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  1. draconis321

    Sexing a Niger Trig

    how do you --- a niger trigger??
  2. draconis321

    Manti vs Octo

    ok if there was a fight bettween a mantis and an octo of the same size who do you think would win??
  3. draconis321

    Show me your sumps plz!!!

    I'm plannig to make a sump on my 125 gal take i've already figure out the "mechanics" but it would realy help me in the planning if i could see some pics of some already setup sumps
  4. draconis321

    Show me your sumps plz

    hey guys im planning on setting up sump for my 125 gal tank ive got the gist of it but i'd like to see some pics of sump so i Can plan it out better any help would be much appreciated
  5. draconis321


    I was looking in to breeding some fish/inverts and i was wondering what r easy to breed other than clown fish and how do i get it going??
  6. draconis321

    Hair Algea !!!!!

    how do I get rid of it
  7. draconis321

    making a 125 reef

    ok i've got this 125 fowlr and im planing to make it in to a reef i have a 65 reef already and im going to tranfer the stuf in there in to the 125 and i was looking in to a calcuim reactor what does it do and how? do i need a sump?
  8. draconis321

    It hatched!!!!

    My shark hatched from it's egg today SO AWSOME I named it Kiba (which means white fang) here are the pics
  9. draconis321

    shark won't hatch

    So ive had this shark egg for about a month and a half and it still hasn't hatched should i cut it out?should I tkae it of the clip
  10. draconis321

    Royal angel with head and lateral line detioration $30.00 worth it ?

    So i was givin a rolay angel they said they only paid 30 because of thedisease it's got and all he needs are some vitamins which i'm am currenttly feed and putting in the water I was wondering wether it's worth it?
  11. draconis321

    Glass, plastic... safe

    So in my tank i have barely any sand bed but I want a plate coral so I had the idea of filling a container with sand and putting it in they rocks some where and covering the container with rocks so it look like the rock are holding in the sand I was wondering wether this idea was good or am i...
  12. draconis321

    green wolf eel

    I recently got a green wolf eel ( so awsome) he's in a big one twenty five but I was wondering about how big they get? width and length?can you put other eels with them? i'l try get some pics but mines still getting use to me but for an eel he's very friendly
  13. draconis321

    anenome split in 2 !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    my yellow bubble tipe anenome split in tow but both peices seem to be fine is this normal
  14. draconis321

    funny video of pistol shrimp

    check this out guys it's not hilarius but it made me chuckle
  15. draconis321

    skimmer brands???

    is coral life a decent brand or does it suck
  16. draconis321

    uv light pureafier... good or bad ???

    so I got one of those turbo twist uv light pureafier for my tank then all of sudden my water turned green whats up
  17. draconis321

    hair algea

    how do i get rid of It and what eats it
  18. draconis321

    fuge ???

    Ok so I has a 125 and it's pretty much set up 220 skimmer filtration good enogh for a 350 gal tank uv light pureafier Should I add a fuge plus what is it and what dose it do? help
  19. draconis321

    I finally got a mantis shrimp

    I've been trying to get one forever it's green and it's smasher (for those of u who don't no there are 2 types of mantis smashers and spearers) but it's not a peacock mantis i named him/her/it? Kiko it seem wrong not to name something so intelligent back at the lfs I put my finger on the glass...
  20. draconis321

    Post pics of ur fav inverts

    I've always wanted to see whta type of inverts everyone else has