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  1. gliderjohn

    Duct tape in the water column. Yes or No.

    The retaining ring in my canister filter that holds the impeller in place routinely comes lose every few days and causes a lot of noise and some bad vibrations. I have to dismantle the filter to tighten the retaining ring each time to get things going again. I can't afford to replace the filter...
  2. gliderjohn

    Check One Off the Bucket List (part 1)

    Hi gang, After 7 years of dreaming and 1 year of planning, I just got back from a week of snorkeling with humpback whales on the Silver Banks 80 miles off the coast of the Dominican Republic (hence my avatar!) I thought you might like to see some pics (I hope so, anyway.....) This was home for...
  3. gliderjohn

    With apologies to Don Henley and the Eagles

    The other day as Dori (Jeanheckle) and I were out running errands, one of the Eagles greatest hits began playing from her MP3 player. As I listened to the tune, another set of lyrics began to form in my mind - one that seemed to precisely describe her (and, uh, my) new found addiction. Sung to...
  4. gliderjohn

    Woman jailed for "killing" virtual spouse

    It was the headline that captured my attention...
  5. gliderjohn

    The Bailout helps Wallstreet but not people in foreclosure.

    Very sad story.
  6. gliderjohn

    Anyone Out There a Red Cross Trainer?

    I'm sick of my job and am looking for something else to do. Something that would both benefit people and something I would enjoy. I recently took a Red Cross CPR course to get re-certified. Half way through the course I realized that I have the skills to do the job and believe I would enjoy...
  7. gliderjohn


    I just added a second true perc to my tank. The original is not taking it well. We bought a smaller perc who was already in a tank with another larger one so we assumed it would be male. The original perc has already taken a chunk out of his fin. Is there any way to acclamate them? Any help...
  8. gliderjohn

    Sick Angel

    I already posted under odd behavior, but now that the angel is in QT we were able to get a closer look at him. His pec fins are ripped to shreds and I can't tell if that is ICH or not. We just started treating with an anti bacterial. Is there any hope for this guy. Can a fish recover from his...
  9. gliderjohn

    1st it was Alien Abduction; Now the Blob(s)

    I just looked behind my tank and saw these things in my skimmer! Can anyone tell me what they are? (I assume they have something to do with the snails in my CUC). What do I do with them? Do I need to get them out? BTW - my dotty's still doing great and just about ready to go into the DT.
  10. gliderjohn

    This was just too bizarre!!

    I had a new royal dottyback just finishing it's 1st week in QT. QT is 10 gal. with a heater, small hob filter, and a few pieces of PVC. It has a lid on it, but not a tight fitting lid. I didn't think this would be a problem since I didn't read anything about the dottyback being a jumper. Early...
  11. gliderjohn

    New fish in QT/Ammonia up

    I recently set up a 10 gl. QT tank and cycled it with a cocktail shrimp. Ammonia & Nitrite were 0 and, after a 25% water change, Nitrates were 15. Last Friday, 1 and 1/2 weeks after the cycle completed, I purchased a bi-color psuedochromis and put him in the QT. Tuesday eve I tested the water...
  12. gliderjohn

    Going Crazy

    Please help!! Our fish keep disappearing. We have a 46 Gallon reef tank, with about 60 pounds of live Fiji and Tonga rock. Parameters are good: Nitrite=0 Nitrate=10 amonian=0 phosphate=0 We have assorted crabs, snails and 3 shrimp. Fish are continuing to disappear. The only one who has continued...
  13. gliderjohn

    Wrasse Update Help Please

    My 6 line wrasse seems to be getting worse. I now have him in a QT tank, he is in just laying in a piece of pipe. He still eats when food is offered but stays upside down. I added an antibacterial medication. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong?
  14. gliderjohn

    6 line wrasse swimming sideways

    I have a six line wrasse in a 46 gallon reef tank. He has been in the tank for over a month and has been doing great. Last night I noticed he is hiding in his rock and when he comes out he is swimming sideways. He still eats when I put food in the tank. All water levels are good although Nitrate...
  15. gliderjohn

    A Smoggy Day in L.A.

    That's what my tank looks like! I can't get the tank to clear! Tank specs - 46gal. BF, with 45 lbs of LR. 2" Aragonite SB., Coralife Super Skimmer 65, Aquafuge2 refugium w/ 3" SB and Cheato, T5ho lighting. Parameters - tank cycled after two weeks (that was 3 weeks ago), Ammonia - 0, Nitrites -...
  16. gliderjohn

    Eggcrate Canopy Question

    I've just fitted an eggcrate lens cover to the top of my tank. With the lights on it gives off a very strong glare if you're standing and looking at the tank. I'm thinking of spray painting it black to reduce the glare. Would there be any reason that this would not be a good idea?
  17. gliderjohn

    CUC Questions

    I added a CUC yesterday consisting of 5 Mexican Turbos, 10 small astreas, 10blue leg hermits and 3 peppermint shrimp. LFS suggested I wait on getting Nassarius until I begin to add fish - probably in a couple of weeks. They all acclimated well and went right to work on the algae. (One hermit...
  18. gliderjohn

    Bubbles, BUBBLES!!!

    Please help. My tank has been up for almost a month and I am having a continuing problem with (you guessed it!) bubbles. 1st it was my Aquafuge2. The return was putting bubbles into the DT. I bought somesort of netting sock from Aquafuge to put over it - it is 99% better. Then I got my Coralife...
  19. gliderjohn

    What are These???

    My 46 bf has just finished cycling and I'm preparing to do a 40% water change tomorrow. I was just looking at the LR - there is green and purple algae beginning to grow on them. But as I was looking at the rock, I saw some little critter running around on it!! It's about 1/4 in. in size and...
  20. gliderjohn

    Sand Depth and Other Questions

    I have 45 lbs LR in my 46 BF. Last night I added 55 lbs. aragonite sand. Tonight the tank is about 85% clear. Does the sand bed need to be a uniform depth or can it vary? I haven't adjusted the sand yet. The depth ranges from 1" to 2" on average. In a couple of areas it's as deep as about 3...