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  1. krux

    Christmas Morning 4-pack

    A few of the better shots from the last couple weeks...
  2. krux

    Halloween Zooanthid 9-pack

    I decided to document the growth of a few of my colonies, and most of the pictures turned out pretty good, thought i would share them. I am on dialup, so it will probably take 15 minutes for me to upload them all, thanks for your patience. Camera is a Nikon 4300. 1
  3. krux

    115 Update

    Here is a shot of the tank with the newly added canopy. all that is left is getting the closed loop running, and adding a controller (hopefully xmas will be good to me this year).
  4. krux

    Elegance Coral

    I was over at Steve Weast's house last weekend, and was taking some shots, and this was my favorite of the lot. This is a beautiful redish-pink elegance that he has recovering in his sump. Not sure what it is recovering from, but it seems to be doing a great job to me.
  5. krux

    115 plumbing complete

    I have finally finished all of the plumbing for the new 115 sps and clam tank that i have been working on for the last month or so. The photo shows the sump side of the stand, including the sump, return pump, skimmer, collection cup, and the overflows coming in from the left from the fuge. The...
  6. krux

    couple new clams

    couple clams i got today from the lfs. thought i would share.
  7. krux

    looking for pump recomendation, and plumbing critique

    i am working on the filtration for my new 115, and this is what i have so far. i am also looking for a 2500 gph pump to run this thing. any input is most appreciated.
  8. krux

    Anyone else like firefish?

    Here is my purple. King of my tank, he is.
  9. krux

    zooa id please

    i think this falls into the category of parazoo, it only extends its tentacles at night. the tube is flourescent green, but most of the 10 or so tubes are completely covered with coraline now. finally able to take a pic, let me know if you have any ideas. thanks.
  10. krux

    Lost Clown

    Clown trying to host in tiny frogspawn. They are so much easier to take photos of when they sleep dont ya think?
  11. krux

    First 9 pack with new camera, please give technical criticism.

    just got back from best buy and they were foolish enough to give me a credit card, so i am the new owner of a nikon 4300. i am just starting to play around, and anyone with a camera like this that can look at my shots and give ideas of how to improve them would be my best friend. i am having a...
  12. krux

    seeking msrp on a tank.

    hoping one of you folks who work at a shop can get me an estimate of what an all-glass 65 gallon tank is supposed to sell for. there are about 25 stores in my area that carry them/special order them, and i want to try to find a fair price to look for without having to comparison shop every one...
  13. krux

    mystery snail multiplying... any id?

    i have just noticed in the last 2 or 3 days these little guys. they are about 3/8" long on the shell, and their mantle extends around all edges in the same manner as an abalone. the shell is a black and white diamond pattern, with a yellow spot towards the posterior end. the mantle is black...
  14. krux

    help setting up used calcium reactor please.

    just got a used calcium reactor in a bulk equipment deal and i was trying to set it up, but i have no clue how it all goes together! hopefully someone who has a similar model or who knows these things inside and out can give me some hints? the guy said that there was need for another pump...
  15. krux

    copy of article in our paper today featuring our charwoman

    Raising 'Nemo' 'Nemo': You may shell out a few clams 06/24/03 "Finding Nemo" is making waves at the box office -- and the pet store. The latest release from Disney Pixar, which tells the story of a little clownfish's journey from a dentist's aquarium back to the sea, is one of the hottest...
  16. krux

    Portland Oregon Reefers

    I just wanted to let anyone in the portland/vancouver/eugene/salem area know, if they are not already aware, that we have a club here in portland that draws folks from all over oregon and southern washington. if you are in this area, and are not already dialed in on PNWMAS (pacific north west...
  17. krux

    need pvc eductor parts list

    anyone who has done a pvc eductor care to share a parts list please? i was looking around in home depot trying to figure out how to put one together, but i havent found a good schematic yet. the one time i did see a pvc breakdown i didnt think i needed one so i didnt bookmark it.
  18. krux

    bulb comparison pics

    jpmagyar posted this on another board. i found it very helpful to those folks wondering about bulb comparisons and since i cant link to it, i am taking the photos and placing them here. this is a 1000watt fixture venture 6500k ushio 10000k coralife 20000k in that order.
  19. krux

    help with purchasing halide

    i am ready to move from pc to halide. i have been looking around at local shops, and on ----, and i have discovered that a guy that has excellent feedback on his systems. he is currently selling a 24" 175 watt halide retro, with reflector, ballast, socket, 5600k bulb, and 2 normal output...
  20. krux

    WTT Everquest Acct. for Halide Retro

    Howdy all. I am interestred in trading my everquest account for a halide retro kit. looking for dual 250 or dual 400 setup with bulbs less than 6 months old. if you are local (portland) will also consider a tank/stand/hood swap for it. 62 warrior on cazic. no cd's, lost em a long time ago. hard...