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  1. angelofish

    Can zoos be cut?

    Can I cut some zoos I have growing in the back of my tank and glue them to another rock? Would they be ok?
  2. angelofish

    Coral eating slugs

    I bought a nice clove polyp coral about a month ago that seemed fine at the time. The coral lost its polyps since then. Today I took it out and examined it and found a bunch of greyish slugs all over the coral. I gave the coral a freshwater dip and plucked out all the slugs(I think). What else...
  3. angelofish

    Q for snail experts.

    I think turbos had babies. I have a lot of small snails with brown,snake patterned shells.Could they be turbos?I think it was 2 sets of babies because some are tiny and barely noticeable. Theyre all over the place when the daylights shut off. My tank is spotless. I also noticed what I think are...
  4. angelofish

    Best mag float for a 55gal.

    Im getting ready to get a new mag float. I bought a small one years ago and its not strong enough. It keeps seperatating if I move it too fast. Should I get the medium or the large. I want it to be real strong and I know for a fact that the large is super strong on a 90 gal. Which do you use on...
  5. angelofish

    Quick Emperor filter question.

    Does anyone with an Emperor filter have metal rods on their bio wheels? Mine do an I think it might be affecting my tank. One of them is corroded and that can't be good for the tank.I think :notsure:
  6. angelofish

    Sunday nite 12pk

  7. angelofish

    Can I use brass fittings?

    Ive been waiting 2 weeks for a certain company to send me a replacement fitting for my RO unit. I found a replacement but its brass. Can I still use it?
  8. angelofish

    How to RO

    Ok.I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. How do I know Ive set up my RO correctly. I have it running right now so I can ditch the 1st ten gallons like the instruction state. The RO is on a slow drip and the waste water line seems to be flow about the same rate as it going in to the unit from...
  9. angelofish

    X-mas gift help

    What's a good digital cam for about $200.I'm considering the Olympus - 5.0MP Digital Camera FE-110 or the Fuji - FinePix 5.2MP Digital Camera A350. Thanks in advance.
  10. angelofish

    R.O. unit blues.

    After being in this hobby for a couple of years I finally got an RO unit. The problem is one of the fittings was broken in the membrane housing. I contacted the company that makes the unit and was told they would ship a replacement .That was a week ago and nothings come in the mail.I e-mailed...
  11. angelofish

    Quick fungus question

    Will doing a freshwater dip kill fungus on a clown?
  12. angelofish

    Help with sick Perc. Clown

    I bought a nice chubby true Percula last friday nite and it hasn't eaten yet. It was still very active and I thought it would come around. Today it hangs out in the same area and swims up and down. Hes also a little thinner.I also noticed a greyish bump near his gill. I acclimated him correctly...
  13. angelofish

    Quick RO unit question

    My RO unit came in today:jumping:.Do I leave the faucet on low flow,medium, or full blast? Thanx in advance for the help.
  14. angelofish

    Free inverts?

    EDIT: Nevermind. I just realized how I goofed.
  15. angelofish

    Just a thought

    Now I'm no "rocket surgeon" or "brain scientist" :hilarious so bear with me.Why do you have to replace the whole power filter impeller when the rubber ends wear out? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to replace the endcaps? Do they even sell them by themselves? :notsure:
  16. angelofish

    ? for Emp.400 users

    I run a used Emperor 400 on my tank. It used to make a slight clicking noise since day one. Ive replaced the impellar, flow box and the intake tube. I now have a very light buzzing sound. Is this its normal operating sound or is it supposed to be completely silent? Thanks in advance for any info.
  17. angelofish

    Target feedings

    How often should I target feed my polyps for fast noticible growth?(yellow,browns,plate) I really want my yellows to take off.Ive had them for awhile and the dont multiply. I started using coralife target food and frozen brine so far. Thanx
  18. angelofish

    Snail ID please.

    Those anyone know what kind are these?Theyre black skinned. Any help appreciated.
  19. angelofish

    Colt dying?Should I trash it?

    For 2 straight days now my colt has been closed up. :mad: It doesnt look like its "sleeping"it looks more like a deflated ballon. If I fan it in the water tiny bits come off. Should I just yank and trash it? Is there a chance it could come back? Thanx for any help.
  20. angelofish

    Snails for cooking?

    I was at an asian market to pick up some nori.Ive never been here before and the place has a seafood section kinda like a fish market. They had what looked like margarita snails on ice.Could they be alive? Wouldnt they smell bad like when you find a dead one in your tank? I was almost tempted to...