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  1. tiffster

    Coral ID please

    Hi! I have had this coral for a while but I don't have a clue what kind it is. It started off about the size of a dime if not smaller and over a year or so it has grown quite a bit. It is even attaching its self to the back wall of the aquarium. Hope one of you knows what it is!
  2. tiffster

    Finally got a digital camera! Woo hoo!

    I haven't been here in a while, so first of all HI! I finally got a good digital camera and wanted to share some pics. They aren't that great, but I'm getting the hang of it and I have some new lenses coming in very soon!
  3. tiffster

    New Mandarins!!!!I

    I just got a mated pair of mandarins:joy: ! Just thought I would share! I have been waiting for theses guys for two years!!! I got really lucky!
  4. tiffster

    testing avatar

    Just seeing if my avatar works.
  5. tiffster

    Finally- some pictures!

    The quality is bad, but hey, whatever:)
  6. tiffster

    Selling brand new MH ballast and fixtures

    I am selling my brand new (still in the box) Blue wave magnetic ballast and fixtures. I bought them for my birthday, but I cannot find a hood or get someone to build one for me so I am going to go with VHO's. Anyway, it's a Blue wave II remote magnetic ballast that will run TWO 250 watt MH...
  7. tiffster

    Olympus C-750 vs. Cannon G5 (or G3)

    Having trouble choosing between these two. Does anyone have an opinion? And maybe a picture taken with the Olympus C-750? Thanks, Tiff P.S. I'm going to use it mainly to take pics of my tanks.
  8. tiffster

    OT: Need help from foreign students

    I have an unusual request . My Immunology professor gives us these lovely information technology assignments through out the semester and I need a little help with this one. Here's the assignment quoted from my syllabus: "Using e-mail, contact a university student in another country and...
  9. tiffster

    Green Star Polyps

    I haven't been able to get a good solid answer about flow requirements for GSPs. I've read/heard both low and high, so I was hoping that some of you guys could tell me where you keep yours, so I can make mine happy!! I have them in fairly high flow now and they open, but aren't doing as well...
  10. tiffster

    Red Branching Algae

    I have this red branching algae that is taking over my best tank. I need to know what eats it. I have red legs, blue legs, an emerald crab, and astrea snails and they aren't touching it. Any idea what else might eat it? It's starting to take over a few of my corals, so I'm panicking. I...
  11. tiffster

    Rejuvinating an open brain

    Today I got a yellow/green open brain that the guy at the LFS was about to throw away. It looks fine except for a small patch that looks like something took a bite out of it. I figured I would try to nurse it back. (i've had excellent luck with my friends plate coral.) Anyway, I figured give...
  12. tiffster

    MH distance from water surface?

    I was wondering how close to the water's surface I could keep 250 watt metal halides. I've heard and read 4-12 inches, but that's a pretty wide range. I was thinking I could keep them closer if I used glass in between. Just need some input so I can get my canopy and get everything moved into...
  13. tiffster

    Should I keep him?

    About a year ago a customer brought me a tiny Seargeant (sp?) major damsel is an Arby's cup and tried to sell it to me. Long story short, I ended up taking it home for free and putting him in my tank. (He came from a tide pool at the beach, the dude wouldn't take him back and I couldn't leave...
  14. tiffster

    Need and ID

    I found three brown oval shaped sacks along the water line in my 55 this morning and I was wondering what they were. They were trailing right behind a snail so I 'm thinking snail eggs. They are pointed on both ends ( kinda like a marquis cut diamond ) only the top point is attached to the...
  15. tiffster

    And yet another kalk question........

    okay, I'm about to mix my first batch of kalk and I have a really dumb question. Do you stir it up or do you just pour the powder in and let it be? Don't be too hard on me. Tiff
  16. tiffster


    Okay, my husband wants me to research the cost of buying and maitaining an RO/DI unit instead of buying water and carrying 50-60 lb gas cans up a flight of stairs. (not fun) I have found a really good price on a unit, but I cant find prices on replacement cartridges. It will need as follows...
  17. tiffster

    Mini star fish for refugium

    Hi. I would like some mini brittle stars for my refugium. I anyone has them let me know. Maybe we could trade or something. Thanks Tiffany
  18. tiffster

    Is there anyway?

    Okay, so I got a tank raised clown (false perc) last Thursday and it died Friday of Brokynella. You guys probably remember the thread. Anyway, what I'm wondering is how does a tank raised clown get Brokynella. I told the owner of the LFS that it died and of what and he pretty much called me a...
  19. tiffster

    Strontium and Magnesium

    hi guys. I was just wondering how many of you dose strontium and magnesium? Depending on what you guys post, I am going to order test kits for them and the additives too. Don't wanna waste my $$$. Thanks, Tiffany
  20. tiffster

    Please help me!!!!!

    I got a tank raised clown yesterday from the LFS. He ate brine shrimp last night ad was checking me out through the glass. Everything seemed fine. This morning I woke up and his right fin is clamped and he has a stringy fungus looking stuff hanging off his right side. He is in a 55 gallon...