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  1. jim27

    Anyone run a large aggressive tank with a skimmer only?

    Anyone done this before? No wet/dry or anything, just ls, a little lr, and a big skimmer?
  2. jim27

    A couple of videos of my tank

    I was messing around with the movie function of the new digital camera I got today and took these. #1 #2 I hope you like them.
  3. jim27

    The 180 gallon bamboo/horn shark tank

    I'm bored tonight so I thought "why not snap a few pics to share on good old" So here they are..... The tank.
  4. jim27

    WTB: AquaC EV-180 skimmer or an equivilant

    I'm looking for a GOOD skimmer that can handle around 200+ gallons. It has to fit in a 24" stand(which is why I asked for a AquaC EV-180). Email me or post here with the price. EDIT- nevermind about the 24" stand part
  5. jim27

    Fish suggestions for an 18g tall nano

    I upgraded my 10g to an 18T the other day. I was going to do a 20 but I had no room(the 18T has the same foot print as the 10)I was thinking maybe a six-line wrasse and something else small to go along with the clown, maybe a royal gramma or something. Any suggestions?
  6. jim27

    Skimmer for a 300g?

    Whats a good skimmer for a 300g? I'm upgrading later this year and I need to buy a new one. I'd like one thats not too expensive also. btw, I want one that can actually handle a 300g with sharks in it, not one merely rated for 300g.
  7. jim27

    FS: NEW Wet/Dry + Overflow

    I've had this wet/dry for 2 weeks(I bought it brand new). I bought it and realized I have no room for it so I'm selling it. It comes with everything in the pic all it needs is a the "U" tube,return pump and line, and bioballs. I am including the name, number, and email address of the maker (whom...
  8. jim27

    Updated tank pics(2 new acro colonies and a green brain)

    I had a heat problem while I was on vacation(my mom forgot to turn on the a/c) which resulted in two dead frogspawn. They were both stinkin like hell so I threw them out. The tank looked bare so I added 2 small acro colonies, a green brain and a new hagen 201 ph(not in the pic). Check out the...
  9. jim27

    Who uses double-ended HQI halides?

    Just curious. They're always talked about over a -- and are used by a number of people there but I've actually never even seen them mentioned here except in my posts and I'm the only one I know of here that uses them. Anyone else use them? Or are you all sworn to you moguls. :p
  10. jim27

    Breeding fish..... Who's done it before?

    Have any of you had your fish breed in your tank(accidentally or on purpose)? If so what kind? Also has any mixed breeding(I doubt it)?
  11. jim27

    Is this a good price for a custom made glass tank?

    I called a place near me about a 72Lx36Wx18H(about 202 gallons) glass tank for my bamboo sharks. The price they gave me was $725.25 for the tank and $340 for a 3ft tall stand($300 for a 2ft stand). This is A LOT cheaper than the same tank made out of acrylic(it came to about $1500-$1600). Is...
  12. jim27

    Good scratch remover kits?

    What scratch remover kit would you recommend(it has to work under water). My lfs has a Rainbow Lifegaurd kit. Is it any good? Anyone used it (or any other kind) before?
  13. jim27

    Pics of my new crocea clam and montipora(i think) and a question.

    I got my 1st SPS frag(I think its some kind of montipora) today as well as a 2" baby crocea clam. The clam is in the sandbed with a small rock underneath it for it to attach to. Should I super glue the sps frag onto a rock? Right now its sitting on a rock and leaning against the glass. Pics:
  14. jim27

    My 10g nano under the new 20k Ushio

    My upgrade to metal halide is finally done. Here's my 10g under the new 150w "HQI" 20k Ushio bulb. I LOVE the blue color of this bulb. Its a lot brighter than I thought. The color and shimmer of it is 100 times better than the PC's. The pic came out kinda dark for some reason though. The corals...
  15. jim27

    For Sale: 2x36 watt PC hood, great for a 10 gallon

    I'm selling my 2x36watt hood(used on my 10 gallon nano reef) now that I got my light upgrade. With this hood you can keep any softies and lps you want and even some lower light sps. It comes with two bulbs(10k and blue) and the whole setup is only 4 monthes old so the bulbs still have a lot of...
  16. jim27

    I have a lighting question(20,000k or 10k with actinic)

    I got my new light setup today, 150w DE HQI pendent system. Would it be better to just get a 20,000k ushio bulb and hang the pendant over the tank(10g) or build a hood and retrofit some pc actinics to suppliment the 10k ushio and cut a whole in the top for the pendent. I'd rather just get the...
  17. jim27

    70w HQI mh. Is it enough for a clam?

    I'm pretty sure it is but I want to be 100% sure. I really like the maxima's I've seen and would like one of them for my 10g nano. And yes I know it will outgrow the tank in time. I'm thinking of getting PFO mini pendant.
  18. jim27

    ***Updated pics of my 10 gallon***

    I've rearanged the tank quite a bit and added some new corals since last time I posted pics(these pics are alot clearer too). Tank info is in my sig. Enjoy the pics! <a href="" target="_blank">red mushrooms(my favorite coral)</a> <a...
  19. jim27

    Anybody here heard of/used the PowerQuad Prism Pendent?

    It houses an 18" 96 watt PC smartbulb and has the same output a 175 watt metal halide and is cheaper too. <a href="http://www.**************.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?siteid=7&pCatId=3874" target="_blank">click here </a>
  20. jim27

    (sorta OT) Can anyone recommend a good digital camera around $300

    My neighbors camera is kinda crappy and takes fuzzy pics. I want a good one of my own that takes clear good looking pics. I can spend around $300, what would you recommend?