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  1. fishman77

    id please??

    the white
  2. fishman77

    id please??

    what in the heck is this ?
  3. fishman77

    upgrading to larger tank.....everything must go!!!!

    srry i havnt been on.well 1st of all before i sell any equipment i need to sell LS mukiwa:i would say 30 for which you asked for and yes the lights are 48" matedpair: i would at least say 90-100 because it is only about 1 1/2 month old big boy:big boy i live in new jersy bergen county and i will...
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    upgrading to larger tank.....everything must go!!!!

    i have a 55 gal tank and am going to be upgrading to a 90 gal. livestock(must go first): 1 clownfish 1 purlpe phsudochromis 1 sailfin blenny 1 sixline wrasse coral: 1 flourescent green brain coral 1 colt coral about 5 inches high 1 small colony consisting of about 15 red mushrooms yellow polyps...
  5. fishman77

    Aiptasia Paranoia

    its wierd thow how it has those bubble tips.this is just in up in the air guess but maybe since it moved and its got those bubble tips maybe its a bta?????
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    Check out I got for FREE

    well usually korans pick at coral but i dont think they do as juveniles but if you plan on keeping corals i dont think you want one.also the coral i think is a colt coral and it doesnt look good but with some good quality water and care it should be fine
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    i.d. please

    no there not spaghetti worms.this thing like tryed attacking my crab and then my crab ate it
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    i.d. please

    from one of my rocks with one of my corals on it there is a really really long white string that was going out and then looked like a bunch of spaghetti worms connected to one my crabs got a hold of it?????????
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    could i put 2 riccordias 2gether?

    i was just wondering.i have 2 riccordias in my tank.could i put them next to eachother even thow there diff colors.will they sting eachother?
  10. fishman77

    adding corals?

    i wouldnt but i guess so
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    adding corals?

    yes you can keep a frogspawn.....frogspanw is LPS
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    im so happy but then again im not

    well me and my friend are at my house and lately my clowns have been hanging around my GSP and right now they finally just dived in.the only thing is the female is hosting a little aggresivly and i hope she doesnt hurt it.well i tell you guys what happens from here
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    could i add fish to my 55 gallon?

    no i dont have a sailfin tang i was talking about the type of blennie i have.sorry
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    260 watt pc light.

    sorry guys...yes the unit is still 4 sale and im going to be getting back to everyone by email.
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    VHO lighting

    i really dont think that amount of light only gives you like 2 watts per gallon or maybe less im not sure but i would try it unless they were high up IMO
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    short tentacles?

    well i have a torch that i bought from my LFS store but it doesnt have the tentacle exstension that i see others opens up as much as it was open at the lfs.tonight i noticed it has 2 mouths and is splitting after about a month in my this a torch or what?do they sometimes have...
  17. fishman77

    clam wont let go????

    ok i was in my tank cleaning the glass and one of the tubes for my skimmer when the clam i bought(it was called like a nitrate reducer or something)grabbed a hold of my cleaner wont let go or open.what should i do?
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    could i add fish to my 55 gallon?

    i have 2 perc clowns,1 sixline wrasse,a purple psudochromis,and a sailfin or Lawn mower blenny. could i add any other fish to my 55 gal?i would like a school of chromis or whatever you guys think.:)
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    260 watt pc light.

  20. fishman77

    First tank went wrong and trying to start over!

    and when you get the play sand,southdown,ect. i would add a layer of live sand over cycle the tank agian,since you are getting another 10-15 pounds of live rock,get uncured rock to boost the cycle and dont use damsels,just throw in a couple of cocktail shrimp from the store. good luck