, but aren't really needed.
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    seachem reef carbonate users..

    that sounds interesting blondenaso, hopefully you will figure something out using both types. i'm thinking its only with the reef carbonate, and not the calcium or any other product. just a hunch i came up with. sure would be nice to have a lab set up to do some experiments with it :D my...
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    UV sterilizers for a reef tank?

    seems like it would be good for a quarantine or hospital tank, but i wouldn't use it on the reef full time. i would rather preserve any live food source i can provide for my corals, fish, etc. jmo though. your choice. :)
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    When snails die?

    you still run the risk of an ammonia spike. you wouldn't pull a dead fish out the water? your system is only stable to the part of the loads its use to. if you add another live fish, even that will cause your system to change. jmo.
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    water parameters for coral

    might want to let some current run over them for a couple days. they should be blown off from time to time anyway. jmo.
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    Not a good night!

    right, but the ammonia and nitrates can be coming in with the tap water, so doing a water change with the same water will not change much, cause you may be adding it back in. also, relax on adding any supplements for a few days if you are adding them. til your water gets chemically right...