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  1. mcbdz

    Glass anenomes

    Does anyone know if the peppermint shrimp will eat them? I have a 25gal Tall hex tank I have run kindof as a stand along fuge. I have noticed it is getting taken over by these guys and I was planning on eventually adding all stuff out for here into my other tanks later so I want have so many...
  2. mcbdz

    Finally 240gal tank

    Hello, I haven't been on in awhile. Lots of other thinks happening at the moment, but finally after a year getting my 240 gal tank up. This will be it's diary I guess. This is what we have. 240gal all glass 8' x 2' x 2' tank. 2 corner over flows with both drain and return drilled. The cabinet I...
  3. mcbdz

    Finally 240gal tank

    See other thread sorry
  4. mcbdz

    Just some Pics

    Just thought I'd post a few pics. The first one is before the crash.
  5. mcbdz

    Stupid Stupid Stupid (long)

    I can't believe I screwed up this bad. I did the dumpest thing you can do. I got my husband to hook up out water filter for our house so I wouldn't have to buy water. My reqular levels:amm., NO3, NO4, Ph all checked out ok. The stupid part I did not check other stuff(don't get lazy like I...
  6. mcbdz

    Compatability Question

    Can you put a yellow wrasse and midas blenny together? This will be a large tank.
  7. mcbdz

    240 gal fish list

    OK, i am posting this now, because I know it is going to be so hard for me to decide on this list. It will be this Spring before I really get to start stocking. This is going to be a FOWLER, at least for the first year, and then I will decide if I will want to change it to reef. I want to try...
  8. mcbdz

    Smallest Tang

    I went to a I haven't been to in several months, and saw the smallest tang ever. I was looking in a tank with a lot of percs and down in the rocks this little dusky yellow fish was hiding. Ask the girl there, what it was and she didn't even know it was there, so she moved the rock around and it...
  9. mcbdz

    Flat worms.

    OK. I need help. I was thinking I had some kind of weird algea growing in my tank and just noticed after weeks of vaccuming my sand and scraping my glass that I have a flatworm out break. Please give me steps to get rid of these pests. I am reducing my feeding, light, and just did a water...
  10. mcbdz

    Shy Filly

    I seem to have a very shy filly. I have the 2 WC female H. erectus. The orange tipped one(mango) is a big flirt. She comes up to the front of the glass and if you put a finger up to her she acts like she wants you to scratch her behind the gills. But my Purple one(Flicka) hinds behind...
  11. mcbdz

    Please read.

    Hello everyone. I wanted to bring this to the attention of anyone that hasn't had a chance to sign it. 5000 signatures are needed. Trying to help save the Kuda seahorses and other life in this area. Please take the time to pop over and sign. Also forward to any and everyone you think would sign...
  12. mcbdz

    Hippocampus erectus?

    I'm guessing these are erectus. They have lines insted of spots and the cirri is very prenounced. Am I correct?
  13. mcbdz

    Advice for 25g hex SH tank

    Ok, Need advice on 29g hex for sh. It has be up and running for a few months with only clean up crew. There are tons of pods. I have an over flo filter and a ph. I'm afraid the circulation is too fast. I have macro that constantly moves and when I add food a couple of times a week the food...
  14. mcbdz

    Pyramidillidae Snails-Info/pics please

    I seem to be having a problem finding info or pictures on these snails today. How can you tell if it is these or baby cerith snails?
  15. mcbdz

    Utilitarian Livestock

    Ok, This is what I'm looking for. I want to make a list for my 240gal reef so that it is as self sufficent as possible. So, all you reefers out there please list your best ideas for must haves in a large reef. I know I will be getting about 6 or so skunk shrimp and some neon gobies for...
  16. mcbdz

    Crushed Coral Ideas Please

    I bought a 240 gallon tank I'm planning on setting up in a couple of months. Along with the tank and cabnet I have 3 5gallon buckets of crushed coral. What can I do with this? I think it is such a waste just to trash it. Can it be crushed more to make a sand? I would love to be able to...
  17. mcbdz

    A little adice on 240gal future reef

    I bought a 240 gal RR used. It was setup for about five years as a FOWLR and has been in storage for 1 year. WHat would ya'll do? Just cleanup and water test, if ok setup. Or would you go ahead and scrape old sylicone off and reseal I plan on having this cycling by the first of the year...
  18. mcbdz

    New 240gallon reef

    I finally got my 240 Measures 96" x 24" x 24". This will be my last tank and I am planning on a reef with mixed corals. And TANGS. I'm still way in the planning stages. I hope to have it started cycling by the beginning of the year. Now, for why I've posted. I'm going to hopefully...
  19. mcbdz

    Clown having spasums

    Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but my sons clown is having something that looks like spasums. Anyone have any ideas? We set up and cycled his tank a couple of weeks ago. He was so excited about his clowns coming in that we got them Sat. A pair of orange skunk clowns. Just to be safe we also...
  20. mcbdz

    emeral crab ?

    Can anyone tell me why my emeral crab has turned white? He's still walking around picking at the rocks and acting the same. My corals and shrimp seem fine. Is he needing something or maybe molting? Do they molt like the shrimp? If so, I haven't noticed him doing that. My shrimp molts 1-2x a...