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  1. monalisa

    Freshwater and marine fish swimming together!

    Ugh...that poor seahorse
  2. monalisa

    The Water Change Club

    46 gallon bowfront...last Sunday I did a 6 gallon I did a 4 gallon change. I aim to do an approximate 10% change every weekend. This usually ends up being more like every 2-3 weeks...gotta open up a whoppin' COWA (can of whoop ass) and get things done... when they're SUPPOSED to...
  3. monalisa

    New powerheads...hope is this will help

    Hmmmm...any opinions on my plan? Yes? No? Please let me know. Lisa
  4. monalisa

    Calcium vs. Kalkwasser

    Actually, my switch was FROM Instant Ocean to Oceanic salt...considerable difference!! You'll notice after the third water least that's been my experience. Lisa
  5. monalisa

    Calcium vs. Kalkwasser

    Just an FYI, I've had GREAT luck with upping my calcium (AND my coraline algae growth) by simply switching to Oceanic salt mix for my water changes. But, I'm not really one to use supplements in my tank...makes me nervous. Sounds like you're doing great though, just thought I would throw this...
  6. monalisa

    New powerheads...hope is this will help

    As I've posted in a previous thread, I'm at the tail end of cleaning up a nasty algae, majano anenomes, red flat worms...where the HECK did all of that come from??? Anyway...majanos are pretty much under control...I saw 2 in the tank that will bite the dust tomorrow after work...
  7. monalisa

    Lawnmower blenny

    Originally Posted by Flower What about a Kole tang? They eat hair algae and regular fish food. Mmmmm, no tangs here...I only have a 46 gallon bow front tank. Thanks though. I'll keep researching. I can't really add anything all too soon anyway, because I just added a gorgeous coral beauty...
  8. monalisa

    Lawnmower blenny

    Thanks for all the replies. I don't think I'm going to attempt a lawnmower blenny if there's a chance that 1) he won't help get rid of the hair algae and 2) if it's difficult to keep him fed after the outbreak has been taken care of. Onward and upward. Thanks again!! Lisa
  9. monalisa

    Help me find my perfect fishies!

    Originally Posted by fishfreak24 I think I'm going to buy 3 green chromis, a yellow tang, and 2 firefish gobies sometime next week. Wow, that's a LOT of fish to add at once. My advice to you regarding adding your new fish would be to add the 3 green chromis...wait 2-3 weeks...add your yellow...
  10. monalisa

    Lawnmower blenny

    I'm at the end process of getting a hair algae outbreak under control in my 46gal bowfront reef tank. The outbreak began in my tank when I "upgraded my lighting from 14,000k halides to my T5 HO set up. Slow process getting rid of that stuff!! I noticed that has lawnmower blennies for...
  11. monalisa

    will the clone fit?

    I feel the need to chime in regarding this as well. I had the same problem with the seaclone overflowing the cup...a number of times, gave it every chance I could, but I would come home from work to a soaked carpet for no reason The skimmer I have now is a HOB CPR bakpak, the best I've...
  12. monalisa

    Please Id to help end debate

    Just got rid of a bunch of those buggers in my tank with my water change today. I also used Joe's juice...seems like pretty good stuff. I see I have a couple more that need to be zapped...little stinkers!! Lisa
  13. monalisa


    It's also my understanding that properly aimed power heads (which it sounds like you haven't had) will help considerably with the cyano. I would go that route rather than adding chemicals to the tank. Go slowly and things will happen. Lisa
  14. monalisa

    BakPak2 and BUBBLES

    Originally Posted by meowzer I'm really glad you had no problems...especially since I recommended it to you :) I really have no clue what is wrong with mine...right now I put a piece of foam inside the outtake thing. It seems to be working for the moment Is that a CPR bakpak? If so, I have...
  15. monalisa

    Clownfish acting like Nemo????

    Originally Posted by ryenye Well, before I could fix the problem, I got home yesterday and found both of them lying on the floor behind the aquarium. I guess they missed the overflow this time :( pretty bummed. Oooo, that stinks. Be sure next time to have some egg crate cut to size over your...
  16. monalisa

    Water Change?

    Like everyone has already said, premix and preheat a day or 2 ahead of time. I've never heard of even a mild crash from a water change. My tank inhabitants LOVE cleaning day!! What makes you think your tank is having a "mini crash"? Lisa
  17. monalisa

    Help w/BakPak 2 needed

    Hmmmm, wish I could help Meowzer. I also have a CPR bak pak, and I've never run it with the bio bale in it. My skimmer has worked awesome since day one (this from one of the most notorious skimmer skeptics ever). I even bought one for my daughter for her 55. How long has it been spewing...
  18. monalisa

    Need a creative solution !

    Originally Posted by Ilovemytank Thats an excellent idea. I've heard of the boiling water trick before but I've never tryed it. A turkey baster will reach them. I will try this. I'll give feedback after I've tried it. Thankyou. Well?? What's the verdict? Lisa
  19. monalisa

    Need a creative solution !

    Any chance of reaching them with a baster full of boiling salt water? I've been having very good luck with ridding my tank of majanos with that... just boil up water from the tank, and blast the little buggers a couple of times with a baster. Seems to work with my pests. Lisa
  20. monalisa

    Xenia take over

    Originally Posted by Flower I put a small rock next to it, just above a group. It will bend and attach to the new rock. When it takes a good hold...I cut it from the rest of the group and there I have stalk on a small rock, fragged. From someone who has the "poster child" of xenias...