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  1. kelly


    What type of lighting fixture is it?
  2. kelly

    ID please

    Looks like Neomeris annulata
  3. kelly

    Which blocks the light more?

    That would really depend on the type of lighting you have... and the type of netting (the coarseness ). If you have florescent lighting, I would venture to guess that the eggcrate may suit you best (if you have several lamps). If you have a single point light like metal halide the netting...
  4. kelly

    NEED HELP! Orange Tree Sponge

    super glue gel, but do not get any on the sponge.
  5. kelly

    schooling fish

  6. kelly

    Whats this coral??

    Looks like a colt coral.
  7. kelly

    Mandarin : (

    At night mandarins are know to loose some of their color and look pretty much dead. The ones that I have had in the past always looked that way in the morning. It is very possible you killed it.
  8. kelly

    whats with this site

    Call your credit card company and dispute the charge unless they ship you another fish. There is a very good chance you will win and get all your money back. I have never dealt with, so I can not relate any experiences with you. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. kelly

    id please!

    5 looks more like a hairy mushroom... Rhodactis sp. (Lavender mushroom)
  10. kelly

    Could we catch this??????????

    Very doubtful!! First off I assume most of us do not eat our fish, at least I never did. The article states the following: "The actual toxin is produced by microscopic sea plants, which are eaten by smaller fish that are, in turn, eaten by larger fish such as barracuda, grouper, sea bass and...
  11. kelly

    Need ID of this plant/algae

    Yep, Halimeda
  12. kelly

    A way to fix this??

    Try nail polish remover or a citrus spray remover called "De-Solv-it". It really depends on what type of glue it is. You could also try Loctite glue remover.
  13. kelly

    Help Me ID This

    White Sponge, Clathrina sp. ?
  14. kelly

    Salt prices going thru the roof....

    I normally buy from Petsolutions, and they have it on sale for $32.99 plus shipping.
  15. kelly

    What does water flow look like?

    not a video, but I would consider this strong Just kidding
  16. kelly

    15 gallon nano reef pics & video!

    Sweet little tank, love the aquascaping and the zoos
  17. kelly

    If you were in my shoes....

    Do you mean cichlid instead of chinchild? I would not have a problem with it, if it was recently holding water, providing you are not housing corals and inverts. I would ask to see if copper was used in it (actually check all medications, as some meds may contain copper. So some research...
  18. kelly

    Sea Horses in a Reef tank ?

    Way too much flow for seahorses... Seahorses constantly feed, so a reef tank is not really good idea for them, they need a slow (flow wise) peaceful tank with lots of food. Some can be hand fed though. I would recommend a separate tank for them.
  19. kelly

    Trouble mixing saltwater

    I thought it might be high calcium, and that it was precipitating.
  20. kelly

    Trouble mixing saltwater

    Check your calcium level and specific gravity and post it.